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  • Dloyd13 May 2002
    Sublime. We need more work like this out there. Trevin Matcek achieves a lyrical pacing that suits the subject matter and enhances it, bringing both the performances and the production into a different, higher space. A complete work, and an amazing debut.
  • kectam_noryt31 January 2007
    This film really surprised me! When I first saw the movie I was impressed by both the intriguing plot and the excellent visual themes. As the story progressed I was drawn into the story and blown away by the surprise ending. I don't want to give anything away, but I was able to connect with the story and see some of myself in each of the characters. Also, the scenery of the film adds an element of suspense that builds as the story progresses, leading the audience (or at least myself) to believe that something horrible is in the works. This fear, however, is not realized. If you have not seen this movie I highly encourage you to do so. Trevin Matcek is an up and coming director/writer and I expect we will hear his name again and again.