Fernando: You can't live without sex. People go crazy without sex. Look how nutty the Pope's become. Spouting crap everywhere and kissing floors. Saying that homosexuality and all that is a sin. That's a sin? Having kids is a sin! There's no space left, the Planet will explode!

Fernando: Glory is a statue that gets shit on by birds.

Fernando: Everyone's rotten. The world is run by crooks. Look at our despicable President: "A decision that will benefit all Colombians!" Ha.

Alexis: If you want, I'll shoot him. I mean it.

Fernando: That's just a waste of bullets.

Fernando: "Thou shalt not kill." Why? Taking someone's life is doing them a favor. A huge favor. Let them live. It's what they deserve.

Fernando: Where to?

Alexis: New York?

Fernando: No! Its full of Colombians.

Alexis: Miami?

Fernando: It's full of Cubans.

Alexis: France?

Fernando: France is full of shit. They have problems with everybody.

Alexis: Tell me something. Do you also like women?

Fernando: Depends...

Alexis: Depends on what?

Fernando: If they have little brothers. When they have cute little brothers I do. Otherwise, no.