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  • One of the last and the best of those infamous mexican nightclub melodramas ("Películas de Cabareteras"), it features a stunning noirish cinematography, over-the-top acting by half a dozen of wonderfully weird and wicked latina beauties such as Columba Dominguez and Kitty de Hoyos (looking like a drag queen performing Marilyn Monroe!) plus great -if low budget- musical show clips performed by the mesmerizing Esquivel, the "King of Zu-Zu-Zu"! Another masterpiece from the great (beer-drinking?) director Alfonso "Corona" Blake, who began as an assistant to Luis Bunuel and Emilio "Indio" Fernandez and gave the world some of the finest campy horror- and "Il Santo"-classics. Great fun to watch - if you ever get the chance to, for it's not available on tape or DVD.