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  • This actress is ALWAYS good, whatever she's in. She tends to play the ingenue with repressed sexual energy. She was good as Ross's underage girlfriend on "Friends" and she's good in this, too.

    This movie on the whole is a bit of sleeper--I just didn't expect it to be as decent as it was. Someone here said it made "Cherry Falls" look good. Actually, it's the other way around. This movie plays out better than "Cherry Falls" in the long run (CF peeters out and turns into a predictable slasher film in the end; this film does not).

    Also, the chemistry between the leads is good and the movie doesn't overextend itself and play up the supernatural too much with cheesy special effects they probably couldn't afford anyway. Who knows what it is that makes one B-movie work and another fall flat. The right actors? Better production design, lighting, direction? Who can say. Whatever it is, this films got it.
  • I highly recommend this film! Although it's rated 'R', there's no nudity, BUT the movie hits a homerun in the LOVE SPELL theme...

    Here's the synopsis... Boy receives a strange totem that gives him three wishes... first wish is for school's most beautiful girl (and she is a major 'hottie') to go to the dance with him. Incidentally, she's also the school's superjock's girlfriend), so the nerd is shocked when the girl suddenly asks him to the dance the next day. The film spends time on the girl, and she does a great job of acting shocked. Once the dance is over, the spell is over and she tells him that 'no hard feelings but our relationship is over'.

    The girl goes back to her boyfriend and things back to normal BUT he wants this girl to be his girlfriend, so he uses his second wish to make the girl be his girlfriend and love him forever. The next day she's at his door acting like she has an incredible crush on him - lovestruck beyond belief - and although she questions these sudden new feelings, she can't help herself. This is played out perfectly, providing the viewer to witness what she's going through - providing us her pov.

    Like every HORROR movie there's someone killing students and because giving the ending away would ruin the movie - lets say that the ending and the actions are very appropriate... and sweet justice proves the victor.

    The theme and controlling forces makes this movie erotic - despite no nudity... and the acting is good, which makes you believe that the girl is really under a love spell. The movie is consistent and well worth a look see.

    I highly recommend it! :-)
  • Is there anyone, anywhere, who doesn't already have an answer (most likely with all sorts of sub-clauses and strict definitions) to EXACTLY what they would wish for, given three chances!???

    Never mind. For virtually everyone in the movie, the acting and dialogue are brilliant. The entirely natural relationships and deft avoidance of so many easy cliches makes this one of the best 'B' movies I've seen, and a lesson for directors & writers with much bigger budgets.

    "Horror" seems a bit strong in describing Wishcraft. It's no worse than Scream, and not even as frightening - although a couple of scenes ('fake knife' & 'unmasked') are really well done. I didn't expect the revelation towards the end either. The end itself (which can ruin a film) is pretty good too.

    It's difficult to say more without revealing the movie, and I recommend you see this the same way I did - optimistically, and with a vague hope that it's better than Wishmaster (which it so is).

    In fact, if they pumped up the soundtrack and had more famous faces, this film would easily be in the same league as Scream, Swimfan and (dare I say it) an average episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a really cool slasher movie. The main character Brett gets a bull's penis in the mail. Yes a bull's penis. attached to it is a note telling Brett he can make three wishes. He thinks it's a nasty joke and throws it into the trash. later he decides he has nothing to lose and takes the bull's penis out of the trash and makes a wish that the popular cheerleader named Samantha will asked him to the spring dance. She does and things go well. Once the dance is over Samantha goes back to her boyfriend. Brett decides to make a second wish asking for Samantha to be his girlfriend forever. This seems to be a dream come true for Brett until he gets to know Samantha and actually starts to feel guilty. There is a bigger issue at hand. There is a crazy madman slaughtering the rebels, jocks, and the cheerleaders and Samantha is next on the list.

