Nathan Thurm: I'm not defensive. You're the one who should be defensive, you're the one who thinks that hairdo works with that overly long face of yours.

Elong Spengler: What does my haircut have to do with anything?

Nathan Thurm: I don't know, you're the one who brought it up.

Elong Spengler: No I didn't.

Nathan Thurm: Yes you did.

Hospital director: [Doc Brown shows images of polution on a computer screen] You want me to believe this is the future?

Dr. Emmet' Brown: No, this is the present. I've been to the future. It's not that good.

Vic's Buddy # 1: What the hell is Earth day anyway?

Vic's Buddy # 2: Oh, it's that, eh, gopher thing, itn't it?

Vic's Buddy # 1: No, no, what, are you kidding me? You're thinking of Groundhog day. Gopher was the bartender on Love Boat.

Vic's Buddy # 2: No, no, no, Gopher was the steward on Love Boat, Ted was the Bartender.

Every Lawyer: I can always argue on the opposite side.

Mother Earth: I will survive, I'm just a rock floating around the Sun. It's you I'm worried about.

Mother Earth: Vote with your dollars.

Mother Earth: I remember the first Earth Day, it was a Sunday just like this one. Everyone was so excited. Then... Monday. People forget.

Walter Samson: The forests are the lungs of the planet, and if they stop breathing we stop.

Kelly Bundy: Miss Rhoades, how long can the Earth survive if we don't start doing this?


Marcy D'Arcy: Who knows? Maybe as little as a hundred years.

Al Bundy: So what's the rush? A hundred years? We'll all be dead by then! A hundred years. I thought this was an emergency.