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  • I have watch this show since it can on and I can't believe that this show has come to this kind of bullying I never heard of anybody being this mean on here and Josh man that boy can really get his self hurt Julie Chan you should know better then to let that happen cause Mark has been bullied before and Josh doing that I can't just sit here and watch this show anymore if yall thank that it's OK for this kind of mess to go I can't put myself to watch it anymore...Santeaq
  • I have never seen such bullies on a TV show...Jason, Alexis, Paul and Christmas are so mean and nasty... I am surprised that the producers would let them behave in this manner. I know it's just a show, but there is no reason for being a bully. Josh calls Mark a cry baby, when he is one... and he also acts like a child... and Paul is a friend to none. He treats everyone like a puppet. So, so sad this season is.
  • Big Brother is a mixture of Survivor and the Real World. Its about how a group of people called "Housemates" live in a "house" and are isolated from any sorts of technology for the summer to compete against each other to win the HOH(head of household) and the power of veto thru numerous of competitions. The house guest who wins HOH will have the right to nominate two houesguests to be evicted out from the house. With the power of veto, the holder of it could choose to use it on one of the evictees to save them from possible eviction. The same process occurs every week until one is left standing and 500,000 dollars richer. I started watching Big Brother around 3 years ago, and I have seen many improvements and twists added to the show. Like last year, when 12-14 house guests were playing secretly with their friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend etc. Last years edition I consider one of the best, because of the "Cat with 9 lives" James who had won the power of veto a recorded 4 times. Also Kaysar and Jannele were terrific players, because Kaysar was a fan favorite and the "brains" of Big Brother 6. As Jannele was a combination of Kaysar and James. Another memorable Big Brother moment was Nakomis's 6 finger plan, also known as backdooring, where she finally got Jase evicted from the house. This show is really great to watch because its fun to watch how people will do anything for 500,000 dollars, which include lieing, backstabbing, back dooring, and the list goes on. If you want to watch Big Brother 7 All Stars tune in on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 o clock on CBS on the West Coast. In conclusion Big Brother is an excellent show and I hope I will be a future contestant.
  • makww1119215 July 2016
    Every season for the last few seasons when a favorite house guest is in danger of going he or she always wins HOH or POV and if not that there given a special power or twist happens to save them, last it's been know production ties the hands of house guests so there force to vote out certain house guests over other house guests.

    This show is becoming more and more rigged with each passing season.

    Also they casting the same types of house guests season after season young and almost never anyone over 40 and for the last few season there always one house guest who related to a past house guest from a past season. The show is on life support but enough viewers keep watching it so it keeps returning season after season.
  • If you want a reality show to watch during the summer, Big Brother has what your looking for.

    What do you get when you put 14 strangers/ex-lovers/secret pairs in a house without deserted islands, the races across country, and the rose ceremonies? You get people who are willing to back-stab, cheat, deceive, and all out scream at each other because they have nothing better to do. watch the reality show that has what your looking for.

    This show has the best drama without the extravagant b. s. of Survivor and the like. Tune in and you'll be surprised how fast you fall in love with characters and become part of the game yourself.

    P.S. Will Kirby rules!!!
  • If you are looking for a fun way to spend your summer involving television then you should tune into CBS'S Big Brother reality show. This is way different from survivor and such because us the viewers can actually purchase live feeds to see every house guest at every second. This show is about a group of people that move into one big house and compete to make it too the end for the $500 000 cash prize. There is love, betrayal, deceit, lies and all the good stuff that makes television entertaining.

    Now in the first season way back in 2000, the contestants included a man with one leg, a beauty pageant winner, a guy who loved chickens, and 9 others. In this season two people were nominated each week by the house guests for eviction, BUT unlike seasons 2-7 America voted which house guest out of the two would be evicted. In the end Eddie, the guy with the one leg won big brother 1. He was America's choice.

    In season 2 it was a whole new ball game. Tough competitions and lying was a key in this season. Houseguests were no longer voted out by America, but now voted out by there fellow roommates. A new competition was put into play called HOH (Head of household). The winner of HOH would have there own room and the power to nominate 2 people for eviction. The HOH was also safe for the week. After months of fun the evil doctor Will was the winner. The vote was 4-2 for Will

    Season 3 showed a new twist to the game called the golden power of veto which gave a person the power to take off one of the people nominated by the HOH. Back stabbing was a key for many players including the devious Danielle. She made it to the end, but the person sitting beside her Lisa won big brother 3. Danielle made so many enemies that she only got 1 vote. the vote was 6-1 for Lisa.

