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  • Is it just me or is there ANYBODY ELSE IN THIS WORLD waiting for Soul Food:The Complete SECOND Season??? I really loved the boxed DVD set of the first season(for which I paid $80.00 only now to find out it can be purchased for $39.99) But my God Showtime what in the hell are you waiting for? The OC, Buffy, Starsky & Hutch, Wonder Woman and the likes even that silly show The L word (another Showtime Original) can have there seasons come out back to back BUT a Black Drama like Soul Food has to wait damn near 3 years between "seasons"??? What's the real deal? Feedback from fellow Soul Food Lovers are 100% welcomed. I'm tired of searching through google & different media store outlets, just to hear those dreaded words..."It's not out yet". Now that I've watched the first season, I would like to follow-up with the 2nd season. I watched most of the episodes on Showtime but missed quite a few. Damon and his ex-girlfriend, Kenny with his secretary and etc. Fellow Soul Food Lovers please let me feel your pain so I know I'm not alone.
  • Seriously, I read all the user comments for this show and I have to say, the only people who think this show is anything below average or average overall, then they must be blind and deaf.

    The real beauty of this show is how well they capture the lives of black people. It isn't scared to cross that extra mile, especially when it comes to stories revolving around sex. This is a black drama that people can look without always depending on a black issue. There are stories that everyone can relate to and not just those raised in a bad neighborhood. This show deals with racial issues, sexist issues, dealing with deaths, marriage issues, affairs, and the biggest issue they ever dealt with, lesbian relationship.

    The males in this story are black males who actually have their head on their shoulders and run pretty decent businesses without making a living off selling drugs and spend their time smoking weed and drinking while ignoring their desperate child who stands around the father begging for attention.

    The children in this movie aren't ghetto fabulous and all out cursing their parents out then run away to their girlfriend's house to sleep with her. The children actually act like children who are growing up under the pressures that all kids go though of all skin.

    With the story's revolving around the characters, nothing never feels out of line. Everything seems nicely done and just leaves us asking for more. My biggest beef is that BET is labeling the series under M but cutting up anything that'll give the episodes a PG rating. I wish Showtime would start airing the episodes again or they'll find another channel that doesn't harm the episodes.
  • After seeing dozens of movies like "First Time Felon" "Oz" and "The Corner", I was thrilled to see a show that portrays black people as something other than drug dealers and victims of gun violence. As a white guy living in Honolulu, I don't have much contact with the black community. The media gives a slanted view of every subculture, so I know there are people who don't live in South Central. I wish there were a more balanced view, but that doesn't sell movies. Off of my soapbox now, I thought the production values were excellent, and I look forward to seeing future episodes.
  • For a while, there has been a new wave of television show. This show required, what one would say, a "continuation" of a character or particular character's lives. This show required a great call to authority and possibly had the hardest task of living up to it's predecessor's status. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, it's the sudden trend of television shows based off movies that are starting to sweep the television airwaves currently. If you've already guessed it, "Soul Food" now falls into this category.

    Receiving positive reviews and doing pretty good at the box office, "Soul Food," the 1997 film starring a cast of rising A-list actors & actresses struck a chord with audiences, most notably the African-American audience and helped redefine the black family film. Since, this film was a hit on all levels, what would one expect next? You've guessed it, turn it into a weekly television series. I must say that I feel that the television show is much better than the film. Not that the film was bad or anything, it's just that the television show allows the audience to sympathize and grow with the characters over a period of time. Here we are, each week for one hour, we get to tap into the Joeseph sisters lives and realize that they are more than one-dimensional characters. With the film version, we only got 2 hours to really tap into the lives of the Joseph sisters, but with the series we're given a chance to see how they have evolved as characters.

    They're are many positive things about this show. For one, I think that this show presents African Americans, especially men, in a positive light. Here, the male characters are not deadbeat dads, drunkards or living their life from check to check. Another plus, is that I think this show has very good acting. Perhaps I think my favorite actor on this show is Rockmund Dunbar(Kenny Chadway) but I'm surprised they didn't cast a much taller actor to play his character. Let's don't forget Nicole Ari Parker and her believable portrayal of Teri Joseph, the leader and the most successful out of the Joseph Sisters.

