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  • I was in shock when I found out that The District had been canceled. It was my all-time favorite show, and I could not understand why a show of this quality would not be continued at least as long as Gunsmoke or The Johnny Carson show. Good grief, every single episode had a real life story line that held your interest, the characters were very, very real, and the actors were all extremely good, and each episode held me from start to finish. Mannion was truly a unique and delightful character, he was humorous, yet deadly serious about his mission. He was resourceful and intelligent, and his emotions ran the gamut of human experience- from deep love to intense hatred. His character was likable, respected, and admired, while you could laugh at him at the same time. Each of the other characters was very special, and they all blended together in this series so perfectly, so wonderfully that I am still scratching my head wondering why, why did they cancel it? While it is true that Lynne Thigpen was a central character in the series, and that her untimely death was a true loss to this series and to the world, I believe she could have been replaced by Sherri, or another character similar to Ella, so this was probably not the cause of the cancellation. Whatever the cause was, I think we have lost a truly great TV series by this shows cancellation. Craig T. Nelson- I love you & I miss your show & all of the other great characters, truly talented people.
  • I think the real life death of Lynne Thigpen whose character was Ella Farmer is really what hurt the show. The relationship she and the chief had on this show was special. The combination of Nelson, Thigpen and Brown was excellent also. I was sad to see the show end but it just never felt right after "Ella" was gone. I have not been able to watch it much since the death of Lynne Thigpen but one day I do plan on pulling out the series DVD and watching the whole series. Maybe in one weekend. Well, that is if there is a DVD that is out for this series. I also enjoyed the regular guest role of Jean Smart as the chiefs ex-wife. It was a great series.
  • Although I see it now as reruns, I try to never miss it each day. As a retiree, I have the privilege of watching daytime TV and this is among my very favorite shows. It is much better than the "soaps". I miss Ella. I have enjoyed Craig T. Nelson in each of his several great roles. In this role, he portrays a firm, decisive, leader who "does not suffer fools gladly." He's the kind of leader I really liked to work for. The stories each have morals and each member of the cast seem to be real people. I have spent some time in the D.C. area and appreciate the efforts that are portrayed there. I feel they are presented in an honest, balanced and entertaining way. Sorry that the series in only in re-runs.
  • JYJ7 January 2002
    The District aired for the first time in Iceland tonight and i have to say that i was highly impressed with the show. Craig T Nelson is excellent in his role and hopefully this show will get better and better. Law and Order is on the top of my list for police shows but this show is very promising. Keep up the good work.
  • Only started to watch the Show last year (2004)when it came on Halmark Loveeeeeeed the show very much Craig T Nelson is so funny and charming Where are that type of guys in real life? We only hear tonight (2005 march 16th) about Lynne (Ella) Loved her in the show and we expect to miss her very much.

    Our sincere wishes to her family and friends for there loss.

    Love the show and thank you for so many hours of pleasure we already had and have still to come in this country sorry to here the show has been axed but once again thanks for some lovely hours of enjoyment

    Anne (ENgland)
  • somebode200223 January 2005
    I stumbled onto "The District" a year ago and I can't stop watching it. Craig T. Nelson (from "Coach") does a great job as a hard-nosed chief of police who never gets mixed up about the difference between right and wrong. This show reminds me of a modernized version of "In the Heat of the Night". If you want a cop/legal show that you are not afraid for your kids to watch and learn from, than this is the show for you. While every once and awhile the show contains some adult themes, there is nothing I would condone as something I wouldn't let my kids see. Side Note: Ving Rhames is great as the attorney General in the last couple seasons.
  • i first heard about this show the year it was finishing (2004) i never knew nothing about it, as i watched it i saw a fimilar face, Craig T Nelson i remembered from the 2 Poltergeist movies. He looks great for a 60 year old now. I think he's a good actor and has done a great job with his work on tv and movies. I've only seen him in 3 things, which are Poltergeist, Poltergeist II: The other side and the District. I think the District is a fantastic series. It's a shame to see it finishing this year in 2004, only 4 years this show has been on, it started in 2000, i give this programme 10 out of 10 because i think it's a great programme to watch. Thank you Craig for doing a great series of this.
  • icarus-2610 May 2006
    This is a terrific program, and all of the seasons should be released on DVD, including the pilot. Craig T. Nelson, does some really good acting. You really get involved with the storyline, and also, the lives of the characters. The direction is extremely good as is the casting. Written by the man , who, lived it, (with another author) makes all the difference. The stories are much more believable, than most of the police shows, that are being broadcast, at the moment. This program, has a good moral basis. It shows that, even faced with insurmountable odds, if you are determined to make a difference, in the world, you really, can make a difference. Please start releasing the seasons. Thanks.
  • I have been a big fan of "The District". It may not be as hard-hitting as other cop shows, but that is one of the things I like about it. It has an interesting balance between policy and personality. The characters are interesting and likable. I look forward to seeing the characters each week.

