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  • This was one of the nicest movies in a while. Im not a great Sunil Shetty fan, but he was amazing in a role it seems was made for him. The story was basic, yet another bollywood love triangle, with a twist this time. Instead of the old, the new prevails. Not only is Sunil good, but the rest of the cast performs as well. Shilpa Shetty was solid, and Akshay...well, what can i say, im a fan, so im bound to be biast! He looked fantastic. I loved the softer side to his character, it contrasting so startlingly with Sunil's character.

    However, where there are ups, there has to be downs. i have to say that there are a lot of unanswered questions in the story.

    * How does Sunil become rich? * What exactly does he do to bring Ram to an almost bankrupt state, and * How does her fall in love with Mahima's character so quickly? Rebound? Her father doesn't look to pleased with the news of Dev as a prospective son-in-law...Why?

    Unanswered, and a bit frustrating. But the bad outweighs the good. A must see if you love romance mixed with emotion. O! and if you're an Akshay fan of course!
  • I have seen this movie few times; but I don-now how many times I watched most of its songs. Overall I love this movie very mush esp the songs, its photography etc... The songs Dil Ne ye ...stands out standing and the one Na Na is also great especially the church scene. Sunil Shetty's acting remains great for me...basically a super movie and I would love to watch that again...Kudos for its director Darmesh Darshan I first watched this when I was in England and I owned a Video Cassette tape. However I used to watch its songs on Youtube. Then I bought a DVD of the same since moving to Australia. As the quality of the DVD was not good; I had to watch again from Youtube via Smart TV...which was simply but great...
  • wow! this film was certainly one of the best ones ive seen in recent times. though the story was similar to last year's grand hum dil de chuke sanam, dhadkan is still a memorable film. the film is helped a lot by a clever script, well-choreographed songs, well-written lyrics, and a deep-rooted emotion that no other film has grabbed in recent memory. this movie is also a major weepfest, with absolutely no comic relief (but thats not a bad thing--its nice to see a movie with no annoying comic relief!)

    my advice is.. go watch this movie! allow yourself to be swept off your feet for the entire duration of the film, allow yourself to laugh, to cry, to marvel at the excellent dialogues, and the flawless performance of sunil shetty.

    my only problem with the film is that the ending is too "bollywood"! they could have improved the ending a lot.. anyways, still a great movie to watch..
  • I somehow started enjoying this film after some time but never really understood the need for the overly melodramatic script and the corny writing. I do like Bollywood for its unrestrained emotions but it is greatly overdone in this one. Not that I expected much from Dharmesh Darshan who's done some incredibly stupid films, but the dialogues were so damn cheap. Sunil's love confessions to Shilpa, high ton speeches, arguments with Shilpa's father, and his mother's sudden death are pure and old platitude. On top of that, all of a sudden he returns as one of the richest men in the city. What nonsense! His overacting does not help. He is hamming all through. But then comes the goodness himself, Akshay Kumar, whose overly generous attitude and morning prayers are similarly too cliché to be true, but you can't but sympathise with his optimistic and peaceful Ram. You somehow start feeling inevitably charmed and excited by the film's proceedings and the Akshay-Shilpa romance.

    Akshay's often kitschy dialogues surprisingly don't make him look peculiar. On the contrary, he is convincing and seems to be a simple guy and a loving husband. There's something genuinely sincere and crafted about his performance that works. There is also a lovely appearance by the young hottie Mahima who is charming and beautiful in her relatively insignificant role. The film, however, is quite Shilpa's film, and she is strikingly compelling throughout the film. But if there is something that makes Dhadkan unforgettable, it's the music. All the songs without exception are melodious, beautiful and well pictured. "Dil Ne Yeh Kaha", "Na Na Karte", shot beautifully in the backdrop of stunning green fields, are very romantic and present the different sides of Akshay and Shilpa's relationship, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's "Dulhe Ka Sehra" is splendid, with a great appearance by Kader Khan. Dhadkan is not an extraordinary film, but it strangely manages to convince you despite the awfully ancient and unrealistic drama.
  • It is a very Ordinary Story.

