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  • During the early to mid-90s, a few comedians ruled NBC's "Saturday Night Live," and they got future film careers out of it all. Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, and now even Rob Schneider have all gone on to fruitful film careers, with Carvey finally getting back in the game (hopefully) after heart problems (though "Master of Disguise" didn't help him too much). Other funny comedians such as Kevin Nealon and Phil Hartman, though equally funny, never got very far. Nealon made some cameos in his fellow "SNL" friends' films ("Happy Gilmore," "Master of Disguise," "Anger Management"), while Hartman was shot by his wife before he got anywhere at all.

    Adam Sandler has probably gotten the most out of "Saturday Night Live." He appeared in one film prior to his casting on "SNL." It was a film called "Going Overboard," and it is a true cinematic disaster. After "SNL," however, he has appeared in such flicks as "Billy Madison," "Happy Gilmore," "The Waterboy," "The Wedding Singer," and last year's "Punch-Drunk Love," in which he displayed his true feelings behind the goofy boy persona.

    "Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler" is a compilation of his greatest moments on the famed television show, ranging from skits involving original characters such as Canteen Boy and Operaman, to the host of "The Denise Show" and The Herlihy Boy Homesitter.

    I stumbled upon this DVD while I was at my video store picking up another "SNL" DVD. I was happy because I like the early 90s segments of "Saturday Night Live" much more than the recent episodes, especially now that Will Ferrell has left the show. I was pretty excited that I had found it.

    Which is why I was a bit disappointed. I liked this collection of his so-called "greatest moments," but I can't necessarily say that I've seen nothing better. In fact, some of the skits on this DVD are not that funny after a while. The Herlihy Boy Homesitter gets old pretty fast, and while I liked "The Denise Show," I recall seeing a much funnier sequence of the same fake TV show with Nicole Kidman as a guest star - and it was funnier than this one.

    Thinking back, I didn't laugh a whole lot at all the skits. They weren't as funny or outrageous as those included in this year's "The Best of Will Ferrell." Is it because Adam Sandler himself isn't funny? Many people think so. I think he's good at what he does. I like his goofy comedies like "Happy Gilmore" because they put a smile on my face (though he's far from being a great comedian at all). Also included on the DVD is the song that inspired his animated feature film "Eight Crazy Nights," as well as Iraqi Pete (an odd skit but pretty funny). I had already seen a few of these skits on television before, including that involving Kevin Nealon and guest star Kirstie Alley being bothered by sex-craved Italians in a hotel.

    My favorite skit, however, would have to be one that has Michael Keaton paying Chris Farley to keep an eye on his frail grandmother while he goes back to his room with a girl for a half hour. The grandmother (played by Sandler with a wig) wants Joey (Keaton), and she doesn't want anything to do with Farley. Farley tries to help her with everything but "she" screams and claims he's attacking her. Keaton comes out and beats up Farley a few times in the process. Funny stuff, but still a long shot from anything extraordinary.

    And just as with "The Best of Will Ferrell," I am disappointed in this DVD's length. 73 minutes is short for a collection such as this. I understand that it originally aired on television, and with commercials it runs to a full 90 minutes. However, why not make it a full two hours with commercials? That would mean the DVD, without commercials (of course), would run closer to 90 minutes than 70. Or why not include a batch of extra "Best Of" scenes for the Special Edition DVD? That would interest many more buyers.

    There are also no special features on this DVD, save one single photo gallery that scans through a handful of snapshots from the skits for about thirty seconds. The new "Best Ofs" contain dress rehearsals, outtakes, Conan O'Brian interviews, and photo galleries. I suppose there wasn't much footage left over since Adam Sandler's skits were filmed before DVDs and Lorne Michaels never thought of saving some deleted scenes and so on and so forth. But it would have been interesting to have more than a photo gallery. Maybe even trailers for some of Sandler's movies?

    Strictly speaking, it's not an overblown Special Edition DVD like so many nowadays. It is basically exactly what it says - a collection of his best moments. No real special features, no commentaries, etc. Just the same as the TV broadcast only on DVD format. I guess that's OK.

    If you're a fan of "Saturday Night Live" or Adam Sandler, I recommend picking up this DVD. However, if you want a good laugh, I recommend picking up "The Best of Will Ferrell" or "Dana Carvey," which I am told is hilarious and is next on my list. Steve Martin is always a good bet, too, but you may have more trouble finding older episodes - not many people care for them anymore. I'm still waiting on "The Best of Dan Aykroyd," "Chevy Chase," and "Gilda Radner," to name a few of many....

    "Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler" runs 73 minutes, and includes many different skits. It is not rated and contains some sexual content and language. Its single bonus feature is a photo gallery.

    4/5 stars.