    With the death of Lynne Thigpen (Ella Farmer), I wonder if the show can survive? Her character was a big part of why I liked the show.

    She will be missed.
  • It really is Craig T. Nelson and his unique character that carry this TV-series.

    The different episode's vary from bad to extremely good! My favorite episode's are the one's that have nothing to do with the main storyline throughout the entire series. The main storyline itself was not always very appealing to me but did not distracted from what was the best part of the series; Craig T. Nelson.

    The rest of the character's I never really cared much about. With the exception Ella Farmer and Deputy Chief Joe Noland. For some reason all of the character's are extremely moralistic and always want to do everything exactly by the book. It was really irritating at points, particularly Nancy Parras (Elizabeth Marvel) never seizes to irritate me.

    No, the writing and dialog's were really a weak spot at times but for reason it doesn't bring the quality of the series down.

    I guess the series should already had stopped with the death of actress Lynne Thigpen. The show never really got as good as it was before after that. They quite pathetically tried to bring in a new kind of Ella like character but it really was a miserable attempt. Nobody could take Lynne Thigpen spot and could create such a character as she did.

    All in all, despite me sounding negative about it, really a perfectly watchable TV-series mainly and probably only because of Craig T. Nelson.

  • Being a Washingtonian myself, I have to say that The District was my absolute favorite show from the beginning. I loved the plots and the characters. Of course the show wasn't the same without Lynn as Ella. And there were some other memorable character like Danny McGregor and Nick Pierce. I watch the reruns every single day. Craig T. Nelson is absolutely amazing in this show. His character Jack Manion is so believable and lovable because he doesn't do anything by the rules, which I love. CBS really had a gold mine with this show and I can't believe they canceled it because it was doing OK without Lynn, but I guess it could never be as good as it was when she was there. I really really miss this show. Thank God for reruns.
  • Lynn was so awesome.. and not just as an actress but she gave her heart to what she loved.. her life and her character in anything she did.. i never saw the episode with her death and funeral until last night April 8th 2006.. but i cried..and when

