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  • Stephenpdixon3 September 2007
    Now let me start off by saying this film ever won't win any awards. That said, I did find it surprisingly enjoyable, especially after reading so many negative reviews. It is kind of a Tarantino lite, with an urban setting, quirky characters, cartoon violence, irregular dialogue and strange plot twists. If you are a fan of films with a traditional narrative, this is not the movie for you. However, if you are a fan of Denis Leary (not unlike Tommy Gavin here) and you are a fan of black comedy, you might like this. It's one of Decillo's lesser works, but it's still more charming than what you might find at the Multiplex. I was rarely bored, and i had a few good chuckles, that's all i ask of a late night cable film. So give it a chance.
  • I was reading through the comments about this movie and could not figure out why people were badmouthing it the way they were. I remembered this movie to be quite good and wanted to refresh my memory so I went out and rented it again. After seeing it a second time, I went ahead and purchased it.

    This is a very funny movie with some witty acting and a great indie style. I think most of the people here that are rating this movie so poorly must be looking for the standard Hollywood blockbuster, made with tons of money and only ounces of heart. If that's what you want, go rent Gladiator or the Matrix (both of which I loved as well). But if you are really into films themselves and not just high dollar special effects, then go out and rent this fun and humorous picture.
  • Ray Pluto (Denis Leary) is a detective with a problem due to the lost of his wife and daughter. One day, he is in a fast food place, and due to a pain in his back, he is not able to avoid a massive murderer of six persons. A young boy uses his gun and kills the killer. He becomes a loser in the eyes of the police force and the public opinion and his partner (Steve Buscemi) convinces him to have a session with a chiropractor (Dr. Ann Beamer - the gorgeous and sexy Elizabeth Hurley). A complicated romance between them will grow. Meanwhile, at least two other plots happen, involving detective Pluto and other odd characters.

    This movie is not totally bad, but it is impossible to label the genre. The screenplays 'shot ' everywhere: black comedy, drama, romance, and action, all of it mixed together. The result is very irregular, and there are parts enjoyable, other that could be skipped, other not resolved. It deserves to be watched at least once and is indicated for fans of the delicious Elizabeth Hurley, maybe. My vote is six.

    Title(Brazil): "Um Policial em Apuros" ("A Policeman in Trouble")
  • I was surprised last night when I saw the poster for this one at Blockbuster. Being a big Steve Buscemi fan, I try to keep up on his work but I must have missed this one somewhere. Denis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley were also top-billed so I decided to take it home. Once it was all said and done, I had gotten pretty much what I had expected: An offbeat comedy with quirky characters and some unexpected touches of heart. I can't say I care much for the title, but the movie does make for a pretty entertaining 90 minutes.

    Denis Leary plays the somewhat burnt-out detective, Ray Pluto, who has just failed to stop a big shooting from going down at a local fast food joint. It's a mess, to say the least, and it doesn't help that the crime was stopped by a dorky seven year old kid with coke bottle glasses. This disgrace, and a bad back problem (which was the cause for the said fast food incident) has forced him to take a little time off, where he meets up with a sexy chiropractor played by none other than Liz Hurley.

    Meanwhile, we meet the Superintendent of Ray's apartment building (Luis Guzman who's great as ever), the super's teenage daughter, a couple of identically dressed, bumbling screenwriters, and a couple of crooks who are even dumber. Since the whole thing moves at a nice leisurely pace, we learn that Ray is not the luckiest guy in the world. He recently lost his wife and son in a horrible accident and his big pleasure is to smoke pot and watch aerobic videos. His partner, Jerry (Buscemi) is having problems concerning his sexuality and the case that he was on has just been assigned to another detective. Not only does he have a recent tragedy to deal with, but also a bad back and a ruined reputation to restore.

    While watching all of the fun characters, you can be sure that they will all cross paths sooner or later, and somehow, everything will tie together in the end. I had a fun time with this one and surprisingly, one particularly emotional scene near the end, brought a tear to my eye. That's very surprising for a movie like this. If you're not a fan of the actors or the genre, then you may have a hard time with it, but if oddball characters are your thing, then you'll be right at home. 8/10
  • It's such a strange combination what DiCillo shows in "Double Whammy". On the one hand we got this cop whose wife and daughter have died in an accident, also he's getting through some difficulties in his job (as you can see, everything looks so dramatic). But on the other we got a series of bizarre characters and a lot of hilarious dialogs. That way the dramatic side of "Double whammy" loses all its strength... It works much better as a comedy, but the movie is kind of irregular anyhow and the style of DiCilo behind the camera is rather ordinary (it looks like a 80's picture).