    But it is an Extra-Ordinary Movie.

    His Excellency Great Director Mr. Dharmesh Darshan's Best.

    Assembly of Sunil Shetty, Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Khanna, and Mahima Chaudhry is very glamourous.

    Her Divine Grace Madam Mahima Chaudhry is very Elegant.

    All songs are very good.

    Music is very good.

    But there is a Special Song and a very Special Singer ----

    His Divine Grace Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan...

    This movie has a magic of its own...

    Thanks and Regards.
  • I enjoyed the melodious background song (Dhadkan-Dhadkan). I also love the song with the three of them together. I love the classy dance that Mahima Choudhary does. As far as the acting, Akshay Kumar does not have the reserve talent to emote. Shilpa Shetty and Mahima are the talented bunch with Shilpa Shetty being the more talented and versatile. After I saw "Rishtey" which I enjoyed watching her and Anil Kapoor in some good comedy after a long time.She looks absolutely ravishing in the Wedding scene, and the scene itself is very poignant and tastefully done. The movie was enjoyable forgiven the fact that all Hindi Movies are laced with cliches that are patented creations of the Script writers that bring as much twist to a story as a hurricane in Hawai.
  • After watching this film I now consider this to be my favourite film, Akshay Kumar plays the role of Ram, a family man. He gives a strong performance, which makes a normal change from his action films. Sunil Shetty plays the role of Dev, his performance for me in this film was brilliant. Shilpa Shetty's role was worth watching due to the emotions being displayed through out the film The storyline was different, but I think the ending perhaps was a bit disappointing. The songs in the films are romantic and beautiful, I have two personal favourite songs, which are two of the main songs in the film. Both Akshay and Sunil give a brilliant performance, portraying their characters emotions. This is a must see film for fans of romantic films, worth watching for the star cast.
  • This emotional musical was released in the year 2000 and I had watched it in the theatre (at Jodhpur) with my family (my wife and my little daughter).

    Dhadkan (heartbeat) is based on triangular relationship between a husband, his wife and her ex-beau. Dev (Sunil Shetty) is poor and is in love with a comparatively well-off girl, Anjali (Shilpa Shetty) who gets married to Ram (Akshay Kumar) as per the wishes of her parents. After getting troubles in her married life for some time, she is able to adjust there and starts loving her husband too. Her idealistic husband is totally alone in the hostile environment of the family consisting of his step-mother (Sushma Seth) , step-brother (Parmeet Sethi) and step-sister (Manjeet Kullar). Anyway, three years pass after their marriage when the twist in the tale comes.

    The twist is the return of Anjali's erstwhile poor ex-beau, Dev who is no longer poor and has become a big businessman, working in association with Sheetal (Mahima Chaudhary). Dev feeks that he can win Anjali back from Ram through his wealth and he makes attempts in this direction through many negative attempts. However, in the end, he realizes that Anjali can't be his now and without any bitterness in heart towards Ram, he moves back abroad with an intent to marry Sheetal now (who had been loving him in her heart despite knowing about his passion for Anjali).

    The story starts interestingly and there are many impressive sequences in the movie, beautifully intertwined with the melodious songs. However there is little doubt that the direction is poor. The story could have been told much more convincingly. Instead, it has been told in a stupidly theatrical way and appears utterly unreliable even on the screen. All the supporting characters appear like robots having human faces with mechanical gestures, activities and dialogues. In the scene of wedding of Ram and Anjlai, Navneet Nishan has been shown as the sister of Ram. However in the very next scene (and for the balance part of movie), Manjeet Kullar is shown as playing that role. Well, the viewer can only pity at the brains of the director for this continuity-jerk.