    Season 4 was labeled the X factor and the reason for this was that almost everyones ex boyfriend or girlfriend was brought in to play the game. Fights erupted and battles emerged between the exes. In the end there were two vixens Alison and Jun and like Danielle in season 3 Alisn got 1 vote and jun got 6 because Alison was not liked throughout the house.

    Season 5 was named project DNA For two reasons, the first was that a brother and sister were both playing the game, but they didn't know they were brother and sister. The second twist was that one house guest was switching back and forth with there twin for weeks. So everyone would talk to one twin and then the other. In the end Drew sold out his trashy girlfriend (that he made in the house) Diane and kept his best friend Cowboy. Even tho drew deceived Diane he still won the $$$.

    Season6 which was the best season yet was labeled summer of secrets because what everyone didn't know was that everyone was playing with a secret partner. Howie was aligned with Rachel, Janelle with Ashlea, Maggie with Crappy,oops i mean Eric. The house was divided in two once Crappy was voted out. One side was called the sovereign six (which was everyones favorites) and the other was called the friendship (nerdherd). HOH comps were fun as the power shifted from week to week, including double evictions. In the end two nerds including the dumb founded cow Maggie and the ever so trashy potty mouthed witch Ivette remained. Maggie won for not being so loud. Season over.

    Now season 7 all stars is under way. They have brought back 14 people from past seasons. Danielle is more devious, Diane is more trashy and Marcellas cant stop whining. All I have to say is let the fun begin!!!

    P.S. Go Janelle and Howie!!!!
  • I have never been so disgusted with this big brother season, a few of my friends stopped watching the show because of the extensive bullying, youth watch this show too and big brother is showing them that it's okay to bully...ITS NOT....I'm ashamed of big brother this season, with all that's going on in this world with racism and now bullying....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this show for ten minutes and lost 20 points off my IQ. While I don't even think the people who like this show (who must be among the world's stupidest) could possible see this as "reality," the truth is that the "actors" appearing here are all arrogant, narcissistic, self-centered, unintelligible morons. Celebrity wannabes (who never will be) without a shred of self respect willing to humiliate and denigrate themselves all because they think they will be he next Kardashian (and what a lofty goal that is). The host Julie Chen (who also happens to be married to the Pres. and CEO of CBS - and the only reason this nitwit is still on the air) does unintentionally bring comic relief by actually thinking this show is relevant in any way. Does she even know that this gig has made her the butt of a lot of jokes? Maybe her next husband should be the Pres. and CEO of HBO so at least she can be the worst part of a more prestigious show. Exhibit some self respect and stop patronizing these gutter level shows.
  • At first, i LOVED Big Brother, i would watch it every week and i even remember it back in the 2000's. the reality was good, showmances, production was what really made it watchable, fast forward into 2010's it gone down hill, REALLY DOWN HILL. the reality got shitty the cast makes me want to vomit, production is terrible, it made me stop watching this! trust me when i say please watch a reality game show that is actually watchable! (Amazing Race, Survivor) don't spend 1-2 hours of the night watching this crap! please! SCREW YOU BIG BROTHER! i hope you get cancelled! (honest truth). so i am giving this a 2 for all the reasons i mentioned. and to those who like this show, wow. just plain wow.
  • banannna4 August 2010
    Wow, this is like the 99 cent value menu--cheap, but bad for you, too! It has buns, meat (not in the complimentary sense), and plenty of cheese. You ate it because you only had a buck in your pocket, now you're sorry and want your buck and clean arteries back. Seriously, my whole family groaned through 15 minutes of this. At first, its badness was almost amusing--the train wreck you couldn't help but watch. Then, it just got pitiful because the characters were trite, one and all. We turned off the TV--not just changed the channel. Big Brother caused some horrible internal reaction that caused us to swear-off all TV--like a salmonella-laden burger turns you off food.
  • Big Brother is one of the most vacuous shows I have ever seen on television. It is a classic example of what Newton Minow referred to when he said, "I can assure you that what you will observe is a vast wasteland." The show consists of about a dozen people who live together in a house and they scheme and make frivolous and childish "alliances" to remain in the house week after week without being "evicted" to get to the end where one person wins $500,000. They also have to perform in various competitions which can keep them safe until the next week or save them if they are "on the block." And a few have tedious "showmances." Other than that, the show is totally devoid of content. The house guests seem to never engage in intelligent conversations or to even discuss anything interesting. They don't talk about art, history, politics, theater, classic films, or books. But, they sit day after day talking about nonsense that almost never moves beyond who should "go home" next or who should be "back doored." The show is an excruciating insult to intelligence. Yes, I can change the channel and not watch... but you have to wonder what Bill Paley would think of this hot mess.
  • Newsott212 January 2019
    Nothing is really new anymore. Look at Big Brother Canada, they make an effort and constantly change it up every season.

