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  • This show is really funny but sadly underrated. The lead actors are good though the changing supporting cast is not fantastic. I'll be very sad if this show gets cancelled because I stay up till late to watch it and its definitely worth it.

    The show lasts about 20 minutes minus ad breaks and tackles some real-life issues like children, marriage, career aspirations, therapy. I wouldn't compare it to Sex and the City though that may have been how the concept for the show began.

    I await its move from late night television show to prime time sitcom but doubt it will be happening too soon. All four female leads are quite beautiful...contrary to previous comments.
  • This show started out good, and has gotten better and more assured throughout its run. Comparisons to "Sex and the City" and "Living Single" are fair, but only tell half of the story. As the show has developed, it has made such comparisons necessarily reductive: "Girlfriends" combines the best of both of those predecessors and throws in other elements to make a series which is both thought-provoking and one of the most raucously funny projects on TV today. Its location in UPN's Monday night "ghetto" is both a blessing and a curse: it gives "Girlfriends" a firm foundation within the target African-American audience, but it limits the show's ability to reach out to other audiences. I wish more people would seek it out; I'm pretty sure they'd love it as much as I do. During the third season, scripts have continued to tackle serious subjects with greater and greater success, while keeping the laugh count as high as ever (much higher than 90% of comedies on the air). The performances remain strong as the characters are taken through much more than usual sitcom paces. This show actually has the nerve to tell real stories, rather than growing stale out of fear of change. The producers have managed to keep the viewers laughing while becoming the leading fictional forum for racial issues and simultaneously earning its feminist bona fides (including an A+ rating from NOW).
  • dcohn30 September 2004
    The sitcom is a dying art. There's hardly any narrative TV left in general, and there are way fewer quality comedies than dramas. Girlfriends deserves way more attention, and though it is good for their ratings to be herded in with the rest of the "urban" comedies on UPN, I think it's heads and shoulders above any of the other shows. In fact, and no offense to fans of other UPN fare, I think this show is surrounded on all sides by just plain awful programs - the writing on the other shows is a notch above Saved by the Bell. (maybe that's a *little* too harsh).

    The dialogue and the acting on Girlfriends is sophisticated and natural at the same time. The five leads have great chemistry and timing. I think it's taken a few seasons (and the smart decision to get rid of Joan's lame voice-over fantasy bites) for the comedy to become less broad and for the characters to develop past "types", but that's always the case when you have to set up a sitcom world. Every sitcom I can think of starts out with stereotypes and builds character depth as the seasons goes on.

    Even in my position as a white chick (maybe a little more attuned to African American culture than the average), I think I can say that most shows about middle-class black people are terrified of seeming "too black", they've got Cosbyitus. Girlfriends seems to be more on the inside-track.

    Maybe the show isn't representative of every woman in the black community, or the black everywoman, but who says it has to? Sex in the City sure as hell wasn't representative of 30something white women in New York. We want a little escapism, and Girlfriends offers all the pretty people and the pretty houses and the pretty clothing (the BEST-DRESSED show on TV by far! Who is their stylist??), *and* the polished writing and performances.

    Oh, yeah, and it's ***hella funny***.
  • I cannot say enough good things about this show.

    It is so funny, but so realistic at the same time. Not since Living Single has there been a show that captures the life of the Black middle class as well Girlfriends.

    Some say this show is stereotypical, but to build likeable characters, sometimes you have to start with a framework everyone easily can understand. The story arc has taken these basic stereotypes and built full characters that diehard viewers have come to really love. We really did care when William quit his job at the firm, as we did when Joan was stuck trying to decide between her actor boyfriend and his agent.

    Anyone open-minded person who appreciated Frasier would love this show.

    I only hope that it a) enjoys a much longer life with the same or better quality of writing and b) old episodes are made available on DVD.
  • Lynn, Joan, Tony and Mya and sometimes William. All i can say is that the chemistry is great the acting is great and the show is also great. It is as if each episode is funnier than the previous. The producers are really doing a good job. In fact if i compare it to the parkers and soul food which i believe were also great..i think this out shines them By far. I just hope the ending ..if there is to be an end ..will not be rushed and messed up ...just like that of soulfood and parkers.

