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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Apparao(Rajendra Prasad) is a poor man who manages to live his life happily by taking loans from every person he knows. He meets a pretty lady constable by name Subba Laxmi (Shobhana) and fells in love with her. He meets a astrologer by name Sastri(Brahmanandam) who sees his customer's legs in order to predict their future. Sastri has a brother with iron leg who if present around him while he is predicting future, will always brings the opposite of what he has predicted for his customers. Once Apparao goes to Sastri for his future and to fulfill his doubt regarding marriage with Subba Laxmi. Sastri's brother comes to meet him while Sastri predicts Apparao will get married with Subba Laxmi. Seeing his brother he realizes and informs Apparao that the opposite is going to happen and that Subba Laxmi will die if he marries her. He also explains a way around if Apparao wants to marry Subba Laxmi. The rest of the story is regarding the troubles Apparao puts in order to marry Subba Laxmi. The whole movie is hilarious and all the characters in the movie had put a splendid performance.