    Barely entertaining...

    *My rate: 5/10
  • It's hard to believe that 1) this film got a release at all. It's not funny. In fact it's flat and very amateurish. 2) I can't believe that this is made by the same guy who made Living In Oblivion and The Real Blonde. Both of those films are funny and insightful.

    Really great films. Double Whammy seems slapped together, full of half-baked ideas. A real let down. I had read all the bad reviews posted here but I usually like to make up my own mind about films. Especially when the filmmaker has made such great films before this one. You can believe all the bad things you hear about this one. A total waste of time!!
  • This has all the ingredients of a good bad imitation Quentin Tarantino movie. The recipe goes something like this. You first have a crummy urban setting with lots of vulgar characters. You add a plot that richochets meaninglessly from one scene to another. If one of the scenes has something to do with hamburgers, so much the better. Organize the scenes so that a handful of different sets of characters inhabits each. Make sure the characters dress oddly or are otherwise groomed distinctively. (Marcellus had a bandaid on the back of his neck, so you can have one of the characters wear a rather larger bandage on his neck too, if you like.) Give the dialogue a quirky cast. Have a conversational exchange irrelevant to the plot -- if not about Quarter Pounders, then about why it is that girls can say things to other girls like, "Hey, guys, let's get out of here," and about why it is that girls can call other girls "guys," but guys can't call each other "girls." Mix in characters of different races and ethnic background. Organize the sets of characters into what we call in haute cuisine "subplots." The characters in each "subplot" should meet each other from time to time. Add as much violence as you want, being certain that although it is rendered realistically on screen it is treated matter-of-factly by your characters. Garnish with jokes. Serve tepid.

    Tarantino's movies can be immensely enjoyable because you know while you're watching them that you're seeing originals. Nobody did quite what he did before he did it. But Tarantino's work bears the same relationship to "Double Whammy" as Bernard Buffet's work does to those acrylic paintings you see on motel walls -- hasty sketches of sailing ships with a thousand drooping stays and shrouds.

    I'll briefly mention the "subplots" here. Steve Buscemi is worried because he once glanced at the hero's a** and is afraid he's becoming gay. Two weird dudes, one of them trying desperately to ape his black partner in manner and speech, are "mega-ultra-realist" screenwriters who must enact every episode from their developing opus. Elizabeth Hurley is a chiropractor recommended by Buscemi to the hero, Leary, as someone who can cure Leary's bad back, which unfortunately prevented him from stopping a mass murderer in a burger shop. (You see how the "subplots" overlap a bit, like the circles in a Venn diagram?)

    None of this movie is believable in the slightest, but perhaps the least believable incident of all involves Leary picking up the phone and calling his new girl friend, Hurley. Hurley has spent the previous night working on Leary's back and other anatomical parts. For no perceptible reason, he tells this drop-dead gorgeous feral creature with those infinitely deep blue eyes and that sluttish lisp that, "I've thought things over and I don't think we should see each other anymore. I'm just not ready for this." Half the men on the planet are ready for this, if he's not.

    Hurley, Buscemi, and Guzman give us the best performances. Chris Noth is interesting too. It's surprising how, with his black hair slicked back and gelled, draped in an expensive-looking wardrobe that is too flashy for most tastes, he looks and acts like a villain. He'd make a pretty good heavy, actually, now that he's getting lumpier. An easy actor to watch. Guzman occupies some of the same territory; a striking physical presence whose valence could lean in either direction.

    The art direction is pretty good. The settings are supposed to look sleazy and they do. And the score is cute. What we hear behind the credits sounds a little like The Saxophone Quartet.

    But that's not enough to make up for the rest of the movie. In a way it's kind of an embarrassment to watch, like DePalma's rip offs of Hitchcock. It's a creepy feeling to watch people degrade any talents they might have for the sake of a few bucks, although, God knows, we don't always realize what the outcome is going to look like.