    Man this is a comedy for any not miss out on a Ghanian living in Africa....i don't have any issues with any of the Topics being discussed in this comedy so therefore i am in the best position to judge this programme...and like the majority of the reviewers wrote..this is definitely a "must see" show. I also hope it Comes out on DVD soon, so that i can have my very own copy. I think it is one of the best comedies ever...and it has good plots and the Characters are well defined.

    Dalai..Ghana - West Africa
  • This show is, in my opinion, a very funny well written well acted program. I find it to be sophisticated and not your typical "urban" comedy. The chemistry between the four actresses is wonderful and believable. I must admit that there is a familiar feeling to the format of the show but, so what there are many sitcoms that are "like" other sitcoms that doesn't necessarily mean they are bad. Girlfriends brings a fresh approach to a old format. I like the fact that all the characters are in different places in their lives and that they are different in their approach to life, I find most of the story lines to be very truthful and realistic. This show is worth your time!
  • mikki72726 April 2002
    I love Girlfriends!! I hope it's around for a long time. It's good to see black women in good roles and not playing the "Shaniqua w/ blue hair & long fake nails" type. A good show for black women. A little like Sex & The City, but with a little more sassiness.
  • asrai8212 July 2001
    okay. first of all let me tell you that i'm a 19-year old white female. i'm not usually into the so-called "made for african-american" tv shows and movies, with the exception of a couple...but i love this show!! up here in canada, we got a delay on the show (by a year or so), so i'm just seeing this for the first time. i didnt even know it was that old, and was disappointed that i missed so much. but i am impressed. i love the story lines, the actors, the reality with regards to the situations they get themselves into, and the way they deal with them. i have to say my fave is persia white as "lynn". she's great!!! her attitude rocks. i was a little upset to see that a lot of people didnt or dont enjoy the show, but its definitely not for everyone...all i wanted to say is that i think its great to watch if youre female, sick of having no men in your life, and you can make a night of watching it with your own "girlfriends"!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'll admit that Girlfriends didn't look so bad for the first 5 episodes. Im not sure why I watched this junk for at least 3 seasons but I guess I was just being optimistic that this show might have gotten better as it progressed but it didn't. There are times when this show blatantly rips off elements of Sex and The City. In this review I'll state everything that made me despise this show. The characters are pretty obnoxious and as the show progresses its hard to like them because they do some pretty stupid things to jeopardize their lives. Joan Clayton(Tracee Ellis Ross) cant keep a steady relationship with a man to save her life. Maya Wilkes(Golden Brooks) doesn't know if she wants to be with Darnell or not and she drives him as well as the viewers of this show nuts with her high strung antics. Lynn Seacy(Persia White) is the most likable character in this show but she is not without her flaws. She does not know if she wants to be with men or women(and she drives them both insane), She is very scatterbrained and when people depend on her she is likely to fail them. Plus I found it very typical that the most likable character of all of them is the one of mixed heritage. Toni Childs(Jill Marie Jones) is the most reprehensible of all characters. As a matter of fact she is probably the most insufferable character in sitcom history. She is a high class gold-digger that puts poor Todd Garrett(Jason Pace) through hell. So much so that when he took her to court that I was ecstatic but unfortunately the idiot had to feel sympathy for this loathsome tramp and dropped the case. William Dent(Reginald C Hayes) would be a likable character but his moronic horn dog ways makes it virtually impossible to like him. He ruins what could have been a decent relationship with his boss(played by Anne Marie Johnson) to be a pig and is constantly running back to that gold-digging self-centered trollop Monica(Keesha Sharpe), even though her love for him was only on a financial level. Pluss episode after episode is wasted on him chasing after Donna Williams(Jill Scott) and we all know that wouldn't have worked out at all. Darnell Wilkes(Khalil Khan) seems somewhat smart till you realize that only a fool would put up with Maya for so long. There are plenty of episodes that make me disgusted with this show but there is one episode that is stuck in my mind eternally. The episode where William forgets to pose as Santa Claus(or Satan's Claws) for Jabari and the the girls were mad at him for that made me sick to my stomach. First of all we all know that Santa Claus is an imaginary character so you're going to get angry at William because he doesn't cater fairy tales to a little boy that needs to be fed truth in order to grow up to be a mentally stable adult? How insane is that? And we wonder why these kids grow up to be so self- destructive. If they are fed these poisonous fairy tales all their lives how can they deal with reality? Any Black parent that feeds their kids these harmful tall tales needs to be locked up for the rest of their natural lives.

