Tano Carridi: Do you mind if I don't shake hands? I've tried to avoid touching lately. I learned that in the mental hospital. People in there touch each other all the time. Maybe they want to check if they really exist.

Tano Carridi: That sounds like an impossible task. Which is more of a reason for me to accept it.

Silvia Conti: Tano is very strong. Only two people ever got to defeat him.

Commissario Davide Licata: Who were they?

Silvia Conti: A 20-year old girl with whom he fell in love... And another man,totally different from him. A man without any particular ambitions, who never made compromises.

Commissario Davide Licata: Don't you ever cry,or feel scared?

Silvia Conti: Once, in a backyard, in front of many people, I cried all my tears.

Tano Carridi: You are about to do something really foolish.

Andrea Linori: [pointing a gun at Tano] Maybe. But,you see... the thought of you still being able to walk through this world... to speak... to blend in with other people... it's unbearable. Your place is not here. It's in Hell.

Tano Carridi: There is no hell other than this world.