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  • I saw this movie, and thought it was the cheesiest thing I'd ever seen. But I saw it again and it grew on me. A very fun and cute storyline, and very memorable lines- I made a friend of mine watch it with me once, and we can't stop talking about the different flavors of potato chips. Even though some parts may be a little strange, but I definitely enjoy it, especially Tom Wright (Cutter) and Henry Feagin (Fanul). They were very cute and fun characters.
  • I really enjoyed the film. It was really cheesy at times. (They destroy the villain with hair driers--but where are they plugged in?) It's a unique film though, and I enjoyed the acting of Courtney Draper and Tamara Hope. I also enjoyed Fanuel (however you write it...) liking Megan's charecter because she called him a dweeb. Besides the acting, the "rewinding" and showing what happened on Ariel's and then Megan's point of view was quite interesting. I saw it twice and I'd see it again
  • This movie is great for all ages! I liked seeing the story from both Ariel and Megan's point of view. The script was well-written and intelligent, funny and engaging. Younger viewers might enjoy the "alien" part of the plot, for example, the way Ariel talks. Adult viewers would probably appreciate the emotional interaction between Megan and Ariel. I for one liked all the pretty colors. (Ariel's pink and orange are strangely compelling...) I've seen this movie more times than I can count, and read the book too, and I still keep noticing new things each time I watch it. I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. People who enjoyed this movie might also like Zenon: Girl of the Twenty-First Century.
  • At first I thought this movie was one of those boring, uninteresting movies from what I saw on the commercial. But it turned out to be a really good movie that is very unique, and funny also, great for viewing with the family. The movie is narrated by two girls, so you get both sides of what they are thinking about in the same situation.
  • i thought that the movie stepsister from planet weird was a very great family movie i am 16 years old and i liked the movie very much and if anyone that reads this knows some information about Henry Feagins that played as fanul please e-mail me because i really want to find out stuff about him. thanks if you haven't seen the movie you should it's good for kids of all ages and parents.
  • AprilMeeks28 June 2000
    Warning: Spoilers
    *****SPOILER WARNING*****

    This movie was great. It's about a girl named Megan Larson, that's living with her mom, Kathy Larson, and little brother, Trevor Larson, (their mom and dad are divorced). Megan has a normal life, and it's going great until she finds out that her mom has a new boyfriend, Cosmo Cola, that's really weird. As it turns out he has a daughter, Ariel Cola, that's her age. They all get together one night to meet and have dinner. And then, Kathy and Cosmo announce that they're getting married......... Megan and Ariel hate the idea of that, and they don't like each other. Ariel gets the attention that Megan has wanted: be popular at school; and to have her crush, Cutter (played by Tom Wright), to like her. Megan and Ariel put aside their hate for each other in order to work together to stop their parents from getting married................... Well that's all I'm going to say 'cause I don't want to tell you the rest of the movie.

    Like, what are you waiting for, dude?... LOL 10/10 A+++
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Stepsister from planet weird is a Disney channel original movie that I have never heard of till I spotted the title on Disney +. The story is straightforward. A young girl named Madison who's parents divorced meets a strange man named Cosmo who also has a daughter called Ariel. When Madison's mom falls in love with Cosmo,Madison is shocked when Cosmo and Ariel are aliens who took on human forms(as they are pink bubbles done in terrible CGI).

    So will Madison and Ariel become friends/stepsisters.

    The plot is straight forward but it has to be the most weirdest DCOM I have ever watched. I enjoyed Life Size,Princess Protection Programme and even Geek Charming. This film was so far fetched.
  • This movie is very respectful of the natural dignity of bubble1 The cast is great! It's really funny. I liked it a lot. The plot was very interesting and there are some very very quotable lines
  • This movie was a neat experience. It gave a surreal look into both character's views and left a smile on my face. Also, a great cameo from the girl who played Margie in Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century. I liked how it went back in time, to show how the Yukon's population was low and that weird kid who "skated" down the hill. While it's script was a bit flawed, it had a great payoff. Fun movie!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Disney has a history of coming up with very shallow and meaningless plots for their movies. This movie is no acceptation. People are saying that this movie is some kind of example for kids that are getting a new step family. Well, what I saw was shallowness and selfishness.