    It is told that when Anjali had left Dev, he had only 50 paise in his pocket. After three years, he is showed as owning a business empire worth Rs. 500 crores which is the height of exaggeration. Further he goes abroad so comfortably as if he had to go to Chinchpokli through a local train. He is so egoistic that he meets Anjali's father (Kiran Kumar) wearing a sleeper containing a hole. Even this is not sufficient, he shows that hole to his prospective father-in-law with pride. While watching that scene, I was feeling like taking that sleeper (with the hole) from Dev and hitting the moviemaker hard with that only.

    The face-saving grace of this movie are Akshay Kumar and music. Nadeem-Shravan have composed highly admirable songs. Dil Ne Ye Kaha Hai Dil Se, Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein Rehte Ho, Na Na Karte, Aksar Iss Duniya Mein and finally the wedding song - Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai, all are worth listening to again and again. The picturization of the songs is also good.

    Cinematographer has done a remarkable job. There are several eye-soothing scenes capturing the beautiful landscapes. The art-direction is also praiseworthy. The movie is not unduly long but the editing still leaves a lot to be desired (the continuity-jerk mentioned above is an example of the poor editing).

    Akshay Kumar has excelled in the role of an idealist. His character has been crafted on the lines of the name given to his character (Lord Rama). His restrained performance evidences that his acting talent remained unexplored during his initial years in Bollywood. His performance in Dhadkan is unarguably one of his best acting performances. Sunil Shetty and Shilpa Shetty have also delivered admirable performances. Mahima Chaudhary is strictly OK. However the complete supporting cast has done NAUTANKI in the name of acting. Everybody is over the top and irritating.

    Still I recommend this movie to the audience liking emotional stories and family dramas. The music and the performances of the key characters have made it worth a watch despite its flaws. And it is also not to be missed by the fans of Akshay Kumar (and the fans of Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Shetty as well).
  • I hate it when movies that have the potential to be great end up to be messed up only because the director makes some stupid careless. That is pretty much the case with 'Dhadkan'. What was most irritating is that Darshan has left plenty of 'bloopers' and the writing is horrendous and banal. Dev's mom's sudden heart attack was such an old cliché. Despite a few good dialogues, most of them are bad, corny and ancient. The ending is forced and to an extent nonsensical. Though, having seen 'Lootere', 'Raja Hindustani' and 'Haan Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya Hai', 'Dhadkan' is way better than anything Darshan has made before and after.

    But for me, 'Dhadkan' wasn't entirely a complete waste of time and I can rewatch it (keeping the remote ready to fast-forward the bad scenes) for a few reasons: the songs and performances. All the songs were beautifully picturized. My favourite visualizations were both versions of 'Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai' (it has some very good acting moments by Akshay and Shilpa), 'Aksar Iss Duniya Mein' (beautifully choreographed and a graceful Mahima Chaudhry), 'Na Na Karte' (romance in Zurich and Venice) and of course 'Dulhe ka Sehra' (wonderful lyrics and the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's powerful voice pretty much sum up a wedding).

    Sunil Shetty does mostly an okay job but does tend to ham in several scenes. A restrained Akshay Kumar is brilliant as the down to earth and optimistic Ram. The enigmatic gorgeous Mahima Chaudhry superbly stands out in a smaller role. But, 'Dhadkan' belongs to Shilpa Shetty. She finally gets a movie that centres round her character and Shetty effortlessly carries it. The supporting cast are mere clichés and caricatures. Kader Khan makes a surprising appearance.