    the chief knew just where to find the child,

    at the race and said lets finish this together for her.. I felt that it was priceless, I use to love to watch Craig T nelson on the coach.But i loved him on the district. I believe i will purchase the DVD set when it comes out. and also look for other shows Lynn was in.. Sweet N Louisiana
  • I did enjoy very must the show and we are glad to know that it will go on on a channel here in France next January, the second , on Series CLUB. I didn't get the chance till now to watch season 4. I hope they will show it next year. I was late to watch the series so maybe I missed it.... I was glad to discover such actors with a great talent and the duet Mannion Ella Farmer was charming. I like the very human side of Jack Mannion, straight but human and very keen on listening to the others.I appreciate also the secondary roles such as Temple Page who is closed to what I am and also Noland and his very supporting wife. I hope that one day CBS Channel will give to us the joy to have it on Dvds zone I and 2.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this show, but was very sad when Lynne Thigpen died. She and the Chief had such a wonderful relationship. I was particularly upset about Lynn's death when I read her profile some months ago as I was just out of hospital myself from recovering from a brain aneurysm so was quite shocked to see she had died from a brain haemorrhage. I was one of the lucky ones the doctors keep telling me. So, I really feel for her family and extend my deepest sympathy to them and to the cast and crew of the show. I will certainly keep watching it and hope it never finishes, but it really isn't the same without her.
  • Not a bad dramatic turn for Craig T. Nelson, who puts meat into his character of Jack Mannion, the man in charge of trying to keep the streets of Washington, DC, safe. This show certainly has potential, and I recommend it to anyone who has an hour on Saturday nights to spare.
  • I have Watched the TV show The District from the start and am amazed at Craig T Neilsons work he has portrayed the character of Jack Maple amazingly and have laughed and also cried at the amazing work done and also the people lost Such as Lynne Thighpen as Ella May Farmer and i pray this show never Ends Well done Craig T Neilson and Cujo Laughs out Loud I Have not and will not stop watching this i would be deeply disappointed to see this show go as it touches on so many subjects and has a fun side also the comedy that Craig brings to the show is at times a great relief and brightens up the darker moments of such a wonderful show.
  • Please make this available on DVD. I don't want to miss one episode! And would like to keep in my library. Please, Please, Please!! I love all the characters and enjoy the topics covered. I especially love Chief Mannion and Ella Farmer. I hated to see her leave the program! I also love Temple Page! I actually have loved ALL the characters in each episode. I am renting a dvr box just to record each episode, but it doesn't hold all of them and some have to be deleted to continue recording. So please make this available to purchase on DVD! I actually get up and turn on the TV to watch it at 8am and can't get off to work on time. I am addicted to this series! So please let me know when this will be available on DVD. Thank you for your consideration!!
  • This is (was) one of my all-time favorite shows. The interaction among the cast was magnificent. I especially enjoyed Chief Mannion and his relationship with Ella. I miss the show and look forward to the release of the DVD's. There was one episode near the end of Ella's appearances in which Jack and Ella were seated at the Chief's desk across from each other, eating. The Chief asks Ella if she has ever dated a white man. The discussion following is priceless, a classic, with the climax topping the segment off with a line and pan that, in my opinion, rivals "Who's on First". Many thanks for a great show with professionalism, morality and memorable characters that were real people I could relate to.
  • demohr7 October 2006
    Sad Day
    I agree that it is a shame that this show was canceled.It's the nature of the beast though that every show comes to an end.I guess all we can do is enjoy what the cast and crew were able to do while they were sharing time :) A death of a cast member can have a huge effect on the cast but also on the audience and maybe it was just to hard to carry on.Thank you to all those who put the show together and gave us a wonderful show that I'm sure will be around for years to come :)I am looking forward to seeing everyone in other rolls now that they are free to do so.Well I guess i'd better say Thank you for your time and hope you will give your opinion on here to :)
  • bflafleur13 July 2006
    In a world or mundane, sex-oriented, filthy, re-dos of boring movies and drama series, "The District" was the most refreshing and original creation since "Gunsmoke" and apple pie. When one considers the ever-growing heap of trash that emanates from today's "writers" (I use the term very loosely), it's amazing this program lasted 4 seasons. It was too good for the likes of Hollywood and that is probably what caused it's demise. (After all, THEY know what's best for us. Right??) True, the show was not perfect...but close. I felt that the issues of crime, faith, death and life were very balanced - without the issues of faith taking a beating as usual. The character of Jack Mannion set a standard that all others should strive to obtain and it was a joy to see his interaction with others. Great cast - REALLY sorry to see Danny go. Hope they make the series available on DVD.
  • I love this show, and I can see lots of other viewers enjoy this show just from looking at the Saturday night CBS ratings. The District usually is the top dog in the ratings for Saturday nights, even better than Walker, Texas Ranger, which is doing terribly right now.
  • Love this series. Entire series Needs to be put on dvd .
  • superangelofglory30 January 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I remember I was watching this show as a child and I used to love it. It was the first police show I was seeing that was not focusing on cases, gun-shots, detectives wearing sunglasses and mobsters wearing tattoos, neither was it showing shady bars and half naked exotic dancers; in one word, it was not full of hip-hop stereotypes about what being a policeman actually means. It was for the first time they were showing what running a police department actually implies, how policemen live their lives, when they are on duty and when they are not and even had a scent of humor. I know Craig T. Nelson appeared in far better known movies and shows, but I will always remember him firstly for this one, and not just because this was one of my childhood favorites, but also because it is somehow different than the rest of his work and because it was the first real show about police I saw.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It was one of the last shows to air on a Saturday night as that is the lowest night on TV since people are out doing things like going to movies, shopping, eating, etc.