    Seems like BBUS has the same comps year after year just with different themes.

    Oh and the twists... Den of temptation very simillar to the BB App Store.... Just one of the many examples.
  • What's there to say? A group of people, ranging from uninteresting to repulsive, are locked up in a house, where their daily life is videotaped and broad-casted. Absolutely nothing of interest happens. So, one of the slutty girls flashes a boob or two every now and then. Is that really enough of a reason to keep this hideous abomination of a show on the air? There's no redeeming value! No one gives a shite's arse about these characters! Their little conversations are so dumb it rivals the scripts by Ed Wood! I urge everyone to stay away from this show, it will rot your bloody mind. A little stupid humour is fine every now and then, but there is a limit to how low you're willing to go to kill some time in front of the TV.

    My favourite character from this show is Linda, who amazingly has the nerve to complain that media is portraying her as a blond, ditzy bimbo... which she is.
  • Big Brother is a show set up where you are isolated in a mansion and each week you have to compete for the prized HOH position. When you are HOH you choose 2 of the house guests to be nominated to be evicted from the house. But then there is the veto competition where 6 of the house guests, the HOH, two nominees, and two randomly drawn players (it used to be the Hoh and noms got to pick 1 person each to play but not anymore). Whoever wins veto can take someone off the block (and they can't be nominated)or leave the noms as is. Then on eviction night everyone except the HOH and 2 noms vote on who is evicted. When there are 9 players left everyone voted off after gets sent to sequester until the final two when they vote for who gets the $500,000 dollar prize.

    Okay now Big brother will not win an Emmy anytime soon but it is very entertaining to watch how everything unfolds and I happen to think that sometimes the game is more strategic than Surivor. You must be physical and mental to win the game. And oh yeah, being liked never hurts.

    There are always players that win a lot (Janelle, season 6 & All Stars), manipulative players (the evil Dr. Will, season 2 and All Stars), the sidekick (Mike 'Boogie' Season 2 & All stars, Howie, Season 6 & All Stars), the person that needs a good push off their pedestal, I probably spelt that wrong, (Eric 'Cappy' Season 6, Scott Season 5). These players always bring fun to the game and antoher fun bit. If you don't win the food competition you must eat only PB&J (seasons 1-6) or slop (all stars). Slop has been called 'The devil's oatmeal', there is a new food competition each week. If you lose you are on slop, PB&J for a whole week.

    Now I must go and if you are reading this part then I thank you for wasting probably a good four minutes to do so. I'll share with you who I wanted to win in all seasons up to All Stars. Season 1- Chicken George Season 2- Dr. Will Season 3- Marcellus or Lisa Season 4- Jun or Jack Season 5- Diane season 6- Janelle Season 7, All Stars- Dr. Will or Janelle.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Did you know the Big Brother TV show is originally from The Netherlands? It started off in 1998 and now the 3rd season last december 2000. They also did a version with VIPS wich had the clears name: Big Brother VIP. Anyway did you know that the white line in the BB logo is the logo of the TV channel who orginally started of with Big Brother? I've seen the American version as well but I think it can't possibly get near the original version. Here in the Netherlands they are drunk every now & then, they have sex, they got a camera on the toilet and people are seduced to leave with money. But for some reason American TV stations are afraid of showing nudity while here they even showed the 2 people having sex on national TV. Well, Hummie van de Tonnenkreek (the woman who invented the whole game) did a good job.
  • Heres the entire series: "omg!" and thats about it. I think this show is teaching people to be d***bags, its a bad influence on kids and it enforces stereotypes that everyone in the world is a jerk, i don't know how this show has lasted 13 years. but somehow it has. And i used to like Julie Chen but now i just see her as an idiot who will literally take any job and do anything so she can get her hands on some money. (And lets be honest here, thats what every celeb wants) in the end i give this show a 1 because its (next to every other reality show on TV) idiotic! like these people are going to be themselves with a camera in their face and i mic hanging above them. If cbs knows whats good for them they will cancel this show and replace it with something that is actually watchable. although im not sure if they know what that word means, i mean really? Hawaii five o 21st century stile? who came up with that idea? Anyways i just think this show should go away and stop annoying all the people who agree with me.
  • I watch about a show and a half; When I could not sleep, and insomia is awful. No professionals on TV with no script or directing and it shows. Watching people jump rope, eat pies, and argue. One person screaming racism, the other with blue hair, and one acting like a slug. Sounds like the Ricki Lake show. The dumbing down of our times. Then people have a conversation on the love bed about about who was the badie on the earlier version of the show. The show is lame. I will say it again. The show is lame. Reminds me of work, were people act like idiots all day. There is no shock value here, and whatever shock there is becomes boring. Find better things to do with your time, read a book, wash your hair, do anything but watch this. 10 years from now no one will ever see this show on re-runs like Law and order. What will be on next, live lawn mowing! Stay way.
  • Well compared to the Uk, and even the Australian version of Big Bro, this is downright awful. First off, the host is unbelievably awful. Is she a robot? She has 0 personality and brings no fun to the show. Seriously, anyone or anything cpuld present better. Surely the USA can find a better host. Its not hard! The format is awful as well. Its set in a studio with tame crowds. It all seems to clean and boring. The UK show has crowds booing and cheering constantly. Much more of a vibe there. Housemates (in which is called houseguests in this show, which im not a fan of) go in ad a group so you cant hear the boos and or cheers for each and every housemate. This show is a much more bpring version of other versions around the world, making it unwatchable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where do I begin? My gf and several friends or their wives absolutely love this show(at least some of the earlier seasons). To me, it is a part of the "reality" machine of shows that has come to dominate the TV and internet landscape, 95% of which depict no reality at all.

