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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This Mack Sennett short is a real treat for all slapstick comedy lovers. It's number twelve in the long-running Jimmy Smith series and it not only provides plenty of laughs but good roles for all our favorite characters, especially the delightful Mary Ann Jackson, the best child actress of all time in my opinion. As usual, she plays the somewhat mischievous and always on hand Bubbles Smith like a real trooper. Her expressions are marvelous, and she often plays out long takes without the slightest trace of a stumble. Also super important in the big cast line-up here is Ruth Hiatt, a prodigiously over-weight lady who insisted on performing her own stunts and came to grief while filming "My Best Girl" in 1927 (although she didn't actually die from her wounds until January 3, 1930). Also to be commended are Raymond McKee and Ruth Hiatt, plus most especially our bathing beauties, Mary Mayberry and Kathleen Stanley. I'm amazed to find myself the first reviewer for this little gem. By 1926, producer Mack Sennett had really got his act together. At this time, his shorts are well-made on expansive budgets, directed with finesse by inspired craftsmen (like Alf Goulding here), and lit up by charismatic players in both principal and supporting roles.