    In closing, Girlfriends is wildly overrated and symbolizes everything thats wrong with modern Black sitcoms. Back in the day bourgeoisie morons criticized shows like Frank's Place, Different World, Roc, The Cosby Show and Parent Hood for being unrealistic and preachy but those shows were way over their snooty heads and were leaps and bounds over the rubbish that passes for sitcoms now. As for the comparisons to Living Single, don't make me laugh. Living Single might not be deep but it had class and you don't despise the characters of that show. Sure they were pretty goofy but they were likable characters. The characters of Girlfriends are so repulsive that you just want them to get trampled by a stampede consisting of the starting lineup of every team on the NFL. You cranks that want to be entertained instead of being "preached to" have found your mindless junk food. Enjoy it and savor every bite. Pretty soon there will be a Black Michael Bay to satisfy your appetite for mindless action movies with no substance. As for me I will not go near another Black sitcom. I am always anxious to see Black people on the TV screen but when all I'm getting is chittlin circuit trash like Girlfriends, Eve, Cuts, The Game and Half and Half , I begin to lose hope for quality Black shows because every show that was cool like All Of Us is countered by dreck like the shows I just mentioned.
  • mbadugha15 November 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I used to love Girlfriends until 2 things happened - 1) I got a DVR & started watching lots of episodes in a short time frame & 2) I started watching Sex & City for the first time w/ DVR. The more I watched Girlfriends the less I like the characters. They treated each other (& the people around them)horribly & the characters have not developed since the first season, & they were all incredibly self-absorbed. By contrast, the Sex & the City girls had all gone through incredible introspection & ended up moving & growing by their final season. W/ respect to treating each other mean - I could not even conceive of being friends w/ Toni after she tried to sleep w/ my man & Joan was so selfish that she turned Maya's & Toni's weddings into mini-dramas about even crying that she couldn't wait for the nightmare of Toni's wedding to be over. By contrast, Charlotte had a hard time w/ Miranda's pregnancy but she was still incredibly supportive. There was a warmth & caring between the Sex & The City girls, that was lacking w/ the Girlfriends. The height of that was last year's finale where all the Girlfriends turned their backs on Joan after she made a mistake.
  • When I first saw this show when it premiered in the fall of 2000,the first thing that came through my mind was this..."Could this be another Living Single"? and it came to me as though it wasn't but to make a long speech short I thought it was a very well written and well acted show. It made not have the spunk of "Living Single",but the full charmastic charm and wit of HBO's "Sex In The City" and it shows. The minute I saw this show I was immediately hooked.`The show did have some flaws in its first season,but as the second season progressed,it improved totally. This concerns three well educated sistas living and working in L.A. as we explore there ups and downs on relationships and etc. As for the characters themselves are a trip and each week they can't figured out why they can't keep in man in company let alone dissect him in pieces. First off,you have Joan(Tracee Ellis Ross)who is always interfearing in somebody else's concerns as well as her own and can't keep a man in check. One episode in particular shows how Joan gets a taste of her own medicine here in which she talks down to a guy she loves but he walks out on her after she says something pathetic in front of him. Second, the golddigger Toni(Jill Jones)who is always dead broke but is always high class,but is always begging a guy for attention especially when it comes to money or in other cases stealing someone else's guy for her own greedy self,but is dead broke and she is part country too. Third, miss ghetto fabulous equals attitude Maya(Golden Brooks) who is married to Darnell(Khalil Khan)and has a 8 year old and has martial problems but she is also cheating on her husband with another guy behind his back and sometimes is the leader of the girl group and the one with the most common sense some of the time. Finally,the freeloader and sometimes lazy as hell Lynn(Persia White)who is a lot like Lisa Bonet who always talks down to a guy but will sleep with anyone she claims with and like Toni also wants attention for her own selfish greed,but also she has a hatred for guys and is the bisexual part of the group(One episode dealt with Lynn coming to terms with her own sexuality when one of the girls catches her in bed with another lover---a woman!)...Lynn is a vagabond and will make a home whenever she fits. These inconsistencies in their personalitites make the characters come alive and it makes the show very watchable as we see girls go through the motions each week. The casting is excellent here and it comes to my attention that the only brother on the show (Reginald Hayes) is just a joke in between the girls,but he does help them out in tight situations. Let's hope that UPN keeps this one for several seasons,because its one of the many shows the many sides of women working together through good times and bad. Not to be missed.
  • r_armenteros24 June 2005
    Many of you are taking this show way too critically. Yes some of the characters on this show are stereotypical but it is an excellent show. It is funny and all of this happens in everyday life with both women and men and now that it is being reflected on TV this becomes an issue? Every single woman of color and maybe women in general can identify with each of these characters on one day or another. I would rather see professional women on TV that make me laugh than other shows where women are sleeping with each others man and disrespecting each other all the time, and I am not being stereotypical but that is television. Joan is an excellent character and though she is anal about everything she means well and so do all of the other women. I think everyone should watch it at least once.
  • As a black Canadian I am impressed with Girlfriends because in my country Canada there is virtually no representation of black women on television. Hell, there is no representation of black people period on Canadian television unless it is some stereotypical crap. I was surprised when I found out that a white man Kelsey Grammar from Frasier fame was one of the executive producers behind this show. I am impressed that this show is NOT typecast! Some people that compare this show to Sex and the City got it all wrong. In fact, Girlfriends is much better because it is more realistic and more real. Girlfriends taps into the life I know about successful hardworking black women and one of the things I love about this show is that it does not hide away from race issues. One of the things I don't like about certain current sitcoms on television is that they try to hard to not be "real". And this show is very real. I do wish that Girlfriends got the RESPECT that it deserves. It just shows how racist America is though that this AMAZING show is only on UPN because its probably the only American network to give a show like this a CHANCE. Girlfriends should be getting A LOT MORE PRESS. Why haven't any of the actressses on girlfriends been nominated for an Emmy award or a Golden Globe award or a People's Choice Award? Is the rule that a show about black women doesn't mean it is critically acclaimed..This kind of thinking is unfair. I will continue to support this show because it is GROUNDBREAKING in a lot of ways...and I hope one day Girlfriends gets the PRESS it so richly DESERVES...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked season 1 and part of season 2 a little better. Let me just give some bits and parts of the show that made it lose a lot of cool points.