    This show is always going on in the background(as I rarely watch a whole episode, and would never pay attention to 5 secs. of it if not for those close to me). Woopty Doo! More contrived scenes of 4th- string acting wanna-be clowns, trying to convince viewers that this is all "real" and somehow "dramatic". LOL. It would be funny if the general public didn't actually seem to believe in this nonsense. If I am going to watch a fictional TV show, I want it to be admitted, and then well-written and surrounding interesting, hypothetical, historical, current, or future events, with character studies or development and action that brings forth entertainment and is also informative. These types of shows are pretty much the opposite.

    A bunch of whiny, mean, or self-absorbed people from different backgrounds, religions, races, etc. are always thrown in to create some sort of fake drama. This is the case on pretty much every one of these shows. However, it just feels very phony and scripted. There is always some gay person having arguments with religious people, or black people vs. whites, or rednecks vs. city slickers, etc. but the way it is presented and egged on, seems extravagantly perpetrated and pushed by the writers/producers/directors.

    If it isn't the above stuff going on, these shows devolve into petty cat fights and pointless YEARS(yes YEARS) of arguing from these random people that I couldn't care less about. I mean, seriously, who cares that Yolanda called Jenny a bitch, and then Raymond voted against her, after he promised to vote out Larry???? Apparently, though, this sort of lowest-common-denominator fussing and "intrigue"(LMAO) really appeals to a bunch of other women and losers with nothing to watch.

    I sit in amazement at the people I know and love who find these shows interesting, and can't miss a season of it. Maybe I am being arrogant, but after watching this garbage, and then watching a masterpiece film, a historical drama, or a documentary, quiz show, or great comedy, I just can't help but wonder, why anyone would choose to waste hours of their entertainment time on this subpar crap, akin to WWE wrestling. Most of these shows teach narcissism, hatred, bullying, fighting, arguing, bitching, backstabbing, and valuing looks or fame over true worth or knowledge. Something our society and today's youth already does in abundance. Sigh....

    There are also weird esoteric and secret society symbols/messages/subliminals in many of the episodes/games, for the aware readers/viewers who might have noticed.

    Oh, and Julie Chen gets to do this show, and appear on others for the next 40 yrs. because she is married to Les Moonves, who owns CBS. Lucky for her...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When Big Brother 10 began, Brian and Dan swiftly aligned themselves with one another making a pact to go to the end. Unfortunately, the end came fast and furious for Brian, aka The Puppet Master, who was evicted from the house that very first week. Most houseguests, after commencing the game with a blow that harsh to the solar plexus might as well have packed their bags and followed suit. Most houseguests would have become next week's target and forced to do exactly that. Dan Gheesling isn't like most houseguests. Not only did Dan endure the second week, but he endured all the weeks, emerging as the winner of Big Brother 10 in a unanimous seven to zero win for that coveted half a million dollars.

    Realizing he had some bridges to repair, Dan quickly relocated into a calm, quiet presence in the house letting drama kings and queens like Jessie and Renny take centre stage. His strategy worked. The spotlight was off him. His alliance with Brian on the back burner of everyone's mind. He was safe.