    I am surprised this movie didn't come out in the theaters. Alexandra Holden is pretty good as Samantha. She has been in a few Hollywood films like Sugar and Spice and The hot chick. She was also in the creepy straight to video Dead End. Michael Weston was in Cherry falls. He was actually pretty cute as geeky smart Brett. This film has some great jump scenes. Maybe not too much gore but it has a nice pace which is lacking in some of the recent slasher films. Sara Downing is a underrated actress. She plays one of the high school students. I hope to see more of her. so again I am scratching my head why this film went straight to video when other weaker films like Stay Alive and Cry Wolf get a theater release? Give this film a chance if you like a good slasher flick! Rated R
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of my favorite teen Slasher movies, that's extremely entertaining, with a really creative story, and fantastic performances!. All the characters are wonderful, and while it Didn't have tons of gore, it didn't really need it, plus Michael Weston and Alexandra Holden are simply amazing in this!. It's extremely well made and written, and the killer may not be as easy to guess as you think, plus Weston and Holden make one brilliant paring in my opinion. A.J. Buckley is very funny as Brett's best friend, and I found the plot to be fascinating, plus you care for the two leads in Weston and Holden because there so likable. Some of the movie's best scenes came when Brett's wishes were coming true, and Alexandra Hodlen is also incredible eye candy! plus the death scenes were cool if not very gory. this is unquestionably the best DTV slasher I have ever seen, and it is surprisingly mostly unpredictable throughout, plus this should be much higher then 4.9 in my opinion!.

    The score is really good, and it actually has a few creepy moments as well, plus lots of humorous moments as well. Meat Loaf is pretty bad though(could have been worse though), and one part that made me laugh a lot was when Howie (A.J Buckley), wishes to become a bad ass like Steven Seagal, and ends up getting his ass kicked, and the ending always puts a huge smile on my face, plus one of the main reasons I was able to care for Brett's character is because in a way I'm very much like him. This truly is an extremely underrated gem, and I would love to see a sequel to this, as I think it could be just as good if done correctly, plus I think this could have had a decent theatrical run in my opinion (but that's just me!). I am proud to own a VHS cop of this at home, and some of the dialog was quite clever, plus Huntley Ritter is great as the jealous prick Cody. This is one of my favorite teen Slasher movies, that's extremely entertaining, with a really creative story, and fantastic performance, and if you haven't seen it give it a chance, you might end up loving it as much as I did, but not everyone will.

    The Direction is wonderful!. Danny Graves and Richard Wenk do a wonderful! job here with fantastic camera work, awesome angles, adding some creepy atmosphere at times, and just keeping the film at an extremely fast pace.

    There is a little bit of gore, lot of off screen stuff(mostly). We get some bloody stabbings, bit of slicing and dicing,knifing's,bloody impaling with sword,bloody corpses, decapitation (off screen),nasty hanging scene, Axe in the back of the head (off screen),fire poker in the eye (after the fact),sword in neck,someone's face is smashed in with a bowling ball (off screen), and some blood.

    The Acting is is surprisingly fantastic!. Michael Weston is amazing here, he is extremely likable, reminded me a lot of myself, had outstanding chemistry with Alexandra Holden, was charismatic, had a geeky charm, and showed tons of potential, I hope he makes it big, because he's certainly got the talent! (Weston Rules!!!!). Alexandra Holden is also amazing here, she is incredibly gorgeous, extremely sexy, had outstanding chemistry with Weston, was extremely likable, showed that she could be a fantastic scream queen, and had a really cool character, I loved her! (Holden Rules!!!!). A.J. Buckley is hilarious as the best friend,he was childish but in a lovable way, he had great chemistry with Weston I loved him!. Huntley Ritter is great as the jealous dick Cody, and was very convincing. Meat Loaf is really bad here, although not as bad as he could have been, but that's not saying much, it was amusing to see him in this role though. Zelda Rubinstein basically has a cameo, but it's exactly like her character was in the Poltergeist movies, but it's not really welcomed here. Sara Downing is good as the goth chick Desiree I liked her. Rest of the cast are fine.

    Overall if you haven't seen it please do so you might end up liking it, give it a chance!. ***** out of 5
  • This movie really suprised me. I was expecting some lame cheesy rip-off of scream or soul survivor but actually it had elements of uniqueness. Easy plot, simple special effects , decent acting and a simple story line all make this film a winner . Don't expect it to smash box office records , but it should keep its head above water and maybe gain a few fans with its feel good ending...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers Spoilers

    As the old wife's tale goes (to coin a phrase), men love to collect things! I must admit that there's certainly a lot of truth in that statement. However, I don't collect stamps, comics or the usual hackneyed examples of obsessive yearnings. Instead my hobby is slasher movies. Don't ask me why, but ever since I saw Halloween when I was about 14, I've just never been able to stop buying them. I started with one or two and now I own well over a hundred! It's a strange pastime I know, but it's something that's stayed with me now for eight years and I can't see it ever just ‘going away'. Anyway that leads me to my review of Wishcraft, a new age attempt that obviously tries to mould itself on Wes Craven's successful genre recreator. To be honest I wasn't really that taken aback by the Scream franchise, although I was interested to see all the copycats that have been released ever since. The back cover description led me to believe that this offered a fairly original synopsis and I always take that as a bonus.

