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  • The hugely popular "CSI" is no less than a contemporary entertainment marvel. Finding its stride in season 2 with a formula which pushes the envelope while still being doable, this series packs ample portions of entertainment into 40 minute episodes while staying fresh, delivering palatable doses of science didactically, and, most of all, manifesting a strong sense of social responsibility in all of its subliminals. While most entertainment aims for the crotch, the gut, or the heart, "CSI" goes for the most difficult target, the head, as it teaches forensics and the empirical process while remaining cooly detached from sensationalism and melodrama all the while using the "truth is stranger (and more interesting) than fiction" thesis to its and our advantage. The results are fun and interesting lessons in everything from dwarfism to Down syndrome to anatomy to ballistics to etc. all the while maintaining a social conscience. Whether explaining how S&M is not necessarily perversion to simply dissing Don King, "CSI" is one sweet sugar coated education with solid mainstream values. My favorite lines? CSI1:"There's a sucker born every minute." CSI2: "Yeah. And they all come to Vegas." Truer words....
  • C.S.I. is the best new show of the 2000 season! William L. Petersen is the coolest of the cool as Gil Grissom. I've followed his career since I first saw him in To Live and Die in L.A. He's an amazing actor and he heads up a cast of amazing actors as well. This show really keeps you on the edge of your seat as the investigators literally take a crime scene that appears to leave them with nothing to go on. The investigators take nothing and turn it into something amazing as each crime is solved right in front of you and you as the viewer, never see it coming! Wow! I hope this is one show CBS will pick up year after year!
  • CSI has come to the UK and has been on our screens for around a year. I saw the first episode and was impressed but like with a lot of TV series I found good such as the X-files I just forgot about it and never watched it, anyway about 2 months ago I heard and advert on the radio for it and so watched it. I have been watching it religously since, I have missed most of series one and the first few episodes of series two which annoys me but every episode is great, well written and excellently acted and directed. What sets this out from other TV shows is the incredibly professional look, from the movie like cinematography to the brilliant acting, the writing is always very good and the plot twists always surprising whilst feasible. I wish I had watched it since series one. I am a fan of Marg Helgenberger, I find her very sexy, she is a gorgeous woman and this really made me finally decide to watch it, as I usually watch something from the movie channels on saturdays. The show has a great production value and its got that Bruckheimer class about it. They always have good directors such as Danny Cannon who also did the underrated Stallone flick Judge Dredd. All the actors are good the two younger guys played by Gary Dourdon and George Eads and the nice looking Joja Fox and they and Marg are all led by the ultra intelligent Gill Grissom, excellently played by the one of the shows producers William Peterson, the lines Grissom has are classic. The show has some generally interesting characters who are all likeable. This show is pure TV excellence and it gets a bonus thumbs up because they cast one of my fave actors Mark Dacascos in an episode which should reach the UK in about 7 weeks. 10/10
  • CSI is one of the best TV series of the last few years (with Law and Order: Special Victims unit and That 70's show). Not only is it original and exciting, but the acting is top shelf as well. The producers and the people from casting, most famously represented by Jerry Bruckheimer, really did a great job in bringing together a perfect team of actors. The two most famous to me were Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) and Paul Guilfoyle (Jim Brass) who have had a couple of minor roles in some films I saw. The rest of the crew are William L.Petersen (Gil Grissom), Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle), Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown) and George Earls (Nick Stokes)

    The main characters from CSI, although flawed, like all human beings, are all likeable in their own way, including Greg Sanders (portrayed by Eric Szmanda). Despite the fact that all of the characters like their work and seem a bit obsessed by it, all characters are unique. Grissom is the wise, well educated loner, who seems to be the tough yet soft mentor to the rest of the crew. He likes to play with bugs and at times he seems not to forget what it means to be social. Sidle portrays some kind of a younger version of Grissom. She is eager to be the best, dedicated to her work night and day and quite the loner as well. Willows plays the modern woman. Dedicated to her work, but also a mother, which seems hard to balance at times. Warrick and Stokes are the manly men in the series, always competing to prove themselves and showing the other one who is the best.

    The characterizations of the persons portrayed along with everyones way of conduct and the great stories provide and interesting, humane and charming show, to be enjoyed by many people for a long time (I hope). Tune in and get your own opinion. Here is mine.