    Joan's behavior was completely rotten towards William when they returned from New York, and she was a bit immature, trying to play games, setting him up with both Monica and the other girl. Those that watched the show avidly saw her conduct towards him.

    She was actually jealous of Toni when Toni was about to get married. What was that all about? I thought they were true friends. She took out her anger on Ellis, and later cheated on him and lied to him. She was an extremely stink girlfriend. A lying, cheating, jealous, immature fool. Ellis was never that great anyway. Their union, as many other unions on this show, should have never happened.

    Maya's conduct was similar, especially when she was William's assistant, and even after she was rightly fired. The episode where Reverend Al Sharpton guest starred made me cuss. William asked her to do one thing, she did something else, and made a spectacle of herself in front of the Reverend. She failed to remember that she was the one who was rude and inefficient, and tried to make William out to be the bad guy. She was an ingrate to both William and Joan. The whole ghetto, sassy act was not cute and not cool. She always felt she could do what she wanted when she wanted where she wanted.

    She also wanted to make Darnell miserable after they broke up, calling him over to pick fights with him Wasn't she the one who cheated?

    Her friend also acted like a total jerk towards the father of her own children when he came to pick up the kids.

    Did Lynn say she wanted to burn down Joan's house after she was kicked out? Did she also want to do the same after Toni fired her as her assistant at her new real estate office? That was supposed to be funny? Don't even get me started on Toni Chlamydia Childs and Monica the Control Freak.

