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  • After just three episodes, the TV show ED has quickly become one of my favorites. Having seen the previews for it, I wasn't expecting much- the premise struck me as stupid- a big town lawyer travels back to his small home town to win the heart of his high school crush, buys a bowling ally and opens a law practice in it. But I was surprised at how intelligent the show is. Like last years FREAKS AND GEEKS this is one of the few hour long comedies to actually sustain laughter throughout the entire episode. The cast is perfect- Tom Cavangh as Ed delivers a consistantly hilarious performance and Julie Bowen as Carol Vessey is gorgeous, but also finds hidden depths to her character. Gregory Harrison plays a great pompous ass as Carol's boyfriend. The show is witty and hilarious- a constant winner.
  • With all of the predictable and formulaic sitcoms on TV, what a refreshing joy it was to see something that dared to be different, to set its own course, to go its own way.

    "Ed" is the charming account of a man's search for personal redemption by not looking where everyone's head says to go, but where his heart says. Ed Stevens has the day of his life when he is fired from his job as an NYC contract attorney and finds his wife with another man. He uses this as the opportunity to overcome his fears and pursue his dreams.

    Returning to his home town of Stuckyville, he pursues his highschool crush, buys the local bowling alley and practices small town law.

    A delight for dreamers and romantics of all ages and genders!
  • NBC should thank their lucky stars that executive producer David Letterman lets them air this after what they did to him. In return for giving NBC 10 years of classic late night programming and then being denied The Tonight Show, Mr. Letterman - proving ever the gentleman - gives NBC one of the best shows ever put on tv. There is no profanity on ED, there are no torrid sex scenes, and the characters have to take responsibility for their actions. Sure, they're a little eccentric, but aren't we all? Who wouldn't want to own a bowling alley (and kiss Julie Bowen)? I sincerely hope that this show doesn't suffer the same fates as SPORTS NIGHT and THE JOB. The show is already up there with NORTHERN EXPOSURE and HOMICIDE and other all-time greats.
  • manfex10 September 2002
    I really don't watch that much television anymore, I've never been hooked to any tv show, except now to Oz and Ed. Whenever I watch Ed, it gives me a special feeling, and I find myself smiling through the show. I don't think there are any weak characters in the show, and I haven't yet seen a bad episode (I've seen season 1, now it's the season 1 reruns). If there was only one show you could watch, better make sure it'd be this one!
  • This past episode CAPTAIN LUCIDITY, where Ed gets control of his dreams through 'lucid dreaming' - was absolute genius comedy. I was deep in hysterics. A nice change of pace from the usual guy/girl friction.

    Through a 'controlled' dream-state, Ed (along with all the other lovable clowns on this under-appreciated show) navigates his romantic concerns and desires for Frankie, and usual heart-beacon Carol Vessey. Nice concept, eh? Well, the writers hardly settled for the concept alone. They ran with it Gump style!! Absolute brilliant use of the entire cast's character traits (though some 'Cheswick' moments were sadly ignored). I'd swear 'Ed Stevens' wrote the episode. What higher compliment can you pay to the writers? That was one impressive hour of entertainment, folks. Absolute comic brilliance. And to boot - a fine dramatic closing. When you're laughing along with a tear-jerker moment - you know you've been won over.

    I'll bet ya 10 bucks you can't top that episode...
  • What can I say, "Ed" is probably the best show that has ever been put on television. The story lines are witty, every single character is lovable and the quirky dialogue keeps the viewers glued to the TV from beginning to end. I have never laughed out loud before until this show came along. Thomas Cavanagh, the guy who plays Ed exumes this certain charm that I think every single actor or actress tries to possess, but I think it's a born quality trait. The man is not only hilarious, gorgeous and a great actor, he makes the dialogue come to life. It seems like the part was written for him in mind. The chemistry between Ed and Carol, who is played beautifully and perfectly by Julie Bowen is incredible. The writers do a fine job of teasing us and giving us bits and pieces of their crush on eachother. I can't wait until they get together but the road there is just as much fun to watch!!! Tom Cavanagh is every girls dream and to see a man whose "Almost perfect" every Weds night is a thrill in itself. And like he said in the first episode, he is incredibly adorable. WATCH THE SHOW! I guarantee, you'll love it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a retired, grandfather with 5 grown children. So, why do I like the TV series, "ED", so much? Because almost every one of us who were boys in school can identify. We all had that secret "crush" on a pretty and popular girl, and felt inadequate to ask her out. For Ed, played by Tom Cavanagh, that girl was Carol Vessey, played by Julie Bowen, who now is a teacher at their old high school. After his divorce, Ed returns to Stuckeyville, meets up with Carol, is inspired to buy a bowling alley, and sets up his law office inside. "I am not a bowling alley lawyer. I am a lawyer, who also happens to own a bowling alley," insists Ed.