    'Dhadkan' is mainly watchable for the performances of Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar and Mahima, Nadeem Shravan's music and nice outdoor locations (if you're still not used to seeing them in Hindi films). And for these factors it has repeat value if I'm given full authority of the remote control.
  • I have just seen the movie Dhadkan. I generally don't write reviews for films but I was forced to write a review for this movie. First of all the film has a superb story. Its story is mixed of love revenge and emotion. The acting of the characters is awesome. Akshay kumar, Shilpa shetty and others does a decent job. But Sunil Shetty's acting is simply awesome. I have no words to explain how good his acting is. The music of the film is good. Background music of the movie is nice. But the song " Tum dil ki dhadkan me" is a very beautiful song. This film is just a epic masterpiece. This is the greatest Indian love story film I have ever seen. The direction of the film is the biggest plus point of this film. Mahima Chowdhuri is also beautiful but her role is not strong enough. This film simply Rocks. I can't give this film less than 10.
  • Revenge love story Mom and sons respect (Akshay mom) Song blockbuster
  • vishwajeetrai7 September 2018
    This is what I call a true melodrama.. the scenes, dialogues and specially the songs hold us from the very first frame and keeps us hooked till the last.. it is more like a drama performance where the sheer energy and beauty spellbounds us.. very nice movie..!!
  • I watched this movie on TV. The acting of Sunil Shetty is very good & convincing, Akshay was OK. Watch it for Sunil Shetty. Back in 2000 actors usually suffer from overacting problems but Sunil Shetty is too good even when compared to today's standard.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dhadkan - 2000

    A perfect combination of music and romance and none of them are ordinary. yes! It is an extremely powerful romantic combination powered by awesome music it is.

    Dev(Sunil Shetty), Ram(Akshay Kumar), and Anjali(Shilpa Shetty) going through the love and marriage clashes in their life and showing the value of limits and sacraments toward each other and families. The main highlight is the music by Nadeem-Shravan which almost covers the whole movie from beginning till the end and beautifully narrating the story. The way they used music is one of the rarest pieces of art which makes this film stand out. It took almost 3 years to prepare the music of Dhadkan which definitely made it a proud release. The story is also normally good with a new approach of characters and their performances; however we see over-acting at several places but its balances as all characters performing at that time are into that overacting space, which made even this thing a delight to watch. Locations are very beautiful, especially in all the songs, Switzerland is beautifully captured. A very special highlight is also the song "dulhe ka sehra" by Nursat Fateh Ali Khan, which makes you go wow, especially to the qawwali lovers. It is a simple and straight romantic musical drama which shows complications in love and families.

    I will recommend that nobody should miss this epic musical drama, and you get one thing for sure after watching it, the music in your heart and mind.
  • One of the evergreen movie of indian cinema , what a performance by Suniel shetty he alone handle the whole movie on his shoulders . Fantastic supeeeerrrrr job done by Suniel. Music is mind blowing and each aong is evergreen after 20 yrs ago it was relaesed but today its seems like new . Shipla and akshay mahima also supports well .
  • I have seen this movie millions of times and do not mind seeing it again. This title is apt for the movie's storyline which is mentioned below: I will write the review in a very honest manner after seeing all is pros and cons.

    The Plot: Anjali (Shilpa Kundra aka Shetty) loved Dev (Sunil Shetty) and would like to get married. Unfortunately, her father (Kiran Kumar) doesn't approve of Dev as he is poor and she is very rich. Also, his manners do not suit Anjali's father too so he arranged her marriage with Ram (Akshay Kumar) who is also a business tycoon but very religious and kind-hearted. Dev, who has promised his mother (Sharmila Tagore in a guest appearance) about Anjali's love is heartbroken about this news and his mother passes away hearing about Anjali leaving him despite made the promise to his mother. Anjali & Ram's marriage initially goes through some rough waves as Anjali hasn't forgotten Dev completely. Ram lives with his stepmother, step sister and step brother and they hate him behind his back. Then, he asks his family members to leave them alone so that they could live peacefully. Trouble starts after 3 years ie on their 3rd anniversary party, Dev returns as a wealthy businessman and is determined to win back Anjali by hook or crook. How Anjali and Ram convinces him about being happy and satisfied with whatever he has got now forms this beautiful movie climax.

    The pros: There are several beautiful scenes in the movie which convey important messages: a) Giving respect to someone's feelings especially after marriage. b) Having no evil thoughts or regards to anyone even though they are bad. c) Helping others in times of need. d) The saying "money can buy everything but not not values like happiness, compassion " is very nicely said by Akshay Kumar in the climax.