    9 out of 10 (because I do not give a 10)
  • I've always been fascinated by forensic science, so this was tailor-made for me! It's intelligent and literate, with intriguing stories and lots of cool crime-fighting toys. If you liked MANHUNTER (1986), which also starred William Petersen, you'll enjoy this. High quality TV.
  • I am not sure whether TV accurately shows us real life professions or not. One thing I do know, is that when I find a good TV series, I stick with it. I have done precisely that with CSI, although it has taken its time to grow on me. However once it did, I cannot miss a minute of it. Considering that Australian TV has had many 'crime' based TV shows in the past and the present, it is refreshing to watch an American spin on the ‘crime' theme. CSI is now a weekly viewing ritual that I could not imagine being without.

    The crime is committed and the scene is set. Then it is time for it to be investigated. This is Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.), which is all about a team of Las Vegas Criminalists working the graveyard shift at the Las Vegas Crime Lab. The team is led by veteran Gil Grissom with Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, and Sara Sidle. They are all on the look out for the clues, which could make the difference in their next big case.

    Not seeing the first series in its entirety has not hindered my love for this show. In fact it has made me appreciate it all the more. This show is the creation of big-time Hollywood man, Jerry Bruckheimer. But there are other people that deserve praise when it comes to bringing this show to our small screen. All of the directors and producers make this show flow beautifully. Add in the fascinating and interesting stories that have been written make for one terrific show. I especially enjoy how the show has so much packed into each episode. Having two or more cases in every show gives it the perfect feel and pace. I also like how some episodes have all the evidence collected by the certain members of the CSI group, but that it is still not enough to convict anyone (or group) of a crime, whether it be a murder, assault or theft.

    Then look at what a great cast has been assembled for this show. I like the people who are all a part of CSI. The main man is Gil Grissom, the boss of CSI. He is portrayed well by William L. Peterson. I like how his character shows how he uses all his past experience to help solve a case. The people under Grissom include Catherine Willows (Marg Helenbeger), Nick Stokes (George Eads), Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). All these characters are different, challenge each other, in addition to being careful not to get to close to their victims or suspects. I find the way all these people get their job done to be of the utmost professionalism.

    If this group were real crime-busting team, I am sure I would like them on my case, whether I was or related to a victim. This show is so good to watch, whether you are in a stressful job or in a family situation, as it is relaxing and educational. I hear that there is a spin off series called ‘CSI Miami'. I am not sure whether this series will be better than its predecessor, but one thing is for sure – I will more than likely giving it a chance to mesmerise me like CSI has. In the TV world being a perpetrator or an accomplice of a crime is not a smart idea, as it is more than likely that one of the gang from the Las Vegas ‘CSI' will be the next knock on your door, and proving that you were part of the crime.
  • SMLA115 June 2002
    C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation is a truly brilliant show that follows a bunch of investigators of murders who find out how the death happened and possibly find out who did it. The show is excellent on many levels. The characters are very cool and well-developed. The storylines are brilliant. Almost every story is perfect and imaginative. I love this show.

    Overall the show is excellent and highly recommended. Rating A++.
  • Takes another another angle of vision for cops and crime series. Everything is perfect: the choose of the cast, the cast themselves, the stories, etc. Although some can think of gore scenes, the episodes are not so violent as the similar we have usually. A suggestion: it should be a good idea to start to show some aspects of the their personal lives.
  • This show by creator Anthony E. Zuiker describes the hard-working assignments carried out by the Las Vegas Police Department Crime Scene Investigations bureau , in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada . Being the second busiest crime lab in America , CSI investigators use the best scientific and technical methods to resolve enigmas and detain delinquents , utilizing complex analysis and the occasional leap in logic . Led by hard-nosed Captain Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) and by Grissom (William Petersen , being subsequently replaced by Ted Danson and Larry Fishburne) , as his second in command , who while attached mainly to their works , they do make friendly connections with his staff . And at least one friend is willing to relocate entirely to work with quirky Grissom , Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) . With an extreme dedication towards their quest for the true facts , he and his elite team of investigators work several twisted cases using scientific skills and equipment that are capable of finding valuable tracks from the most allegedly unlikely sources .