    The writing is good and witty, and Cavanagh is perfect as "Ed". All the cast are fine, but my special favorites are Michael Ian Black as the enterprising bowling alley employee "Phil", and Justin Long as "Warren Cheswick", the geek who gets so flustered when he thinks he has a chance with the girl he likes. After failing to win the affections of "Miss Vessey." We always set aside time to watch "Ed", it is good entertainment and occasionally there is a meaningful storyline.

    BTW, Julie Bowen is in "Happy Gilmore", plays the golf tour publicist who becomes Gilmore's (Adam Sandler) love interest.

    (SPOILER: When the series was terminated, Ed and Carol were married first.)
  • Humour may perhaps be divided into two broad categories: the kind that gets laughs at the expense of others, and the kind that lets you see people as they really are, and gets you to enjoy them and laugh with them. Obviously the latter is better and makes us feel better about ourselves and everything. It is perhaps also more difficult to create: witness the cheap shots Leno and Letterman always stoop to. But Ed loves its characters, and they are a wonder to watch. And the red line through it all is the relationship between Ed and Carol (Julie Bowen, Happy Gilmore): everyone knows they are made for each other, but the writers know too that postponing the inevitable is what keeps us coming back.
  • One of the best shows in a long time. All the characters are just great. Ed is a loving and interesting person, great imagination. Julie Bowen is very very lovely (Its not only Ed who falls in love with her). In general the cast is great. What can I say, this show is just a pleasure to watch.
  • There was so much hype preceding this show that I decided to tune in on its debut night. I'm glad I did! Thomas Cavanaugh is like a modern day Jimmy Stewart. His character knows that his looks alone aren't going to get the girl, but creativity, endurance and treating her better than anyone has before will get the job done. The whole ensemble works well together and you feel like you're watching real people. The last time I fell in love with a show this fast it was a little-known show called "Friends" 6 years ago. We know how that turned out!!
  • I know that you are the network that has hormone-laced garbage like "Friends." You also ripped off "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" with "The Weakest Link," thereby dividing an audience and degrading the ratings of a TV show that actually challenges our intelligence. So why are you presenting a completely original, delightful, witty, and, dare I say it, intelligent show to anchor the best night on TV?

    Ed manages to actually surprise me, a veteran of too many years of watching TV. True, as I write this, it seems to have given in to a bit of cliche, that of the beautiful girl falling in love with the man who annoys her the most (Carol Vessey and the new principal), but I'm optimistic that there will be a bizarre turn of events there to look forward to.

    Comparisons to Northern Exposure are inevitable, and this show matches or surpasses the Alaskan exercise in quirkiness. Let's hope it doesn't slip into an excess of strangeness, as unfortunately happened to NE. For instance, despite what you Hollywood producers fervently believe, a gay wedding just doesn't play in the heartland.

    Perhaps Ed's most biting episode is the one where Neil Patrick Harris played an attorney who came to town and admired Ed so much that he bought his own bowling alley and hired his own eccentrics to run it. If this show's ratings continue to rise, look for CBS to do the exact same thing.

    Thanks you, David Letterman, for showing us what that idiot box is capable of doing right.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanagh, 'Scrubs') is a lawyer with a good job and a loving wife; but one day he gets fired for having forgotten a comma in a contract which creates a loss of 1,500,000 $ and coming home finds his wife in bed with the postman.

    So he decides to move back to his hometown of Stuckeyville, where he ends up living with his best friend Mike (Josh Randall), who's now a doctor, married and father of a baby girl, and becoming the owner of the local bowling, which he not only revitalizes, but opens a law practice in.

    And let's not forget one of the reasons he moved back to Stuckeyville; Carol Vessey (Julie Bowen, 'ER'), the girl Ed has always been smitten with and who is now a teacher at the local high school.

    An interesting, quirky drama in the vein of 'Everwood', 'Ed' manages to gently attract your interest and have you spend 45 minutes in their very enjoyable company, being kind of sad when the ending credits appear.