    Anyway, it's a waste of time.
  • SIKORSKIB3 October 2001
    Why this played Sundance I'll never know. Two-bit writing and one of the most cliche-ridden movies I've ever seen. The only cleverness in the movie is that the wannabe filmmakers are racking their brains trying to come up with bitchin' scenes and dialogue for their "big" movie. Maybe the writer was showing his own process for this movie. I want my money back.
  • Two of the most respected, famous, talented individuals in movie history - Jack Nicholson and the late Peter Sellers - have and had off-screen relationships, both professional and personal, at complete odds with their on-screen personas. In terms of his primary professional career - as a comedian - Denis Leary has a persona which can be described as harsh, earthy, laced with profanity, and with characteristics which often are vulgar. He's also very funny, but even those of us not averse to comedy with very adult language and demeanor can find some of his stuff off-putting on occasion. But on-screen, while he also presents some rough edges, in this film (as in "The Ref") he is likable, and is a also a competent actor (if not yet a "Sellers" or "Nicholson") who provides an engaging performance. In "The Ref," the splendid supporting performances by Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis, his neurotic hostages and later allies - along with the rest of the excellent cast - added to the film's enjoyment. In "Double Whammy" the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Hurley (Hugh Grant should have his head examined) and the other, supporting cast members, many recognizable for other capable performances, add to this film's enjoyment, as well.

    But, back to comparison with Sellers and Nicholson, Leary is a man who in real life had been married to the same woman for nearly 25 years, half his entire life, who has significant charitable activity, who taught English (IN COLLEGE), and is as stable as these two were not - in reality.

    We certainly can enjoy performances which don't reflect actors' personal/real lives (if this weren't so, movies and other entertainment media might die-out) - but it's interesting to recognize the virtues of someone like Leary, especially since, ironically, I've encountered people who eschew his movies because the don't care for his on-stage comedy persona. In this film, albeit's not being "The Maltese Falcon" or "Basic Instinct," and Leary not yet another Bogart or Michael Douglas, it still is well-cast, well-acted, and provides a competent mix of humor, action, romance, some surprises/plot twists, and drama, to provide an enjoyable hour-and-a-half spent, and rates a solid 8* (possibly even higher).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "When you learn to respect your father, then maybe I'll let you look like a whore." – Guzman, talking about allowing his daughter to get a tattoo. The second-funniest line in the movie.

    DiCillo has such a knack for comedy; for clever, subtle-yet-hilarious satire, so it's a pity that he has only once gone all-out with it, without including the unnecessary drama. "Living In Oblivion" is his best film by far, and one of the funniest movies of the 90s. Unfortunately, he has an urge to mix it up a bit, even though the comedy always dominates, which is the prime reason none of his movie since LIO were as good.

    Casting Leary and Buscemi, an excellent decision, yes. But writing Leary's part in such a way that he has to cry in one scene? That's asking for trouble. You can tell Leary struggled hard to pull it off, and he barely did. He looks as if something got stuck in his eye. He must have hated that day of shooting. Never ask a comedian to cry - the audiences don't want to see it. Liz Hurley was certainly a strange choice for Leary's love-interest but she worked out surprisingly well.

    As the fun plot trots along DW touches on a variety of topics in a smart, unpretentious and humorous way, topics such as reverse racism, whites making fools of themselves when speaking Ebonics, the laughable but trendy tattoo-and-piercing culture, or the silly French obsession with symbolism in film. No cheap left-wing propaganda anywhere in sight (a real rarity these days), but a realistic, funny, down-to-Earth look at decadence and abject stupidity.

    Having the "bad guy" detective be right about the murder case (i.e. his suspicions about the daughter's involvement), as opposed to having Leary the "good guy" detective be the one with all the right answers, is just one example of how DiCillo avoids stereotypes thereby eliminating a crucial factor that causes boredom in movies. His characters are colourful and different, not the kind of walking cardboard cutouts we get to see in most other films.

