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  • This Glyndebourne performance is not for all tastes, some of it and the lack of authenticity will have traditionalists crying in despair. However, I did find the stage direction interesting, with the best touches being the scene between Penelope and Telmacho and the final scene, the latter of which especially is beautiful in how simple it is. The production values are above average too, the costumes are great, the scene between Penelope and Telemacho and Di Misera Regina have a great sense of atmosphere and the prologue especially is ornate in its setting. The picture and video quality are good, and the sound likewise. The orchestral playing is stylish and sensitive, though the harpsichord is occasionally on the clangy side, and the chorus singing is beautifully blended and musical. Janet Baker and Benjamin Luxon are magnificent in the lead roles, she with a firm way of singing and movingly subtle conveying of drama, he vocally clear as a bell and dramatically manly and tortured. Richard Lewis is not at his best, but the performance is intelligent and musical still, while Annabelle Hunt is appropriately tormented as L'Humana Fragilita. Robert Lloyd is a resonant and imposing Neptune and Anne Howells a strong Minerva. Overall, I loved it overall with the best asset being the two leads, Baker and Luxon are just magic. 9/10 Bethany Cox