    The Las Vegas PD Criminalistics Division follows essentially the nights of the detectives , pursuing perpetrators using scientific analysis and solving crimes that practically every other crime lab has given up on . As they record at all stages of the process of decomposition , local predation , and of course, bugs entomological interference . The choice to place this series in Las Vegas was not random , among US crime labs , Las Vegas is the second most active, surpassed only by the FBI lab at Quantico, Virginia . In addition , Grissom and Catherine are loosely based on real-life LVMPD criminalists . The extreme popularity of this TV series was credited for a large surge of applications for courses in forensic science . Some actors attended actual autopsies over the course of the series for personal research purposes . The majority of the techniques and technologies used in the CSI shows are accurate and true to reality , though the writers and crew readily admit that they "time cheat" ; tests that take seconds in the show often take days or even weeks in real life . This exciting series packs a moving atmosphere by means of shaky camera and reconstructions in a really dynamic style .

    The nice actors who play these notorious characters are the followings : 1- CSI is led by Gil Grisson nicely performed by William Petersen , Gil has a long curriculum , at only 22, Grissom became the youngest country coroner in California history , he enjoys teaching , perhaps in part because it provides him with a structured social setting in which he can find success through sharing his interests . Grisson becomes emotionally involved in cases and often offers pointed quotations to illustrate his reaction . 2- Marg Helgenberger plays faithfully Catherine Willows , she became an exotic dancer . Finally finding her calling , she danced her way through a medical technology . Her supervisor, Grissom, mentions the fact that she was his first friend in Las Vegas, and the first person he recruited for his team . While a reliable and meticulous CSI , Catherine still enjoys flaunting her sexuality, and occasionally uses it to make a point or win over a difficult suspect , she is a single mother with an attitude and a complicated family life . 3- Sarah Sidle well played by Jorja Fox , CSI Sarah appears in the second episode of the series, called to run an internal investigation , she is ferociously intelligent and adept observer . Six years after she arrives from San Francisco, Grissom and Sara - who keep their relationship hidden- are finally shown to be a couple , as Gil reveals their relation during Sara's kidnapping , that she is the only one he has ever loved . She suffers depression due to her violent childhood and more recent ordeal . She leaves him to return to California to confront her ghosts , while Grissom , giving her the space she asks of him, throws himself entirely back into work . 4- Wisecracking , deadpan Jim Brass is nicely played by Paul Guylfoyle , he is an ex-New Jersey cop turned CSI turned cop again . He tries his best to be a good cop and a good man while attacking the underbelly of Las Vegas' seedier culture . While he still has an eye for the ladies , he is shown to live a solitary life , married to his job , and occasionally indulging in a heart-to-heart over single-malt with Grissom, or telling war stories to the CSI team . He is a particularly talented interrogator , moving between sincere sympathy and provoking angry , revealing outbursts from suspects . 5- Gary Dourdan plays rightly Warrick Brwon , he is a complex character, with idealism and compassion , humble despite his strong intellect and investigative talents, but with personal demons that threaten to wreck his life and damage the reputation of his team . Warrick has an addiction to gambling ; in addition to the financial and psychological problems gambling causes him , Warrick also runs afoul of the law on several occasions , though he is mentored and sometimes covered for by his supervisor , Gil Grissom . 6- George Eads acts as Nick Stokes , he is a solid , reliable worker and witness for the prosecution, but becomes driven to make a case stick when angered or appalled . Nick is generally considered the most low-maintenance of the crew , he represents the emotional heart of the series , being deeply empathic and does not hide his feelings , especially from the families of victims of crime ; he is a solid, reliable worker and witness for the prosecution . 7-David Berman, who plays assistant coroner David Phillips , is also a head researcher for the show .
  • In the past few months, the world has witnessed a dramatic transformation. Well... maybe not very dramatic, or even much of a transformation either, but it's still an event that rarely happens in the world of entertainment. Just a couple short months ago, CBS, then by far the least threatening and underachieving of the four major networks (NBC, Fox, and ABC being the others), was in the midst of a slow but steady decline, with no major shows outside 'Nash Bridges' and the ancient '60 Minutes'. Since then, there was the mega hit 'Survivor', and now they've pumped up their Friday line-up with an update of 'The Fugitive', and 'C.S.I', an exceptional one hour drama, along the lines of 'Law & Order: SVU'.

    William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger star in this original and very slick crime series produced by film veteran Jerry Bruckheimer. The flashy cinematography and compelling stories make up for bouts of an identity crisis, and some minor plot holes. The Las Vegas setting really helps, it's definitely a welcome change from the normal New York and LA locations in most other series', especially with the great aerials placed in between scenes. 'C.S.I' would be a worthy addition the the line-ups of any of the networks, and should be a hit.

