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  • www-yfm15 July 2015
    C.I.D Rajan is a cult film figure, Nazir Sir played the character with style.

    'Inspector' is remembered till today, for Nazir sir's killer dances and of course his ever-natural acting. The songs were Chartbusters.

    Aayiramaayiram Kanyakamaar, Anuraagamalarvana Sundharimaar, Jeevithayaathrayilennarikathaay, Eevazhiyennum Vannoo, Eevazhiyenghum Vannoo, Athiloruthimaathram Manassinullil. Anuvaadhamillaathe Virunninethee . Oh man, what a classic! I've the film long back, all I remember is the songs, and Nazir Sir dancing on them.

    Nazir Sir made 2 sequels to 'Inspector'... which were also fun & had superb songs.

    C.I.D Rajan, the Indian Bond... is nothing short of Cult.