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  • snkutty31 July 2006
    An absolutely straightforward and unpretentious timeless masterpiece by Srinivasan, its a must-see for any true blue Mallu who's been abroad.

    Stars Mohanlal and Srinivasan swapping roles, the latter donning the guise of the former, with catastrophic results! Lizy, ravishing by any Mallu actress standards, gives viewers the hots alright. Jagadi and Pappu complete the hit-formula cast to bring in the much-needed old-world humor.

    Full of extremely wacky dialogues that will have you in splits, like: Q: How many miles from Washington DC to Miami Beach? A: ha!ha!ha! I am the answer...I am the answer...Kilometres and kilometres in these days of degenerating decency of Washington DC to Miyami beach when diplomacy and supercity become interchangeable from complicated America to America!!
  • winak24 June 2021
    I watched this movie in the hopes of watching a classic comedy movie from the nostalgic 80s. I was disappointed. Priyadarshan is one of my favorite director, Mohanlal my all time favorite actor and Jagathy the evergreen comedian. They all failed miserably. Even the dialogues weren't funny. To summarise this movie, its just a bunch of nonsensical scenes stitched together for a length of a movie. Leave this movie in the 80s or you will be sorely disappointed.