    "Just a bunch of MORONS poking holes in themselves!" – Leary, talking about the piercing craze, the funniest line in DW.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The director/writer should of gotten a co-writer, because he trys to get to some-where in his film, but falls short, maybe someone elses imput would have made the difference between a lousy script and a funny movie. I've seen Leary on different talk shows and he always seems to be on the edge, ready to explode, an angry person, always having to put some one down to try to be funny and make a joke. Maybe if he smiled a bit in this movie it might have seemed like more of a comedy, (talk about a grim dude). The writing was just poor and the direction at least in the fast food place was missing something, clumsily staged. And what-about the young girl getting away with attempted murder (we're supposed to believe she's repented (she crys) and there-fore pays her dues to society). What's the title mean? What's the eyeball mean? Why is the hero? smoking dope (I guess the director does), is that cool? Hurley's secretary could have been a bit more animated, instead of being a zombie, and made a more interesting character. Dimitri the cop was a pretty sharp dresser, his clothes and Leary were by some big time designer, although you'd never know it by Leary's wardrobe. Hurley always looks great and Bucimmi's character could have been better realized, what he had was nothing. In fact the whole story could have been better realized, tighter and connected somehow. Maybe the next effort will be better and not cost me $5.00 for the DVD.
  • A movie that does not live up to it's title and is not the worst thing ever. It features Denis Leary as well, Denis Leary. It's a long shot, but this might be the last of the stream of inferior Tarantino rip-offs, only with virtually no cunning dialogues and not that much crime. The shifts between stories that meet at the end is a bit like "Pulp Fiction" but then again, the execution is too poor to really compare the two. Also featured is Elizabeth Hurley (who can't really act but no problem) as a chiropractor who joins Leary in a needlessly complicated love story. It's like, somewhere in the middle Leary remembers grieving about his wife. Steve Buscemi is in this, but he's in everything so I don't even need to mention that. Still, one can only wonder what made him appear this time, I mean he's like, Leary's sidekick, occasionally, he has about three lines. About the plot, the janitor of a cop's building gets himself nearly killed, and his daughter has something to with it (major early killing of subplot,what did Chick do in the end? Obviously he couldn't just let it slide). An unfunny subplot revolves about two movie writers including, and I wish this was a joke, a Cuba Gooding Jr. rip-off. The other one is the typical guy in the video store who really doesn't know anything about movies not featuring stoned people. Not the highlight of cinema, and barely amusing(the few good comments come from the underused Buscemi), but fairly enjoyable.
  • I wondered why I had never heard of this film before stumbling onto it in a video store. I mean, with Denis Leary, Elizabeth Hurley, Steve Buscemi and Luis Guzman in it, it sounded like a can't miss.

    Sorry. It missed. Badly. Incredibly badly.

    Not funny. Stupid plot. Horrid acting.

    If not for a couple of make-out scenes between Leary and Hurley (during which she flashes a little . . . . ), this film would not even warrant the 4 that I gave it.
  • Double Whammy, the title already says everything that there is to this film. There is not much into this movie: poor acting combined with lousy story. Double Whammy is the second movie I have seen that stars Elisabeth Hurley and Denis Leary and although this is not as bad as the first one "Bad Boy" it still one of the most useless movies ever.

    The movie provides some interesting possibilities but none of these are ever really realised. For example: the movie genre. It is not a comedy (I did only laugh once) but it is not a suspense either. The murder commited is not solved in the end and what about the charachter Jerry Cubbins (played by the great Steve Buscemi). He has problems with his sexuality and maybe they could have made some funny scenes based on that.

    In the end, this is an uninteresting movie with shallow characters. Why do they keep on making these movies and why do I keep on renting them...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was on our cable on demand and I never seen it , so I thought I'd check it out. I have a bad back and I can relate to this character Detective Pluto. When your back is out no one knows the pain and difficulty but yourself. Additionally, it always seems other people less cooler than yourself are getting ahead while your in pain. It's a funny movie and I like Denis Leary's style in it. We need more people like this guy, as the world sadly turns to wussies. I like the plot, they made the two thieves kind of ruthless though and I don't see them being as ruthlessly portrayed unless some drug use was indicated in the film (none were). Anyway enjoy the laughs.
  • saviovega29 December 2002
    With a cast that includes Denis Leary AND Steve Buscemi, it's almost impossible to go wrong and this movie proves it! This flick has plenty of hilarious must-see scenes. An example: When Leary is explaining to Buscemi on the phone that girls sometimes call each other guys (when they say, 'let's go guys!') but guys could never call each other girls (Buscemi: 'cause then it would seem they're fagots, right?). Hell, I'm laughing now just thinking about it!

    The two guys who are writing a movie script in an empty room with just a dummy tied to a chair on which they try different torturing techniques, are very funny also.

    See this movie and you definitely won't be disappointed!
  • As Icarus flew too close to the sun, this film treads a tad too near the cliches that it wants to mock. Stretched between a love story, a cop buddy pic and a comedy...we wind up with less than a third of a whammy.

    But that third is alright. Leary remains very watchable, like a match under a magnifying glass...I can only hope there is a DVD wherein he gets to flambe the weaker elements of this production. Or maybe he just did the film as a chance for some body heat with Bessy Hurley. One of the funniest moments in the film for me was her as the sorrowful, stood-up woman. That still cracks me up...

