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  • Back in the 1920s, Bobby Vernon was a reasonably popular comedy star. His wholesome, nice-guy image set well with audiences but he never was in the same class as the big stars of the day, such as Harold Lloyd or Charlie Chaplin. And, it's because he was a second- tier comic is why he's pretty much unknown today. I've seen a few of his comedies and enjoyed most of them, though inexplicably "Love in a Hurry" is not particularly good. The reason, I think is that although the situation could have been funny, they just didn't do much with it and there were barely any laughs to be had.

    The story begins with Bobby in love with a young lady who attends some ladies school. She looks like an adult but the headmistress is intent on stopping her from eloping. So, Bobby contrives a plan with a doctor to pretend that she is ill...and then Bobby will visit her (pretending to be her brother) and they'll soon escape to elope. Complications (VERY minor ones) occur when her real brother shows up as well.