    By just looking at the title you can tell that the movie is destined to be a complete failure. Stepsister from the planet weird? It sounds like a 7 year old prissy princess came up with it.

    Maybe no one else has noticed but all Disney movies have to do with some kind of sport. They have motocrossing, surfing, skiing, etc. Well, this one is based on windsurfing. The problem is that the actors are never the ones doing the sports. In this movie we get to see a numerous amount of frames shot behind the person so that we don't get to see the stunt double's face. Why go through all of the unnecessary shots when windsurfing has nothing to do with the movie?

    Another problem that I had was the complete lack of depth to the movie. It makes it seem like all that "unpopular" kids want to do is be popular. There is nothing more to school than sitting at the "popular" table and being someone who you're really not.

    So when Ariel comes into the school, everyone thinks that everything that she does is completely cool because she's so beautiful. She falls over the bike rack on her bike with a football helmet's so cool! In turn everyone does it. Everyone dresses like her and tries to talk like her. If she were concidered unattractive do you think people would follow her the same way?

    But the shallowness doesn't stop there. Megan has a crush on a complete airhead because she thinks that he's cute. That airhead has a crush on Ariel because he thinks she's cute.

    The way in which they told the story was also poorly done. They spoke to us as if they were writing in a diary. If that's not bad enough, The director decided that he was going to switch the scenes by rewinding everything that had happened before. In turn we see the old scenes being fast forwarded, and then watch them again with another person's voice. And starting off by say "Dear Diary" didn't help much. We never even saw them writing in a diary. We don't even know if they have a diary.

    The scenes involving the two aliens in bubbles are just pointless. The affects didn't even look anywhere near real. It also doesn't make sense. If they're from another planet, how could they obtain the body of a human, but still turn back into their old bubbly form? And why would they jump into a sink rather than a bathtub. Why would you do it in a public bathroom? And how would they speak English in their other planet either?

    (Spoilers) Ariel devotes a lot of her time to contacting her boyfriend on her other planet because they were so in love. In turn, her boyfriend comes back with his father. He doesn't like Ariel anymore because he finds her unattractive. Then Megan comes in and he instantly falls in love with her. Does he not stop to think that his girlfriend put herself and her dad in grave danger to contact him because she loves him? He "likes Megan's brown head over Ariel's blonde."

    (More Spoilers) The ending is just plain ridiculous. Well, throughout the whole movie all we heard about was how Ariel fears the wind. At the end the mean master turns himself back into a bubble and they blast him away with hairdryers. The questions are, where did he get all of the blow dryers, and where were they plugged in.

    (End of Spoilers) Now lets slam the acting. Coutnee Draper acts like a spoiled little rich girl who's mad because her daddy didn't buy her the newest NSYNC CD. No, one's bangs should move that much when they speak. You can also so her "acting" on the Disney Original Show 'The Jersey.' Hopefully, she will never get anywhere other than The Disney Channel.

    Tamara Hope doesn't fair much better than Courtnee. I think the only reason that she won this role was because she had a pretty face and even prettier hair. She has nothing in the way of acting talent but fortunately for us, doesn't have any bangs to shake while she talks. She couldn't even pull off the parts in which she was sending her little space language to her boyfriend by moving her hand from left to right.

    The parents and the little brother were also horrible. As well as the "psychic" and Megan's father. It's a shame that everyone in the movie managed to botch their acting so badly that you cringed with every word that they spoke. There's nothing special here at all. It's even worse than most of Disney's other original movies.
  • This movie is very good and one the whole family will enjoy. It is fun while also teaching that family is the most important thing. This is a lesson that children today especially need to learn. Good, non-violent movie!!
  • Wind surfer Megan Larson (Courtnee Draper) wants hunky Cutter Colburne. She dreams for her parents to get back together, her little brother Trevor to be nicer, and to be friends with popular girl Heather Hartman. To her dismay, her mother Kathy (Khrystyne Haje) starts going out with the strange Cosmo Cola (Lance Guest) from Yukon who has a weirder daughter Ariel (Tamara Hope). It turns out that they used to be gaseous aliens. Cosmo had escaped from the emperor as a freedom fighter and his wife was lost to the winds.