    Week after week, Dan played the physically feeble competitor, forgoing POV wins, HOH wins, allowing others to shine and become targeted. Steven and Angie were the new targets and they respectfully followed Brian's exit out the Big Brother house.

    Then came week four. The week of the twist. The week of America's Player. The week Dan started on his journey to become the best player of this season. He accepted the challenge of America's Player; not only completing all the required tasks, but surviving speculation and accusations by Libra and Michelle that he was a plant. And still, the charming Catholic school teacher wasn't targeted. The opposite happened. He became the vote everyone wanted.

    Both sides of the house came at him. Which one would he side with? The one's determined to kick Memphis out the door, or those gunning for Jessie? Fortunately, America made the decision for him in voting out Jessie thus aligning himself with Memphis to create the unstoppable Renegades. Afterwards there was no stopping Dan. He played the house expertly. He knew his house mates inside and out and his strategy was unquestionably brilliant.

    Dan never fell into the trap the others did. He kept his emotions in check. His temper guarded. His tongue was soothing and charming instead of dripping with venom. When Jerry was outing him as "Judas" to one and all he never retaliated. He let it all roll off his back, and rose above the catty name calling, the verbal abuse, and the threats. When he chanced the potentially backfiring game of Replacement POV Roulette he still remained calm under fire.

    Ollie was riding high on his so-called untitled HOH win with the three part deal he had with Dan. The problem with a deal like that is you're one hundred percent dependent on the other party holding up their end of the bargain. Dan isn't The Man for nothing. He made Ollie think he was the fool, when in reality he was playing Ollie for the fool. Not only did he backdoor Michelle, he sent Ollie packing the very next moment. It was pure genius. His every move had you on the edge of your seat, chewing at your nails in anticipation of the outcome.

    After that there was no hiding in shadows. He dominated the challenges, scraped through being on the block, took the impossible and made it happen, rescued the Renegades time and time again. He not only said what everyone wanted to hear, he made them believe he meant it. And even though it was Renegades to the end there could be only one Renegade who would walk away with the cash, and there was no way that Renegade could be anyone one other than Dan.

    It was a win truly deserved by a player who truly played the game. Is Dan the best player of the season, or the best player in Big Brother history? In my eyes he'll always be epitome of Big Brother. Every player from here on will be looking to Dan's gameplay to reach the coveted final prize. Dan, you are truly The Man.
  • Oh, come on! Survivor has NOTHING on Big Brother! Whereas the competitions on Survivor were tense and contrived, Big Brother gives viewers an excited, often light-hearted atmosphere of laid-back FUN.

    Ever since they got rid of Will, Jordan, and Karen, Big Brother is finally shaping up to be an intriguing longer are certain houseguests trying to purposely cause conflict, but "Big Brother" behind the cameras is now trying to cause the conflict by interrogating the houseguests, attempting to pit them against each other, and teasing them with indulgent incentives.

    LOVE the group dynamics...Cassandra trying to keep everyone in line, Jamie getting all starstruck, Eddie rolling his eyes at everything that happens, Brittany hugging/squeezing everyone who crosses her path, George making a fool out of's HILARIOUS! I thought the "Karen Springer Show", the pie-eating contest, the dance marathon, and the "beauty pageant" were incredibly funny.

    And I think host Julie Chen is really likable and does a great job with it. I want CBS to bring back Big Brother with a new group of houseguests.

    So there!
  • cjwulf11 June 2019
    Big Brother is very entertaining and has many romances and a lot of Drama!!!There is a variety of cast who make the show a must watch every season!!!Every year there is a new character no one can forget.My favorite part of this show is the competitions and alliances that are made throughout the season!!!
  • It totally boggles the mind that this show is still on the air. All I can say is...nepotism much? If Julie wasn't the wife of the head of the network, it would never have stayed on the air this long. I do not find it the least bit enjoyable when all the contestants do is bicker and connive against each other. Watching a bunch of whinny, self-absorbed idiots is not what I consider entertainment!
  • lenderrobby20 July 2018
    I like the doctor who version of the show where the prize for winning is your life!!! That would really cancel the show!!!
  • I cannot believe anyone would want to watch this piece of rubbish,they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel when they made this. Why anyone would want to waste their time watching this garbage is just mind-boggling. This programme has twisted and perverted George Orwell's true meaning of Big Brother and it really makes me sick.If you want to learn the true meaning of you should read "1984" and maybe you'll realise that it is isn't a good thing.

    George Orwell will be turning in his grave!!!!!
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