    The music: Nadeem-Shravan's music is enchanting. The songs; Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Dil se in both versions, Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein (sung in both versions), Aksar Ise Duniya Mein, Na Na Karte Pyaar and Dulhe Ka Sehra created a special place in my heart and also my playlists.

    The cast: a) Akshay Kumar gives a brilliant performance as Ram. The characterstics that he denotes is like Lord Ram in the Ramayan. b) Shilpa Kundra acts as an arrogant girl initially after marriage but mellows down after seeing the character of her husband. Her performance is also good. c) Sunil Shetty gives the best performance as the rejected lover but needs to improve in some parts here and there. d) Mahima Chaudhry as Dev's business partner cum girlfriend gives a wonderful performance. e) Kiran Kumar as Anjali's father has acted the best. His concern, anger and sadness is well depicted in the movie. It was a change in seeing him playing a positive role after a long time (he was playing negative roles then). f) Sharmila Tagore as Dev's mother did her part but could not be given enough screen footage later on.

    The cons: Even though the movie has plenty of positives, there were some negatives also below:

    * Sharmila Tagore's role as Dev's mother could have lived on till Sunil Shetty established his successful career but breathed her last early. * How Dev became rich after Anjali left him remains unanswered. * The scene where Ram's stepmother promises to go to the temple for atoning her deeds was not shown * The wedding of Sunil-Mahima was not shown. * The apologising of Shilpa to her hubby was not shown despite her eyes denoting it.

    Since the movie has lots of advantages, the above disadvantages could be ignored. Watch the movie and feel the heartbeat.....
  • gchiragg23 August 2017
    I loved this movie from start to finish. It is simply a must watch. All of the characters were portrayed so well and amazing acting from all the cast. This movie made me cry, but they were tears of happiness thanks to the beautiful ending. Two characters I specially liked was Ram's and Sheetal's. They really rocked the acting!
  • This was nothing spectacular.It was average.It was a very predictable love tale and sketchy movie with sketchy characterizations.A very predictable screenplay it had.Thank goodness,it has a decent script and decent dialogs.It had lots of good moments.It was a mixture of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Ek Rishta.Even the screenplay is a lift off from those.Though i dislike Dharmeshs movies Only liked Raja Hindustani.Haan Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya was terrible.Bewafaa was dreadful.This is better than Dharmeshs next 2 movies which i said were terrible.

    The movie has a lot of splendid performances from the cast.Akshay Kumar gives a very restrained and a relaxed performance.Sunil Shetty is first rate,though goes over board at times,pretty likable at best.Mahima Chawdhary looks absolutely stunning through out and is first rate in her role.Shilpa Shetty is the life of he movie giving an excellent performance.In the supporting cast,Sushma Seth is first rate and so is Sharmila Tagore

    Songs are excellent.Kudos to Nadeem Shravan.Visuals in the songs are beautiful especially in the Na Na Karte

    For me this was just watchable for the performances and songs
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dhadkan is a film that sounds like something creepy that would be worth checking out, but it is just another film that is added to the awful Bollywood films list. It starts off very heated with Shilpa Shetty introducing Sunil Shetty to her parents as the person she wants to marry and gets really awful when she has to leave him for another guy in order to not kill her dad.

    When she marries Akshay Kumar, his family are a family that you just want to hurt because all they do is lie and make a horrible acting scene with it. Talk about people who could be nominated for the Razzie Awards. When they leave, you think the film will start getting good now. The song, "Na Na Karte Pyar," is pretty funny, but the anniversary part is really painful to sit through. Then Sunil enters in, and the film takes a dark twist.

    Sunil now is on a mission to get Shilpa back and does it all in a way that you actually feel scared from him. But all comes to an end when he ends up with Mahima Choudhary and Akshay and Shilpa are expecting a baby. Not a film worth seeing. You'll regret it later.