    It's funny because I didn't start watching this show until a couple of months after it was taken off the air, but I try to watch it every night it comes on BET. My word of advice is don't watch it on BET because they cut out all the good parts(oh God, the humanity) so it is better to watch it on Showtime, edited free. This is a good show and I recommend it.
  • Soul Food is a venue for White America to see into the lives and loves of many African-American families, to introduce them to some of rituals and our way of life, and also to show them that we are not all so different. We encounter some of the same things no matter what race or class. But it's also a chance for every one to see our strength, our beauty, and our intelligence. When we love, we love hard and when we live, we live to the fullest!! Bravo to the Showtime for finally giving us a voice and a face!!
  • I have given up on the many attempts by nice folks,to persuade Paramount to release Soul Food: 2nd Season (or more). The Boycotts will continue by me on their other DVD's and movie releases. The petitions don't work, It didn't save Star Trek Enterprise, even with contributions!! My guess is that BET, Showtime, Channel One, and others are colluding, (paying) Paramount NOT to release the series in lieu of falling market viewer shares should it be released. Ie, I would cancel my subscription to Showtime or BET, when it does! This move by Paramount is tactical, probable designed to "punish" minorities for lackluster support across the 'movie going divide' they so heavily bank on.
  • I know alot of people who did not give "Soul Food" a chance when it first premiered in the summer of 2000. Now everyone is tuning into the best series on Showtime (and television period). No other show can quite compare to the quality and perfection that is of "Soul Food." The show is definitely a must-see. Every Wednesday night I am glued to the TV set anxiously waiting for the outcome the show has to offer. Plus, the show isn't your basic stereotypical "black" show that seems to becoming the latest trend these days. The cast is very talented, smart and enthusiastic. And is the first show in TV history that was renewed for 40 episodes all at once. Though alot of its fans still think that the movie in which the series was adapted from is ultimately the best but if they just would give the show a chance, I'm sure that they will change their minds. My favorite characters on the show are Kenny played by Rockmond Dunbar and Maxine played by Vanessa Williams. The show is a treat that the whole entire family can enjoy...well maybe not the whole family. There are some subjective scences (nudity), adult content and adult language that should not be viewed by little children. I just hope that the show becomes available for DVD soon. So, if you have not tuned into Showtime's exciting series, what are you waiting for?
  • Waltdog25 January 2001
    This show is excellent. I think that it tops the movie. All of the actors are great and the storyline keeps me interested. Now in its second season, Soul Food is proving that the great writing, acting, directing, and everything else of th first season wasn't a fluke. I hope to see this show around for a long time.
  • At first I didn't think the show could measure up to the movie...but then it grew on me. I think that it's a great show...with a terrific cast. It really depicts African Americans in a positive and realistic way. I doubt their purpose was to be EXACTLY like the movie. I think that would have been their downfall.
  • JBoze31322 November 2000
    I never saw the movie, and I have only caught a few episodes of the Showtime series, but I like what I have seen. I'm not a big fan of the genre, so I'm not watching it every week, but if you are remotely a fan of the movie or the genre alone, you might like it. The acting is overall fairly good and the storylines are entertaining. I would watch the show for the beautiful Nicole Ari Parker alone. I think she's probably the best actress on the show, and she goes to make the show a lot better than it would be without her. Not only her acting, but her character is really cool too, so it works all the way around. I'd rate it 6/10 and even higher for fans of this type of show.
  • I just finished watching the first episode of "Soul Food" and was blown away. The movie is one of my top 5 favorites and I wondered if the Showtime series could do it justice. Well, I wasn't disappointed. Even though the characters were played by lesser-known actors, they were all excellent. I look forward to the next episode. (Although I am worried about scheduling conflicts when "Oz" comes back on in a few weeks! I guess I will have to put the VCR to use then.)
  • Soul Food is clearly one of the best tv-shows based on a movie ever made. The cast is very good and have the characters down pact. My favorite character on the show is Lem I mean who knew that Darren Henson(choreographer to the stars) was such a good actor. I love this show.
  • I have been checking online, in stores and movie rental shops for Season 2 of Soul Food for the two years. What is up? I was so impressed with Season 1, I am waiting for the repeats to cycle around again in hopes to be view it on BET.

    I can not believe that Season 2 hasn't been marketed yet. This is ridiculous. I have purchased additional copies of season one as gifts for friends, and now they are waiting too for Season too! Hurry up, We are in suspense!

    Can some one at least tell me if Bird survived the accident. What happened to the store. Did Teri become partner. And will she stay with her boyfriend or go back to her husband. What's the scoop?
  • I like Soul Food so much because the characters really seemed like they were really related and their chemistry on the screen was exceptional. Also, their closeness in dealing with everyday issues was heartwarming. Even though a lot of the cast were not really known when the show started I am sure they are very known now due to their superb acting on the show. I have been following Vanessa Williams' career since I saw her on a couple of episodes of The Cosby Show. She is really good. I think that all the cast were really good and I wish them much success. I wish that the show could come back on it is really good. I know that the show will not be coming back, but I hope that they do some type of reunion. I miss you Soul Food.
  • I love this show and I am proud of myself for taping it along the years. I am now wanting to have the store bought DVD's because the quality is better. I would like to know where all 5 seasons are? This was a one of a few positive black shows and I would like to know why they are not trying to produce the seasons for sale. I have seen all the shows you can think of big and small but no Soulfood. What can we do? They have to do a better job. You best believe that when the DVD is put out, I will be one of the first in line. Ya feel me... The cast and characters were people that we can see in our lives. We can relate to them and their stories.
  • Hi, I'am a little concerned with the comments you made about the TV show Soul food. When you say :"There are stories that everyone can relate to and not just those raised in a bad neighborhood", are you affirming that the public targeted by this show (mainly black)is composed of people who were raised in a "bad neighborhood" or is it just one of these perception biases that cause so much damage to our lives. You certainly guessed that I am a black person and let be assure you that I feel insulted by your negligence. I would suggest that you carefully review your articles prior to posting them so that they don't offend anyone.