  • BlackJAC7 October 2000
    I love it! I took a course on forensic chemistry in college and found it to be a whole lot of fun, and this show just took me back. In addition to seeing all the cool ways the crime scene unit can place you at the scene and ultimately prove you did the crime, it has gallows humor/sarcasm and edge. I hope they don't cancel it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One: your screen will be filled with beautiful effects and colours. These do nothing for the story, but they will keep your lazy eyes occupied for some 50 minutes. A good example is the eternal use of a computer screen that shows each fingerprint from the database as that print is compared with the one they want to find out about. Yeah, right.

    Two: these guys being like real professional Pros, they will engage each other in intriguing Pro talk: "Look, Grissom, these are what we call fingerprints. Everybody has them, and they are different on each person. So, with these fingerprints we can actually find...".

    Yup! Exactly like real pros would talk to each other if there wasn't a completely uninformed and stupid audience around.

    However, not everything about this show is bad. Some stories work to some degree, and the colours _are_ really beautiful. They use red, blue, green, yellow... all of them colours I've loved since kindergarten.
  • I love these kinds of shows, so I came across CSI:Crime Scene Inestigation by accident while flicking through channels, and since that moment I have been hooked. I like how each crime is looked at from a different perspective, it offers a whole new slant on things, although some of the more disturbing/graphic images may turn your stomach a little. Also, I love the colours the series is shot in, reds, blues, greens and yellow, really a treat to the eye, and the photography is very impressive. And the music is funky and cool, well the theme song is from The Who, they ooze with coolness. I like the writing, Grissom's dialogue and asides are a joy to behold especially, and the methodical but well structured story lines. The season finales nearly always manage to be gripping and compelling. And the acting is great, William Peterson was wonderful as Grissom, and although I was sad to see him go, the character's departure was handled very well so I was glad of that. The reason why it isn't quite as good as it could have been is because somehow I don't find it as well thought out as the earlier seasons. And while Laurence Fishburne is a great actor and does a good job, I kind of miss Grissom if you get the jist. That said though, this is a great show. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is the greatest show ever created. I mean the second I turned on the T.V. it just threw me in there and made me feel like I was par of the CSI team.

    Just the other day I felt behind so I went to Blockbuster and rented Season 1-3 to try and catch up and I didn't go to sleep until I finished watching every episode.

    This show has some amazing characters as well: Gil Grissom; great guy but is very hard headed about his science Nick Stokes; gets cocky a lot but is one of the best Sara Sidle; great character she is all business when it come to work but loves to play ;) Greg Sanders; my personal favorite he loves his job while he is in the lab but loves it more when he gets out on the field Warrick Brown; gets in really deep with his cases and makes them personal Catherine Willows; great investigator but has a lot of personal problems The list goes on. This show is just flat out amazing and I would recommend it to anybody my Rating= **********/**********
  • bluedragon01104 September 2006
    After initially being introduced to this series, I instantly fell in love with the show. I feel that the writing is very inventive and even when the show is based off of something from the news, the writers do an excellent job of putting a unique spin on it to fit the fluidness of the shows style. But what I think makes this show so successful is the characters and the way each of the cast members pull off their character to bring a unique blend of personalities that work perfectly off of each other. The characters of Grissom and Willows, played by William Peterson and Marg Helgenberger, give the show its balance. Then you have characters like Nick Stokes (played by George Eads) who is your typical guy's guy and Warrick Brown (played by Gary Dourdan) who is more level but the two play off of each other very well, as you tend to see them in competition with each other. The writers have also written in a great character named Sara Sidle (played by Jorja Fox) who is portrayed as a confident woman in a manly male dominated cast. Sidle is able to stand her ground and even at times run circles around Stokes and Brown, yet she still has the uncertainties and emotions of a woman, but it is played with an certain grace that makes the audience feel confident in her character. The writers have taken great lengths to make sure that the science, which is also a character in this show, is very accurate, yet easy enough for the audience to understand. It is very easy to see why this show has become such a hit, and its spin off shows (Miami and NY) are becoming just as popular.
  • I gave the show another try and it's almost a totally different show. Instead of having three or four investigations in each show, they focus on one main investigation and maybe a minor side. They do the investigations thoroughly and how I envision (I am not in any way related to the field) it would really happen.

    The acting is massively better, without all the heavy dialog and serious looks. William Petersen's character, Grissom, has a quirky, off-beat sense of humor that you'd almost expect from a person with the gruesome responsibilities he has.

