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Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly
Visually witty and even marvelous when it comes to depicting the spectacular creatures evolving at a speed previously known only in the Bible.
Todd McCarthy Variety
A consistently amusing action romp.
Susan Wloszczyna USA Today
Instead of scoring belly laughs, there's a run on randy guy banter between Duchovny and Jones.
Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
It's not good, but it's nowhere near as bad as most recent comedies; it has real laughs, but it misses real opportunities.
Lou Lumenick New York Post
Somewhat refreshingly aspiring to be nothing more than a disposable summer popcorn movie, this is a flick that delivers more smiles than laughs and has some wonderful special effects.
Manohla Dargis L.A. Weekly
Amiably goofy, but it isn't especially funny.
Tom Keogh Film.com
An excruciating misfire.
Lawrence Toppman Charlotte Observer
Director Ivan Reitman used to know how to tell a silly story, back around the time of "Stripes" and "Ghostbusters."
Edward Guthmann San Francisco Chronicle
In a movie as hackneyed and as dull as Evolution, the small favors of Duchovny's performance stand out.
Desson Thomson Washington Post
Evolution is bad. How bad? Who cares? Do you ask how hot the fire is before running out of a burning building? No, you just run for safety.

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