    There is so little respect for one another that I sometimes question the friendships. The writer of this show is another writer I wish I could talk to face to face. If there is anything that I am not understanding, then she can show me. I want to go through episode by episode and drill her.
  • It is an unfortunate fact that, at least in first run, shows with largely black casts do not draw many white viewers. Of course "Cosby" was an exception but many fine shows have suffered due to a lack of an expanded audience. The excellent "Homicide" with its diverse cast but black leads (Andre' Braugher, Clark Johnson, Yaphett Kotto) cause a lot of small minded people to discount it and refrain from watching. "The Wire" may also be dealing with a like attitude.

    Thinking that "Girlfriends" would be mostly fluff or, worse, a watered down version of "Sex In The City" (not a favorite)I did not start watching until it went into syndication.

    While the show is still not a first choice I found it surprisingly watchable and even, at times, quite enjoyable. The cast, with the exception of the rather stiff and unappealing Persia White, is quite adept at comedy and very likable as well. Despite always looking as though she is being goosed, Tracee Ross-Ellis is as good if not better as any other comic actress in recent memory. She also conveys intelligence and even manages to be somewhat sexy at times. The real sex appeal on this show comes from Golden Brooks and Jill Marie Jones whose quirky characterizations are appealing despite the flaws and air of self-interest written into them. Reginald C. Hayes manages to pull off his role as the series main male regular character with humor and likability. This role might have been a more traditional 'eunuch in the harem' part save for the fact that Hayes seems to have slept with every one of the female characters on the show.

    "Girlfriends" is much more clever and adult than one might expect and the airwaves and cable lines are filled with many much less enjoyable shows. It is certainly worth a look.
  • mrkg19 November 2003
    This is a good show. Not sure what is the other user's vendetta. It deals with real issues and doesnt sugarcoat anything. Sure this premise has been played over and over but is there ANYTHING original in hollywood?
  • I totally disagree with the last comment. When I watch Girlfriends, I see four black women in roles that weneed more of. This show is not a living single knock-off. The Lynn, Joan, Toni, and Mya have more complex personalities and backgrounds than the ladies of living single, and the comedy is just a little bit more cerebral--not a slapstick as living single. Dont get me wrong, I love L.S. but those writers took the easy way out. I think Tracy Ross and Persia White are wonderful acctresses and they fit their characters like gloves. Golden Brooks is great, but she's gonna be type casted if she takes on another character thats almost exactly idenical in personality to her role on Link's. And Iwanna marry Jill Jones, so I won't comment on her work cause it'll be extremely biased. Alot of people say this show isunrealistic, but what's so unrealistic about four(ok 3 cause i don't think lynn has a job) professional sistas, with different backgrounds good educations, bangin bodies and totally different personlities being down for each other and living life to its fullest. I love this show, It similar to but better than friends in my opinion, but not quite as good as sex in the city. But to let those two shows tell it one would be hard pressed to find black folk in NYC. Now, whose being unrealistic. Everyone please check girlfriends out. UPN MOnday nights prime time(10pm EST).
  • It's unclear who led Girlfriends' formation, whether Kelsey Grammar rounded up a bunch of African-American heavyweights to build a show, or whether the heavyweights leveraged Grammar's success to get their show aired. Either way, Girlfriends operates at the peak of Hollywood production, with a VERY richly talented team of actors, writers, producers, etc.

    The result seems much like Frasier, blending stereotype, caricature, and "comedy of manners" humor with delicately woven stories of challenges contemporary audiences will see as "real" and relevant. That's a tightrope walk. The humor is an established art, in accomplished hands; but the right compromise between humor and realism is far less certain, even for such a skilled group.

    Though I might personally prefer to tweak the compromise a bit more toward realism, that would make it a different show. I really like Frasier -- familiar eccentricities/caricatures and all. But I find Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry, and Eddie Murphy far too silly/campy/ghetto. I did, however, notice that they continue to make more money and garner more fame than certain others. The very-accomplished-but-not-as-famous crew behind Girlfriends surely notices that too.

    Creators for HBO & Showtime craft shows to build on the networks' reputation for more weighty/intense/realistic programming. (e.g. Soul Food) Girlfriends' creators must likewise craft the show for the very different market positioning at UPN.