    They even have a few moral dilemmas once in a while to bring out the human side of the characters that "Law and Order" purposely avoids.

    It's turned into a very entertaining show.
  • First of all, it's not useless confronting X-Files with CSI, but to better understand we have to study the two decades when they've developed their success.

    X-Files is the King of crime TV-series in the 90s (until the early 2000s), CSI is the 2000s corresponding. The technical abilities were different 14/15 years ago than now, so a greater dosage of paranormal activities and unsolved cases is justified either for entertainment, and for material difficulties.

    Don't we forget the charisma inside the two starring actors. Nobody else could be Mulder and Scully but Duchovny and Anderson.

    CSI are lame chronicle of infallible detectives that seem to know IN ADVANCE whatever they carry to the laboratory. Analysises and experiments seem a mere game to demonstrate they were right anyway two hours before and the coldness is punch in the stomach for the audience. Grissom, Willows and the other actors are detestable and quite unpleasant, even because you already know that no case is unsolved for them.

    The "dark" atmosphere, the blood profusion, and the gruesome amusement is also something to be deprecated, considering the young audience watching this series. They paint the forensic job as a game, the corpses as a playground and violence as something ordinary. No. These are bad principles to pass at the new generations ! One of the worst TV-series and widely overrated by public.

    A super deserved " 1 "
  • ellagarden11 November 2006
    CSI Las Vegas is the best TV show is have seen in many years. I became a fan of crime related show several years ago. I have always consider X-files to be the best TV series until i bought the DVD of CSI. And to be honest, this one is even better! intriguing plot, excellent acting and, there's humor. and the city Las Vegas seems to have so many interesting, sometimes rather ironic ways of living, i just can't get enough of it! Someone thought CSI has jumped the shark in season 4, but i think in season 6 things are just getting more interesting. the whole season 6 kept me on the edge of the seat, so did the new season 7. i hope the show never ends,really!
  • I like the concept of CSI, but the show is spoiled by some seriously wooden acting. The Medical Examiner has the best lines and delivers them in an arch, offhand manner that livens up the story. Unfortunately he has little screen time.

    Also, why does Jorja Fox always look and act so utterly unhappy? I know that forensic investigation is a very serious business, but the characters, for the most part, seem to confuse seriousness with humorlessness and a complete lack of personality. I can't imagine dating either Sarah Sidle or Catherine Willows; what would you talk to either one about? I'm waiting for the episode when, at the end of a shift, Catherine picks up a remote control, points it at Grissom, shuts him down, and wheels him into a closet until the next day.
  • Network: CBS; Genre: Crime/Mystery; Average Content Rating: TV-14; Available: on DVD; Classification: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

    Season Reviewed: Series (3+ seasons)

    Like 'NYPD Blue' before it, 'CSI is a show I've watched several times and have never been able to get into it. The phenomenal success of the show completely mystifies me. I suspect it is in part the audience rebelling against the soap opera turn their old Thursday night drama 'ER' has taken and in part because CSI is the kind of self-contained "procedural show" that networks love to promote the hell out of. It's certainly the hippest thing on CBS. I've generally made it a rule not to discuss a show's success in a review, as it doesn't influence its quality. 'CSI', however, is one of those shows that is mostly known only for it's success. Would a show like this really get Emmy nominations if it wasn't the number 1 show on TV?

    Riding the reality show wave where pandering to the lowest common denominator is the new network attitude; action movie maestro Jerry Bruckheimer delivers a show that fits perfectly into all the network specifications. CSI certainly isn't as bad as all that. It has it's moments of atmospheric intensity and a solid amount of twists and turns in its stories. Not to mention more flash and trash gore than your late local news. But it isn't particularly good either. It falls through the same tedious narrative trapdoors of a 'Law & Order' type. The emphasis is on evidence, the self contained story (which, like 'L&O' are "ripped from the headlines" or lazy recreations of real events) and the show's synthetic style. That synthetic style, by the way, so contrasts to it's old fashioned theme music that it is downright jarring. The money-shot gimmick here is a computer generated camera straight out of a David Fincher movie that swoops in and around microscopic evidence. In this type of show developed characters, story arcs and acting are all de-emphasized and, in turn, I feel no reason to tune in every week. It's generally the same stuff week in and week out. The only story arc going on here is watching the many stages of William Peterson's ridiculous beard. It amazes me that people will tune in every week to shows that are designed so they don't have to, but will not tune in to a show that watching it every week would give them a richer storytelling experience. But, hey, if this type of thing floats your boat you should be in inconsequential, crime mystery series heaven.