    Thank you.
  • diandra0522 January 2006
    I love soul food I cannot get enough of it. My Favorite character is Tracey "Bird" Van Adams I love her especially in this show. She is real and down to earth. Though she is my favorite, doesn't change the fact that I enjoy all the characters Nicole, Vennessa, Boris and all the others, the show won't be the same without them and if ever there is an alternation in the cast the show will not be the same.

    I like most the way that the series cast is linked to the movie cast some way or the other, Terry (nicole) looks like Terry (Venessa Williams) Maxine shares the same name as Venessa Williams in real life. Bird was actually married to Miki (played the role of Lem in the movie. and well the other are just there. But I love them all the same, Lem, Do your thing you make me so proud. Ps Bring out the second season already.
  • I give the pilot episode a C- because I honestly dont think it measures up to the movie itself. I can respect the actors for their half-Butt performance but most of the story lines seemed dry. And some things made no sense. The only characters who resembled that of the movie were Teri's role and Maxine's role, and I just admire Isiah Washington as an actor. But there was another problem, who told Boris Kodjoe he could act? I honestly think they needed a pretty boy on the show and show off his body, but I barely understood what he said. I believe the show has enough potential to last a good seven episodes. If it even lands a second season, lucky them,
  • Its a great show, it also sets a new standard. In 1973 there was nothing like this on the air. There's a heavy influence of Lorraine Hansberry in the show's writing(which is a good thing) with a dash of the supernatural. What a cast! Rockmund Dunbar is A-list and hope he gets some big films in the future(haven't watched PRISONBREAK yet). Nicole Ari Parker is already A-list and this show underlines that she is one of the best in film or television. The thing that kept me attuned to this show was its pace and its daring to take on tougher than usual African-American dramatic topics. I wouldn't expect a show like this to morph into The Sopranos, TWIN PEAKS or Desperate Housewives. It did deliver some striking tableaux and establishing shots that aimed to be as arresting as those other shows. My biggest complaint is that it was not shot widescreen style(I feel that 16:9 aspect ratio is the way to go when it comes to drama). Another thing that made the show were the guest stars. Whoa, top shelf pretty much across the board with standouts like Tyra Ferrell, Dennis Haysbert, Gary Dourdan, Richard Roundtree, Nikki Micheaux, James Avery and Isaiah Washington. Irma P. Hall popping up then and again was a treat as well. I'm coming late this show and I have to admit I was resistant because I thought it was going to be mawkish and too sentimental for my tastes. I was wrong and I stand corrected.
  • This was a great adaptation of the film. I honestly preferred the show over the movie, but I am sure this is because it provides depth considering it wasn't lumped into a two hour movie.

    The key actors were all great; however, it's a bit disconcerting that you don't see much of these guys in other roles. They've all done great things since the show, but nothing noticeable.

    I loved this show because it helped me learn what it takes to be a real black family, through the good and the bad. It also helped me understand the trials of a marriage and what it takes to make it work, even when times become a challenge.

    For once, our community had a true, Black drama that showed us in a positive light. Positive doesn't always equate to white collar, either. For example, Lem's persistence to make something of his life for his wife and son was so inspiring. He nearly gave up in the end, but it was family that brought him back to his feet.

    I also loved how the character's were so entrepreneurial. With Bird's shop, Maxine's counseling center, Kenney's tow truck service and Lem's store, they all had an opportunity to make there aspirations come true.

    As for Terry, I loved how she represented the struggles of some professional black women. The women who are really focused on career. The women who are the first generation college grads, let alone post-graduate grads. The women who are the breadwinners of their family. And the women who the family depends on the most. She seemed to have such a huge internal struggle. But, I loved how she dealt with it, yet was able to let go in the end. She finally was able to love herself and allow herself to be loved. She had her moments where you just wanted to strangle her, but her character remained relatable.

    Damon brought a different edge of drama as he brought the struggles that many Americans endure. He just couldn't seem to catch a break! As for Ahmad, I loved his narration. It was so interesting to see him become a teenager and a young, admirable Black man.

    This show was great!
  • I would first like to thank the producers and all the staff for a fantastic show. I love the entire cast of the show and I pray that you continue this show. So many African American series come to a end and this is an unfortunate mistake. I can't say that I have a special character, because all of them are awesome. Please keep busy in bringing us this entertainment instead of all the violent shows that are showing more. I love family and this is truly what it means. If the program is shown replacing some of that mess on the other channels, prayerfully to will change the hearts and minds of many that need to see the real deal of family love. Hats of to you and may God continue to give you the knowledge and wisdom to write.

    Sherlyn Hughes Marrero La
  • The show started out weak, then got better during the second season, then started getting silly again. The only reason that I watched this show was because Boris Kodjoe (Damon) was a good actor. The reason why I hated this show was because you could watch an episode (let's say the fifth episode of the season) and at the end the announcer will say something like, "See you in a few months!" The show is too inconsistent. If this is their last season, then good riddance.