    This could have worked with Ariel simply as a fish out of water and Megan as her embarrassed step-sister. The high school drama part of the story is good. The weird CGI alien world is unappealing. They're wasting computer time with that part of the movie. It's more appealing as a described world. The whole alien political intrigue is tiresome. That goes down the wrong track despite the original premise. The visual style is brightly colored and beachy. This is a weird idea that can work but not if it's done this way.
  • To be perfectly honest, I found this movie rather funny and amusing for a Disney Channel original movie. Sure, the plot was corny and lame, as was the ridiculous and clich√© ending that we all saw coming. But other than that, the characters were all pretty entertaining in their own ways. To me, it's usually the characters that give the movie personality anyway.

    The main character, Megan, is your typical spoiled suburban teenage girl who needs to be slapped in the face or else sent to boarding school. Her mother Kathy randomly meets a strange single father named Cosmo who just so happens to have a daughter of his own, Ariel, that is the same age as Kathy's daughter Megan. These two single parents decide to get engaged on a whim and basically thrust together their two very different daughters whose personalities naturally clash. Megan finds Ariel to be weird and eccentric on many levels while Ariel finds Megan to be "evil" as she repeatedly refers to as throughout the whole movie. They pretty much make it known right off the bat that Cosmo and Ariel are "not of this earth," so there isn't much thinking involved when watching this movie. They basically just solve the mystery of whether or not these people are REALLY from another planet by providing no mystery at all and just telling us flat-out, "Yes, they're aliens." As you can already predict without even seeing the movie, Ariel becomes one of two things at her new high school where Megan also attends: a total freak who gets made fun of relentlessly, or someone mistaken for cool and trendy which causes overnight popularity. Well, in this case, it's the second one for Ariel. Now of course, being the little jealous brat that she is, Megan now hates Ariel even more for coming into her life and "taking everything away from her" as she so dramatically puts it later on in the movie, due to this accidental popularity spurt at their high school. Ariel is suddenly a fashion icon, a gifted musician and poet, as well as a "babe" and a trend-setter on many levels once she sets foot at Megan's school. And, on top of all that, Megan's long-time crush Cutter falls for Ariel upon meeting her.

    Basically, the entire movie is really just the two main characters, Megan and Ariel, narrating their views on the sticky situation they're in through a "dear diary" form of story telling. Megan thinks the whole world has gone nuts while Ariel thinks Megan is out to get her and can't understand why. Meanwhile, the girls' parents are doing their own thing throughout the movie which is pretty much boring and useless as far as the plot goes.

    The real entertainment, at least for me anyway, lied within Cutter's airhead-esquire character's comments as well as the way Ariel managed to become "cool" overnight through doing ridiculous stunts such as wearing a football helmet while riding a bike and crashing into the bike rack upon arriving at school, as well as wearing layers of clothing to "protect her essence," singing strange melodies in music class, and "falling into the sink" to keep her hair looking shiny.

    I also enjoyed the hotness of Ariel's boyfriend, who visits in a later scene in the movie. Props to the casting director for picking at least one hot Australian kid to be in the film.

    If you like cheesy Disney movies with a few laughs, then see this. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it. There isn't much on the lesson-learning level nor is the plot deep or meaningful. It's really just a fun movie to watch on a rainy night in. My rating is 6 out of 10 stars.
  • It's a fun movie to watch when you're bored or sick. Henry Feagins, who plays Fanul, is incredibly hot and I'll watch it just for him! The family-oriented movie is worthwhile even without the dreamy Fanul, though : )