    * * / 4
  • dennis200721 March 2012
    when you added Ted Danson and Elizibeth Shue to the show,i don't watch it stinks.messed up my Wednesday night.don't know much more too say.why any one would add a comedian in a mystery show is about must have fired the better writers.i am not all that smart,but when a show is popular,why change the people that made the show so well liked.i change channels when its on.Danson is so dry and boring,he just doesn't fit the part.Shue's person comes off as a smart ass know it all.she couldn't be on anything that i would watch.Ted needs to go back to tending bar.with the characters you have now,you may as well turn it into a comedy show.if you people were smart,you would put the show back the way it was and quit messing it up.i just don't like it at all.
  • I used to like "CSI Las Vegas"... used to like i it a lot. Back in 2001. when I saw the first episodes, it was a refreshing TV substance, beside the fact it was based on crime and murder, which I am not a great fan of. Unlike the classic detective series which by the late 90s have become boring as hell with all too predictable plots, CSI brought a fresh insight and opened a new window into TV crime. Although it was only slightly based on science and criminal forensics, CSI was a fun thing to watch... it was indeed.

    And, as the good old pattern of profanity goes, so did "CSI Las Vegas" transform into yet another pointless money making program. The forensic detectives, who in real life work in a lab alone, slowly became sheriffs, the scientific methods turned into cyber 3D mumbo jumbo and the crimes became bizarre to the least . I stopped watching after the episode with a stuffed woman's head hanging on the wall, and Grissom in his ever witty manner saying something like "I feel like Marco Polo, It seems I've discovered China", China being the name of woman whose had smiled at us. Just horrible. Then we got the franchise series which wont spend any words at, as they are not worthy of any.

    It's pretty sure that CBS makes good cash off the CSI series these days, and I'm so sorry that today's audience can be entertained so easily and tasteless. RIP CSI Las Vegas.

    Two stars only for the early shine. The rest is TV sludge.
  • I believe that the thing i hate mostly about criminal series is the...perfection. They always solve the cases in that steady rhythm, just like a well trained music band. So nice, so easy, so sci-fi at moments, with everybody doing their job brilliantly, with the help of their uber cool technical equipment; almost iritant. It is somewhat enjoyable, i suppose because of the use of excellent cinematic techniques, but i can never get excited watching it. I can't get in touch with the victim, i can't feel what the killer felt, i can't get upset when some supposedly important twist happens. I'm never surprised. Alright, i know i'm asking for too much out of an hour long episode, but even in such case, i don't think it's impossible do make that level of quality investigation drama happen. In CSI, it just feels like it's all about the looks; the show looks good and it's estheticaly very pleasant, but wait a minute, what about the story?
  • I loved this show from episode 1, all the way thru to the series finale (which YES, I cried when it ended). I even have a autographed photo of the original cast Grissom, Catherine, Warrick, Sara, Brass, and of course Nick. Every episode was well thought out, and done supremely! Sure miss this show!
  • This incarnation of CSI (the one true CSI) has the same shortcoming of every single CSI style procedural I have ever watched. It seems that every crime scene always has to have "the one thing". And that is defined as the one thing that immediately narrows down the list of suspects to one or two people, or the list of regions to one area.

    Think back to the shows you have watched. Even better, pay attention from now on. How many times do the CSI techs discover a marine organism specific to only one small bay (NCIS New Orleans), bird poop that results from a specific breed of bird eating a specific berry only found in either South America or one specific casino (CSI).

    I can live with the accelerated time-line resulting in DNA tests taking only an hour instead of weeks but in most cases when a lab tech analyzes dirt left at the scene, what he/she discovers is that it's just freakin' dirt with absolutely nothing special about it. Lab techs do not routinely find that the victim ingested a type of chocolate that is not yet on the market and can only be found at one specific person's house (CSI:NY), or pollen from a plant that only grows in a ten square yard area in Central Park and only blooms on the third Thursday of June (CSI:NY again).

    And yet, time and time again those miraculous techs (in conjunction with incredibly stupid and/or unfortunate villains) manage, with a few tests, to "nail it". Either these techs are regular miracle workers or the writers just assume we are all morons who won't recognize lazy writing.
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