    • John Ulmer
  • "If your thirsty and your gay, come on down and grab an ice cold Schmitt's Gay." Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler is truly hilarious. This is among one of my favorite Saturday Night Lives one man shows. Before all of his movies like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, or The Waterboy he did Saturday Night Live. This is dead on hilarious and his best sketches are The Denise Show, Canteen Boy, Grandma, Schmitt's Gay, Zegart's, the store where the transexuals were, The Herlihy Boy, and more. Overall, this is one of the funniest SNL's that I have ever seen and Adam Sandler and Chris Farley are hilarious! I highly recommend it.

    Hedeen's Outlook: 10/10!! **** A+
  • i think the best scenes were "Canteen Boy" and of coarse "Lunch Lady Land"....oh yes and "Cajun Man"....adam sandler is hilarious...

    also, saturday night live isnt what it used to was so much better when the cast consisted of adam sandler, chris farley, david spade, rob schnieder, kevin nealon, tim meadows, phil hartman, mike myers, dana carvey....the best skits from then i think were "simon", "gap girls", "canteen boy", "the chris farley show", "the ladies man"(i know thats a little newer, but tim meadows was on for a while), "schmidts gay", "opera man", "waynes world", "church lady", "cajun man" and so many more...i also like when jim bruer was on the show...hes funny as hell...

    snl is pretty much horrible now...the only people i find to be funny on it is jimmy fallon and horatio sands...and even they are not that funny...i do like though when jimmy fallon cant hold his laughter...hes notorious for busting up laughing while people are trying to act, i love that...

    thats just what i think though
  • Everything on this movie is hilarious. It is all so memorable, i know that I will be able to watch this movie over and over again. Saturday Night Live is such a great show, but lately their material seems over-used and unfunny. This video really is the BEST of Adam Sandler. I especially liked Opera Man, Denise Show, and when he sang.The people i was watching this video with and I were on the floor cracking up on those skits. Watch this video for a good laugh, especially if your a huge Adam Sandler fan like I am.
  • The thing with Adam Sandler is that he is an uneven genius- an idiot savant if you will- who is not reliably funny. Some of these skits suck in ways that make you wonder if Sandler just got too wasted that week to do anything worthwhile comedic or what. In any event the FF button is your friend on this one- skip the opera singer fer sure-it's disgusting that they had almost every opera singer skit ever made in this- what garbage filler.

    The travel guide skit and the girls at the mall skits are worth the price of admission and then some. While this collection is not perfect- when Sandler is on he is ON- and if you only find 3 skits that hit you with the Sandler genius- it was worth it. But I think you will find a good deal more than that. Just don't be afraid to FF through the really lame crap but sometimes it's hard to spot because Sandler dabbles in total stupidity and total genius- sometimes he skips the genius part.
  • sean-daykin23 February 2006
    It has some good moments in it and its refreshing to see sandler developing so many characters which then obviously became main characters in his hilarious movies.Sandler has many stars guesting on his show and the funniest by far is definitely Alley that sketch is hilarious.

    Please make sure after you have watched this DVD that you get hold of Will Ferrells and Chris Rock's versions they are hilarious its a shame there aren't more special features but this DVD should keep you amused for quite some time and there are several others in the collection that are worth purchasing even if you are a brit like me. All in all for around £5 you are getting a quality show which you can watch over and over still appreciating Sandlers own unique brand of humour the camp site sketch is brilliant I was in stitches and it obviously inspired the character Bobby boucher in Sander's excellent Waterboy.
  • I swear, this movie is hilarious. I bought it because I am a huge Adam Sandler fan (dare I say, his number one fan?) but even if you arent you will crack up. It's so funny. I mean, anytime you put the great Adam Sandler with others like Kevin Nealon or the late great Chris Farley, you've got a great film. SNL is a fantastic show, but it will never be as good as it was when the amazing Adam was on the show. Look especially for the skits The Herlihy Boy, Lunchlady Land, Adam as Bruce Springsteen, and various Operaman songs.This video is a definite keeper! Its fantastic and so is Adam Sandler !!!!!!! :-)
  • I've seen this movie over and over and it is the BEST! 10/10 A+++++++! Adam Sandler is halarious as he plays characters like Opera Man, a spanish opera person who is so funny, Lucy, an employee working with Kristee (David Spade) as they fight over a man who dated both of them in one night, Canteen Boy, a camper who wants to sleep where the scout master (Alec Baldwin) wants to get busy with him, an old lady who won't be quiet while her grandson (Michael Keaton) is having fun with his girlfriend in bed, Cajun Man who answers questions about his trip with one word, Brian who hosts a show about a girl who broke up with him, Iraqi Pete, a person who is really funny while dissing America, and more. If you like Chris Farley and/or Adam Sandler, THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU!!!
  • I have seen this movie over and over and I love it! Adam Sandler is the best!! My favorite is when he plays as Operaman and basically himself. It shows a sketch for the funny song, Lunchlady Land where Chris Farley plays as the Lunchlady. If you are a fan of Chris Farley and/or Adam Sandler, THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU!!