Kurumi: [behind the changing screen in the cafe] You have the cutest little set of boobies!

Karinka: Get your hands off me!

Kurumi: Cummon! Let me touch em one more time!

Karinka: No! I SAID NO!

Nakahito: Why did you have to dress me up like a "Mo-ga"?

Kurumi: [SD Kurumi screen] "Mo-Ga" Japanese slang. Means, "Modern Girl".

Kurumi: [Jumps in front of Karinka, smushing her face with her hands] Moooo!

Karinka: AHH!

[Jumps back]

Karinka: What the hell d'you think you're doing you stupid pink bi- I-I mean please, please don't scare me like that sweetie.

Kurumi: Hey, what's wrong, you look kinda goofy!

Karinka: No, I'm just fine.

[to herself]

Karinka: I can't deal with her anymore! She's a moron! I've had it. Seriously, I've had it!

[Kurumi opens a door, sees Dr. Ayanakoji, and closes the door on him]

Kurumi: It's that guy who keeps bugging me.