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  • The story of a young lady born in a family of classical dancers. The problem is she hates dance. The guy next door wont let her give up the beautiful art which makes her special from the rest of the world. The movie explores different problems they face, and explains different views of the same issue.

    Delighted. That was my first reaction after watching the movie. yes , the movie has quite a flaw in cinematized dance sequences. But the movie is totally amazing in the way it conveys the message. The story and screenplay are two pillars supporting this movie, which is decorated by great music. The lyrics of all the songs, are the best I ve heard till date.

    One song is a debate between the lady and guy next door, about the importance of saving ones art VS doing what u like. Another compares the dancing lady with the Rain. The third one explains how awesome life can get with art. Awesome lyrics from the great writer Sirivennela.
  • Swarnakamalam is a movie which touches your heart and soothes your mind.We can probably say that only Viswanath garu can make these type of movies.Swarnakamalam is a masterpiece which will be remembered for generations."Must Watch" movie for movie lovers who will appreciate the aesthetic values of cinema.
  • Every time (which I have done more than 20 times till now)I watch this movie I count it as another wonderful movie of Sri Viswanath. I am bowled over by Meenakshi. The precise depiction of the typical lifestyle of people dedicated to music and dance is worth any amount of praise. It is not new in Viswanath's movies but this movie overdid the others by margins.

    Venkatesh's love for Bhanupriya is so clean and 'pure' I should say. If every artist had such a supportive spouse, then our country would not see the 'nearing extinction' situation of Indian fine arts.

    The music is wonderful and one is placed in a dilemma as to whether enjoy the music or the dance. I would be surprised if viewers didn't feel an involuntary dance movement by their bodies while watching the damsel dance.
  • This movies is a perfect blend of all! Music + Lyrics + Screen Play + Story + Direction + Performance of artists.

    Back bone of this (ofcourse this kind of movie) is MUSIC. Ilayaraja did his best. The BGM is the best and I can give more points while comparing the earlier movie Sagara Sangamam. (Both are by Same K.Vishwanath - Ilayaraja combination).

    As far as the songs and the dance sequence are really unbeatable. That Flute theme and Violin bit are best of Ilaiyaraja.

    Totally an Excellent work by all genius's and their talents!!!! Don't miss this movie!!
  • Raayancha19 December 2008
    This is a wonderful movie which can be watched any number of times and still the same fun and awed feeling can be had as on the first time. It is a beautiful blend of emotions like love, pride, self respect spiced up with irresistible classical music, classical dance, light and contextual humour. One cannot but develop a deep sense of respect for classical arts after watching this movie. The characters are very well etched and the story just progresses smoothly with very common and predictable events in one's routine life. The excellence of the movie lies not in story but in the touching emotions, pleasing music, wonderful dance performances and beautiful characters. Bhanupriya and Venkatesh are at their youthful best in the movie, seen fresher than ever again. And for Vishwanath, it was just another masterpiece which for sure and cannot be afforded to miss.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie is entirely superb fantastic wonder tremendous,I have seen this movie only first half 5 times for 10 years,today my wish fulfilled to watch full movie never boring movie ever.Hats off to each one and everyone to this movie team. Director,Actress,actors,singers everybody had done very very well its an amazing picture don't miss anyone must watch in life at least 5 times. we feel very good while watching movie and take you reel to real world. Simple story simple characters great achievements classical songs we really enjoy this movie. NO one can't beat to bhanupriya actress she was done fantastic job love to see this movie all time. One of my favourite picture
  • ravigoteti13 December 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    really is one of the best movies made in telugu and also totally in India. very simple story, a person wonderfully talented in classical dance but not interested in it. She thinks that these classical and cultural things do not take you anywhere, which is against her father's and the hero (venkatesh's) opinion.

    The climax is where she realizes how great our culture is, how devotional and soul-awakening this art is. Songs such as andela ravamidi, sivapujaku, gallu ghallu etc are superb. SPB did his best.

    It occupies a special place in Indian film history, for it has given life to the dying Indian culture and art.
  • Ark_00320 April 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Till date my age is 27, Heartfully i'm saying that there is no chance to forget "Swarnakamalam" movie, i watched that movie for many times & there is no chance for getting bored, i kept that movie in my heart. Hats off to Vishwanath, Ilayaraja, Spb, Janaki, Susheela, Vani Jayaram, Siri Vennela. Natural acting from Venkatesh and Bhanu Priya & her dance is amazing & her expressions with eyes is so beautiful. Ilayaraja's BGM is marvelous, our soul comes out of from our body when listening to that music & feels better freshness to our mind. Every song has good meaning And i love climax scene from the airport till the beautiful song ends with the great music. Totally a classical cinema.