    Ed: 9/10.
  • jedi-12121 October 2006
    In my personal opinion (and this is what it's all about isn't it, opinions?) I believe that "Ed" is the best television show ever made. The characters, plots and ideals make me laugh, cry, get angry, happy and you get a real sense of knowing the people in the show. I feel like I could walk up to, say, Mike and say: "Hey Mike, ten bucks if you walk across the road like a chicken saying "I love spam". I refer to the comment by Rick Blaine from London about there being two types of humour and agree precisely with his point. To anyone who has seen the show: you will probably agree with me. To anyone who hasn't: do yourself a favour and track it down. That's my opinion anyway.
  • "Ed" was a one-of-a-kind gem: a show that could be quirky, hip, goofy and smart at the same time. "Ed" never failed to be funny, touching, thoughtful or inspirational (sometimes all in the same episode). Maybe it was the premise of a lawyer who set up shop in a bowling alley that he bought, but one could get the impression that some people may have not been interested for that reason. At any rate, the lucky who tuned in were delighted by the antics of the characters, appreciative of the depth and quality of writing, and witness to one of the most charming love stories to ever grace the small screen (or any screen for that matter). It is a pity that more people did not discover it in its initial run. Hopefully it will air again (in syndication or cable) in the US in the near future so that more people can discover this wonderful program.
  • When I heard that the show is going to end some day...Oh, I just can't explain the feeling... Always occupied with a different sorts of things and nothing interesting to think about...the remote save my life...i started to watch Ed! Ed have slowly become a part of my regular life. When I have to make a risky decision I always think "What would Ed Stevens do!? Ed" is the charming account of a man's search for personal redemption by not looking where everyone's head says to go, but where his heart says. Ed Stevens has the day of his life when he is fired from his job as an NYC contract attorney and finds his wife with another man. He uses this as the opportunity to overcome his fears and pursue his dreams.
  • This is one of the best tv shows i have ever had the pleasure of watching. It has a great combination of quirkiness, sentiment, and comedy. All the actors on it have great chemistry, no matter what combination, but in particular Carol and Ed are simply electric in scenes together. They just radiate cuteness. The comedy comes in the form of hijinks between the main character and also an excellent support cast. Phil, Ed's worker at his bowling alley, is perfectly cast in the role of the intellectual wannabe, and Warren as Carol's adoring student is comedy genius whilst still maintaining that aura of small town life that the show is best at. However it is worth watching this show simply for Ed and Mike's $10 'bets' every week. Simply hilarious. This show cannot and should not be missed. For anything.
  • This show as actually pretty good, fun, real, nice acting, the fun of a challenge game and of course nice girls.

    I watch the show as much as possible, because it's different from all the other shows, it's not a sitcom and it's not like "Ally", it's better, than all other out there now, except for "The Simpsons".

    Right now the show is on late nights sundays in Denmark, I hope they'll move it to a better time.
  • macpherr13 October 2000
    I liked Thomas Cavanagh (Anya's Bell ) who play "Ed Stevens" when he played Doug, the guy who used to eat dog cookies at the Gourmet Pet Store, in "Providence", one of the best television series nowadays. He was a fun off beat character that made us laugh! Now he is back as the bowling alley lawyer. Well nothing wrong with that, there are many lawyers who drive taxi cabs as it is! There are just too many of us!!!! I love the concept, and loved the first episode. I could easily compare it to Northern Exposure, when the doctor was stuck in Alaska because he had to meet his medical school service commitment. Oh well, that just goes to show you that lawyers and doctors contrary to popular belief that they are rich because they make good money, are not rich at all. They are heavily indebted due to the fact that they spent their lives in school before they made their first cent. David Letterman is one of the producers of the show, and America loves his sense of humor and that adds to the fact that the show is really promising, the premise is good. The show made me laugh! I liked first episode!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Since the beginning this show was reminding me few others (f.e. "Northern exposure" with specialist moving to small town where people have different point of view to life), but I was really enjoying watching how he handles sometimes really strange cases and how he moves back to his childhood times.

    Unfortunately with time the creators have apparently run out of ideas for interesting cases and Ed's work was used only to fill up the gaps between plots with kids in high school, his own problems with Carol or Mike's rather uninteresting marriage stories. The last season in which Ed and Carol are together was pushed waaaaaaay too far into romantic field that sometimes it was really depressing (they will be together, they won't, they will, they won't, they will marry, they won't, etc).

