Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Jealous Bill returns from business, and following his usual snooping custom, he peeks through the window to see how his wife is getting on in his absence. There is a man with her! He picks up a club hidden in a geranium patch, rings the front bell, and then rushes to the back door to wait for the intruder. Gale hears the bell, and knows that it is her husband. She hustles her visitor - who is only the gas man come to read the meter - out of the back door, where Bill tries to land on his bean with the club. The gas man escapes. Going back to the front door, Bill peeks through the window again and finds a book agent with his wife. Then he gets his biggest club and prepares to play the same trick, this time with success. Gale's brother is a movie star. While Bill is beating up the book agent, he arrives, and invites Gale to go with him to see his latest picture. Bill sees them disappearing and follows. He enters the theater and sees the brother, on the screen, beat up four husky men. Bill decides to get a gun to do up the newest "home breaker," so he purchases one at a neighboring pawn brokers. Returning, he shoots at the picture of Gale's brother displayed in the lobby. The manager sees him and gets wise. He dashes into the theater. "If there Is any gentleman in the audience with another man's wife, he'd better beat it," cries the manager in a stage whisper. "The husband is outside shooting up everything." There is a rush, and in two minutes the theater is empty. Bill rushes home and is just about to shoot when Gale tells him that the man is his brother. Then she and the actor set upon Bill, and the cops, who have been summoned, follow suit. From a jealous, domineering husband Bill becomes as meek as a lamb.

    Moving Picture World, October 20, 1917