    As did some other legitimate aspects of the film...imagine the audacity of a child killer as a hero...and it actually is kinda funny. Buscemi has a few moaning moments, especially his line about a "bucket of crack." Luis Guzman plays Luis Guzman better than anybody going...for a guy who works in such broad caricatures, he always manages to bring out a nuance or two. The highlight however was the use of the Tarateenagers drawing up their Cannes-destined screenplay, in particular I thought Donald Faison was way too good for this sort of movie.

    In the end this film is cobbled together from too many films cobbled together from too many other films. But for a Monday night veg, it was okay for me... It was one of the few HBO films I could get through these days. Do they have to make their home-cooking look so good by running it up against so much dreck? Or does one hour of "Six Feet Under" or Tony Soprano end up costing me 167 hours of the occasional blockbuster that I already saw on the big screen or more likely skipped because it was too $tupid.

    Speaking of Tony Soprano, this film had a hit in it that just plain misses. On the plus side it also had a dream sequence, in fact I wish the time spent in the dream sequence went on, for I don't know, 2/3 of the movie.

    I'm sure glad I didn't know that the force behind this was the same guy who brought us "Living in Oblivion" and "Box of Moonlight" that would have made it even more disappointing. Relegating it from a Monday night veg to a post-car-accident watch and forget your life blur if you can.

    Worth a note or two is the soundtrack using NYC notable note-benders like "Lazy Boy" and Marc Ribot. Ultimately it was Susan Shopmaker who stole this show...

  • xshitz5 February 2004
    Wow, sometimes renting a film on a whim can lead to utter disaster. DOUBLE WHAMMY attempts to cover the entire emotional spectrum, and misses at every turn. Homicide is used for comic effect, homicide is used for dramatic effect; homophobia is used for comic effect. Dennis Leary is following Eddie Murphy's path of having once been a genuine talent, trapped in a career of schlock and crap. Elizabeth Hurley is Elizabeth Hurley -- she looks good, but just won't stop trying to "act."

    Don't let the reasonably decent cast fool you, as it fooled me. Steve Buscemi is terrible in this, Dennis Leary and Chris Noth are awful, Elizabeth Hurley is Elizabeth Hurley, and Luis Guzmán not good. It's not their fault -- they have next to nothing to work with.

    Pass this one by.
  • Ray (Leary) is a bad-luck detective with a bad back, Buscemi is his gay partner who convinces him to have it fixed by Elizabeth Hurley. You would've thought that a flick with Denis Leary, Steve Buscemi, & Luis Guzman would have to be good right? Well i thought so too. There are good Denis Leary movie & there are bad. The good are pretty damn good (The Ref, Final, Wag the Dog, etc..) The bad are pretty damn bad (Two if by Sea, The Matchmaker, Jesus' Son, etc...). This movie with it's undeveloped, unfunny characters can be sadly filed under the latter.

    My Grade: D

    Where I saw it: Showtime
  • I admit that rating this is a challenge but I'd go with 4 any day, over xshitz's 1 star. His review should not make you believe this is a movie you will not enjoy watching. We're all different.

    I found it fun to see that a cast of characters who were flaky outlandish and/or odd managed to be portrayed by this good cast, in a way that made them all seem to "fit" in the same film, and in the same fantasy version of New York. Denis (and, xshitz - his name is not spelled Dennis) does his pantomime of back pain well, especially on the chiropractor's exam table. He, Elizabeth, and also Melonie Diaz show nice use of their faces in close ups. Their characters only have little bits of time to lay down a moment of feeling in many scenes, but they do it well, and that's not easy. The story is kind of like a comic book. It's not polite, nor is it "politically correct" for every minute. But like a comic book, it's flying along through lots of little quirky sketches that may be comical, violent, romantic, sexy, or sad. Sometimes in a blended together way. It flows along well, and DOES tell the story of how one person's sense of guilt can get mixed up with other lives. It's not a film that needs to be neat, or correct, or even substantial. It's a playful shot at doing a little take on lots of things, and it's kind of fun to see it do its thing; even if it falls on its face -- Ha! ... Maybe we should consider even laughing AT a film now and then, instead of trashing it because it wasn't what we thought it was going to be, or should be.
  • I am a big fan of Liz Hurley and not at all a fan of D. Leary. That being said, I didn't expect much from this movie, and I didn't get much. The story is all over the place, with sub plots that has little meaning to the main plot. The lack of quality in the writing affects all the main characters, which means only Hurley, Buscemi and Luis Gúzman pass the grade.

    We got drama, crime, romance, and comedy. As for the romance, Leary is far from likable, and the relationship with his chiropractor is just not romantic nor credible. Apart from the aspiring film writing neighbors played by Donald Faison and Keith Nobbs, there is nothing funny at all in this movie.