    I loved the idea, I loved the characters, even the cast, but the series was really uneven - some episodes were great and few next were really crappy and full of clichés from romantic comedies or "crazy high school C-class movies".

    "Ed" was a really good show and if the creators would cut the complete-waste-of-time parts it would even be great. But they didn't, so for me it's only a very good show.
  • Thank goodness that the Ed's last show of the season is a winner. I had already decided before watching it that if it left me hanging again that I would never be watching it again. My friends had already given up on the show but now I am glad I kept loyal. Hopefully the next season will continue on with Ed and Carol being a couple with a real future!
  • A couple months ago, I wrote an obituary for `Ed'. Funny thing happened. I was ready to give up on the show for the reasons I mentioned. However, after the aborted Carol wedding, the show has become so much better. We're not seeing as much Phil or Warren and some good story lines. The episodes dealing with issues like gastric surgery and bullies were wonderful. Now that Ed is no longer making a fool of himself chasing Carol, we can see him doing his thing in the courtroom. Maybe Letterman went in, kicked some asses, and woke some people up. Whatever, I hope they keep it up.
  • I confess I'm slightly amused to see such rabid reviews by people that mention annoying supporting cast members and tiresome story lines. Sure, it has been three seasons now and people are hoping for things to progress in show, but in the meantime nothing on television is more enjoyable. Not an episode passes that I'm not amazed by at least one aspect of the writing. People who are angered by the way the plot has progressed are the best examples of how wrapped up you can get in the fictional world depicted on Ed. I sometimes forget that these people aren't real. They are insanely quirky, frustrating, funny, and sometimes you just want to slap them and tell them what to do. I never feel that way about characters on other shows, because they don't seem as real. I don't care what choices they make, who they sleep with, etc. On Ed, you can't help but care. Even the ones that drive you crazy make the show that much better. It is unfortunate that this delightful show gets pre-empted for every cheesy special that comes along. If you are lucky enough to catch some reruns, make sure you tune in. This is the best show on television, get in on it before it is too late!
  • I don't know how to describe this show.......there's just something about this show that captures my heart. That's it! it captures my heart, and it should do the same for you! Ed is quite possibly the best new show of the 2000-2001 season on broadcast television!
  • I'm usually not one to fall for glitz and hype, and there was no show that was more hyped than Ed. I DID tune in to the pilot episode and BOY am i glad i did.

    "Ed" is witty, funny, and charming. As Rob Burnett, producer of the show, said: "Ed is the sort of guy that all the girls have a crush on, and all the guys wanna play ball with." Tom Kavanagh plays Ed so charismatically that it is impossible not to love him.

    I don't fall for shows easily, and when I do, they're huge hits. (i.e. "Friends" "Frasier" "MASH"). Fifteen minutes into the pilot episode of "Ed", I got that feeling, and at the next commercial break, i popped a tape in my VCR and started recording. I've recorded every episode since, and I don't intend to stop.
  • "Ed" is a warm-hearted comedy/drama that makes you feel good when, well, when Ed feels good. Here is a guy who lost his job and found his wife cheating on him in the same day. He then pursues a high school crush and buys a bowling alley in his hometown of Stuckeyville. I fell in love with this show on the premise alone, before I even saw the pilot. It's very well written. The thing I like about the character of Ed is that after the devastating loss of his job and marriage, he does not seem bitter, but optimistic. He's a clever, funny, likeable guy who's part underdog and part hero. I want to point out that Thomas Cavanagh really makes this show happen. He becomes Ed! Cavanagh has a charm about him that is essential to this character, a demeanor that's warm, sincere and believable. I'm a huge `Northern Exposure' fan and I think the comparisons have been stretched a bit. Yes, you have some oddball characters but I think another thing they share is that they lack spiteful characters and heavy sarcasm. I guess there is another element I'm missing but any of you NX fans out there probably get my drift. A stroke of genius of the creators to have him practice law on the side. Everyone loves good courtroom scenes and in this case, peppered with some comedy makes it all the better. I'm writing this as if I have watched the show for several years when in fact I have only seen two episodes. I'm really taken with `Ed' and have high hopes for it. I have to say that I think NBC is nuts to put this on against "The Simpson's" and "Malcolm in the Middle". I'll have to get out my other VCR. "Ed" is a fledgling winner that needs some time and nurturing before going up against the big boys of Sunday night. Expect a new time slot before next season.
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