    I expect the Girlfriends we see is a very deliberately crafted balance, adjusted to maximize ratings/earnings in a UPN context. The same could be said of Frasier; and I find both shows entertaining.

    Male character construction in Girlfriends is an interesting side note. William is given more development & air time than any male on Sex & the City or L-Word, serving as a foil not just in interaction but in his parallel story lines. In making the story about the girlfriends, the writers have wonderfully shown no urge to regurgitate the standard set of negative black male stereotypes. Even more than with Sex & the City, Girlfriends mostly explores the leads' "issues" by contrasting with normality in its male actors.
  • Girlfriends is an EXCELLENT show which expresses how some friends can truly help to change your life in a positive way. The main characters are Joan Clayton, a 30-something year old entrepreneur, Maya Wilkes, a sassy author and mother, Lynn Searcy, a free-spirit woman who shares many passions, and Toni Childs, a single mother who has changed her wicked ways for the new baby in her life.

    All four of them have different personalities but that is also what makes their bond so strong. This show expresses the love that they all share. The four of them lift each other up when they are down and are always willing to lend a hand in each others lives to make it a little bit better. This show is definitely one that will be remembered, this show shows what the true meaning of friends is!
  • aquela210 December 2001
    Well, in it's second season, I've actually grown to like "Girlfriends". The jokes have gotten better, and these bourgouis girls in LA actually have it worse than it seems. Toni is high class, but is dead broke. Joan can't keep a man. Lynn is like Lisa Bonet as Denise in her vagabond stage, except that she just stays that way. Professional student, 5 degrees, y'know? Maya is married with an 8 year old and has marital problems. These inconsistencies in their personalities are actually what make the characters loveable. May be back for another season, who knows?
  • I really enjoy watching this show. The cast is excellent and they have a lot of funny dialogue throughout each episode. I hope this show stays on for many years. Even white people like me can enjoy this show because it has no anti-white, racist themes (unlike "The Hughleys"). It's a lot of fun and the relationships potrayed by the cast is extremely enjoyable. Watch it!
  • Girlfriends is a hilarious comedy about four African American women who are best friends. It is nothing like Sec in the City. One of the women has a child, another is expecting one, and they don't focus on sex. This program shows the realities of being a woman (not just a single woman) in this millennium. And for saying that Tracee is ugly, that is your business, but if you ask me, she looks just like her mom. And I don't know too many people who think that Diana Ross is ugly. If you don't like the show, then thats fine, but don't talk about when obviously you don't understand it. Just don't watch it if you feel that way, I'm sure there are plenty more things on cable on Monday nights that you could watch, because nobody wants to hear your nasty, put derogatory comments about one of the only black shows on TV.
  • justbfit15 August 2013
    This was a brilliant story about successful African American girlfriends. The writers took us through their valleys and their celebrations. Each character had a different personality. It was well received by professionals. It wouldn't be a show with out one male friend. Big Willie was the voice of reason for these girlfriends. His whit, logic, and a great level of success created balance to the show.

    Each girlfriend had her own form of success. But, eventually they all found their true calling/success. They were all happy.

    Unfortunately, the show was canceled during the writer's strike. Losing this show was a definitely loss. I wish someone would pick this up or give us a reunion show.
  • ypsiwitch-18 February 2007
    I was resistant to the show at first because I was overwhelmed with shows like Moesha, the Parkers, and I didn't like the way they portrayed black people. But This show is different. These women and especially Reggie Hayes show strong successful Black people who worked their way up to their positions. You can see a bit of your self in all the characters, and William is non stop funny as a momma-loving, republican, success oriented lawyer.

    There are other characters that you learn to enjoy, but the friendships between these women is stronger than anything thrown at them; including man troubles.
  • I have been away--what happened to the other girlfriend? I think her name was Toni? I enjoyed watching the show, but once they moved things around it got confusing. I was difficult to find the new shows compared to the older ones. I always liked the character of Toni, but now that she is gone? I don't know. I had heard something about her wanting to be with family. Anyway if anyone knows what happened I would appreciate it. Also, is the lead character the daughter of a famous singer. I'm almost positive she looks like someone famous. She seems very tall, and quite gracious. Hopefully some of you can provide me with the answers. Thanks folk...
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