    As really the show after the real life death of Lynne Thigpen, really just lost it. As despite the presence of lead actor, Craig T Nelson always a great but underrated actor. Still the platonic chemistry between them was the best. You could tell that both actors seem to enjoy one another.

    As the show suffered really after she was gone. But it was one of the last shows to air on Saturdays. A regular show that was not a reality show. RIP Lynne, you are still missed!
  • We've often heard that there is no such thing as "strict" fiction. There must be something to it; because we all use whatever we have stored up in our own gray matter. All of this comes from our own life experiences; ergo, anything we 'create' on blank paper has its origin in something we've seen, heard, smelled, tasted, felt or just lived.

    As a good current example of a contemporary series that regularly makes use of "Right out of the Headlines" story lines and even brags about them; we present "LAW & ORDER.

    That tag-line about being from headlines seems to fly in the face of the occasional caveat of: "The story in tonight's episode is strictly fictitious. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental." Oddly enough whenever this warning appears, the more the following hour drama is like a real life occurrence which is fairly recent.

    As to "THE DISTRICT" (CBS, 200-2004), we don't point the finger at any one particular episode or any continued storyline; rather it is the very elemental make-up of the series and the characteristics of the main character, himself.

    Big City Police Departments are often put under the command and direction of an outsider serving as Chief/Commissioner/Superintendent, or whatever title have you. And the one real life model that appears to have been used for Chief Jack Mannion (Craig T. Nelson) would be William Bratton, the present Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. A native Bostonian, Mr. Bratton has served in several top cop posts in Boston, New York Transit Police, New York City Police and others. I'm proud to saw that he had applied for the job here, in Chicago, but wasn't successful. (That was our loss, not Chief Bratton's.) As far as Chief Jack Mannion, he too has been boss elsewhere and was a Uniformed Cop and then Detective in New York City. He also has had other experiences with other departments; so he's well educated, equipped and traveled in the Police World.

    OUR STORY…….Arriving in Washington, in the District of Columbia (D.C. for short), newly appointed Chief of Police, Jack Mannion (Coach) begins to reshape the Departments Command Staff into what best reflects his own ideas of what the District of Columbia Department will perform and look like (No, Schultz, not in regards to race, color or gender. It means performance, tactics and results.) Chief Mannion soon discovers that, not everyone in Police HQ is on board with the new outsider's plans. The most prominent resistance was found to be coming from the guy who would be his number 2 in command of the Department. Deputy Chief Joe Noland (Roger Aaron Brown) had been acting Chief before Mannion's appointment and fully expected to get the post himself. After a brief period of friction, the two men settled all and the Deputy was as devoted to Mannion's program as anyone could be.

    The new Chief immediately reached out to find officers to people his own immediate staff, and made an extraordinary maneuver, he found Administrative Clerk Ella Farmer (the Late Lynne Thigpen) and elevated her to the top level in order to run the department's computer system and especially, the War Room.

    Whoa! "War Room? What that? The computerized War Room shown in "THE DISTRICT" is 2nd to none. Not even the President's War Room in DR. STRANGELOVE() had anything on this. Computer imagery, contact with the whole doggone District of Columbia, building floor plans and whatever else you can imagine. This is possibly either the most exaggerated item in the whole series or the most marvelous use of modern technology that there is in Law Enforcement.

    As far as Realism, on a scale of 1 to 10, give it a 5. In the category of Enjoyment, give the series "THE DISTRICT" an 8.
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