    See this movie if you want to see the always beautiful Liz Hurley. Otherwise stay away. Leary should stick to stand-up, but I guess he ran out of Bill hicks routines to recycle.
  • SanteeFats14 November 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie because it was titled a comedy and Denis Leary had the lead. I really like Leary as an actor but not in all his roles and this is one of the don't likes. This film was not even close to being funny unless there was some black comedy aspect that I just missed. Leary is a detective who gets caught is a couple of bad press pieces because of a bad back. He goes to a chiropractor and gets it corrected. They end up hooking up of course. The supers daughter wants a tattoo (way under age). told no she goes to two local idiots. They misunderstand and think she wants them to off Papi. They knife him in the back. This leads to Leary finding the bad guys or they find him? Anyway Leary shoves one out a window and while fighting the other one the knife that is stuck in the ceiling falls and sticks in the bad guys back which kills him. I have a big problem with that . The knife blade is a very wide one and goes in perpendicular to the ribs. No way. The blade would have bounced off the ribs coming down like that. Oh well it fits with the rest of this not funny movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Recap: When Ray Pluto steps into the Bun Burger he doesn't know that his bad luck has just begun. Suddenly a crazy man with a rifle crashes through the window and starts shooting people. A perfect moment for detective to step in and gain fame (and fortune?). But a bad back prevents him from raising his own gun, and he trips up, falling and dropping his gun. Instead of him a 10-year-old kid becomes the hero, and he becomes "Loser Cop". After that Ray struggles to regain his confidence and reputation, but never seems to catch a break. There is just bad luck around...

    Comments: "Translated" into Bad Luck in Swedish, that title does make a little more sense than Double Whammy that I still can't really connect to the movie. However, Bad Luck seems to describe it better since I felt that I was in bad luck that it didn't end sooner.

    This movie suffers badly from a weak script. Supposed to be a comic drama it is neither. There are no real fun moments, and no real suspense, no development at all to speak of. The movie consists of a string of events, which are mostly weakly connected to each other and sometimes seem to happen at random. It also contains a few rather pointless sub-plots never explored, the biggest one consists of two guys trying to write a movie (maybe experiences of the script-writer?) that is mostly there to make the end work and bring some comic twists during the movie. But unfortunately it just doesn't. The most ignored sub-plot is the prior loss of Pluto's wife and daughter which is just hinted at, and if explored could had a real impact. Now it is just lost and pointless.

    So, even though the movie casts a few good actors there is not much to hope for. Denis Leary is good when he has something to work with, but that doesn't happen here. Steve Buscemi might be one of the most underrated actors out there, but sadly his character is just peripheral in this movie and he never gets the opportunity to do anything. Donald Faison has shown subsequently to be a great comic actor in Scrubs, but is able to show little here. The movie also sports known actors like Elizabeth Hurley, Chris Noth and Luiz Guzman but they seem out of luck too. Actually all characters except for Ray Pluto, like Buscemi's Jerry, is just peripheral. And it is hard to make and carry an entire movie alone. I don't blame the actors, I blame the script.

    Not much to hope for really, a few bright moments, but not much more.

  • Denis Leary plays Raymond Pluto, a detective fallen from grace after his bad back causes him to fail preventing a fast-food shooting. Worse yet, a nerdy seven-year old kid saves the day. Now Pluto, along with his partner (Buscemi) and his chiropractor(Hurley), is searching for redemption. And, with the help of a pair of inept screenwriters and some unscrupulous gang members, Pluto may save the day yet...or die trying. The unique cast works towards the film's strengths, as do the wry comedy, but the film's obvious low budget hinders it from achieving it's obvious potential. Still, it's a lot more enjoyable than most of the mainstream stuff that Hollywood is trying to pass off as entertainment these days. Buscemi steals every scene he's in as he reveals problems with his sexual identity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just saw this movie, and I have to say, not bad. Not the best movie I have ever seen, but the performances by Leary and Busecemi were good. I, in particular, liked the work that Faison and the girl who played Maribel turned in.

    ::Spoilers ahead::

    My biggest problem with this movie is this. Maribel pays two thugs to kill Papi. They try, they fail. Does anything ever happen to her? She had a hotshot detective (Chris Noth's character) on her trail. He knew something was up. I think, so did Pluto's partner. For that matter, so did Pluto. I wonder if the NYPD ever followed up on that.

    All in all, an enjoyable movie.
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