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  • Another movie by EVV Satyanarayana that is completely devoid of logic but hilarious to the core. Aamani hates men because of the atrocities of men and the male dominant society. She happens to meet a woman who our of her hatred towards men invents a drug, jamba lakidi pamba. Aamani mixes the drug in a water reservoir and everyone in the town who drinks water that day behaves weirdly from the next day on. Women behave like men and men behave like women. Women work while men cook and take care of kids. Women give birth to babies while men get the labor pains. And so on.. Naresh is a police inspector who comes to the town to investigate this issue. Watch the movie to see all the hilarious acts he gets to see and if he can stop the chaos. Totally recommended if you don't care about logic and are in for two and half hours of non stop comedy!
  • harsha_are26 February 2011
    This Movie is a cult classic. With hilarious plot and smooth background score and melodious songs will kill your 2 hour 10 minutes time with 1000 smiles.

    It all starts in Vizag and ends in Vizag. You can see some late comedians like Iron leg Sastry, Mallikarjuna (Battalsatthi) and Kalpana Roy. And best laughs comes out when the characters trun in to kids. Evv made a clear and perfect screenplay for every frame. You can see Naresh with blinking confusion eyes in the initial half of the movie. Aamani with her glamor and style played a key role in the plot. It is hard to see these days a Heroin getting such a big role. Evv was in a plan of making sequel to this movie. But his untimely death made this project impossible.

    Hope we get some great directors like him who can make such calssics again.
  • kingvenu7724 December 2020
    Just don't ask for logic, just go for magic of the comedy, just an laughing entertainer - have fun
  • Direction and Story of Evv Garu made this film a epic.

    Must watch comedy film