    Hi-school nerd Brett Bumper (Michael Weston) has got a crush on the school beauty, Samantha (Alexandra Holden). However, Sam merely sees him as a geek that gives her private tuition about the Second World War for the sake of her history classes. Brett despises her boyfriend, Cody and wishes that he could take her to the school prom. One day, he arrives home from school to find a strange package addressed to him from ‘an anonymous friend'. On closer inspection, he reveals a creepy box containing an ancient Bull's Genitalia and a bizarre note stating that he can have three wishes for whatever he wants. Clearly confused, he puts the weird object in the bin and carries on unusual. When he tells his friend about the occurrence, his pal says that he shouldn't throw it away without at least testing it. Still uncertain, he decides to make a wish that the girl of his dreams would ask him to the dance the following night. He's shocked when the next day, out of the blue, Samantha wants to know his plans for the evening! Brett's dream has come true and he's over the moon. Unfortunately as soon as he uses the extraordinary object, someone begins methodically killing off his classmates. As his relationship with his sweetheart deepens, the murders begin getting closer to home until Brett realises that Sam could be next on the killer's list….

    Unlike most of the z-grade genre pieces that have been slowly fading from store shelves, Wishcraft looks neatly produced and fairly well budgeted. The supporting cast, which includes Meat Loaf and Zelda Rubinstein (the short lady who's most famous for her high pitched ‘Caroool Aynnne' routine from Poltergeist) seem uninspired and just there for the pay cheque, but the two leads look comfortable enough. Alexandra Holden was really convincing as a lovesick teen and she worked well with Michael Weston. They created a surprising amount of chemistry that even results in some effective humour. Director Danny Graves proves himself capable with his debut, adding a neat amount of tension to one or two of the murders and keeping a good pace running throughout. I was surprised to find that he hasn't yet got a new project in the pipeline, although I must admit that I'm unaware of Wishcraft's performance at the box office. One outside review that I've read criticised the choice for the ending, calling it ‘stupid' and ‘corny.' I disagree, I thought it was a good decision; I guess I'm an old romantic at heart! The story adds just enough character development so you care about the outcome of the plot and you'll find that watching the movie is a fairly satisfying experience.

    The killings are imaginative and competently staged. My favourite is when one guy is knocked out by a locker door in the school changing rooms, only to awake buried up to his chin in the ground. The killer then proceeds to roll a bowling ball at his head with extreme force, which fortunately enough just misses him. The victim looks delighted when he thinks he's survived, then all of a sudden, a second roll hits him square in the face! Although most of the slayings are gore-less, they're staged in a manor so that your imagination creates a clear enough picture of how the results would look, and perhaps more importantly - feel! Another thing worth noting is the whodunit aspect, which you'll either guess in the first half an hour or be completely surprised when it's revealed. Let's put it this way, it's a little tougher than most to solve.

    Wishcraft mixes a few popular modern genres together for its plot outline. There's a little bit of romantic comedy, a few teen movie ingredients and for the main course, a dose of horror. But sadly this creative blend doesn't work as well as it should have. The killings are spaced far to sparingly, meaning that it doesn't succeed as an out and out scare feast. Also, the main comic relief character - Brett's friend Howie (A.J. Buckley), – is more obnoxious than amusing, which prevents it from scoring points in that area too. What starts as a clever and original plot, starts to get far too stupid towards the end. I mean, why didn't Brett just wish for a 12 bore shotgun, or wish he could escape to safety? This was a far more polished attempt than most, so there was no need to insult the viewer's intelligence just for entertainment's sake.

    Of the myriad of Scream imitators that have been released recently, Wishcraft is one of the better efforts. Weston and Holden make an agreeable pairing; managing to hold the movie very well and the touches of humour help digest the story line easily enough. It's good, rather than excellent and it's not as memorable as the film it so desperately tries to be. Still, as a little late night entertainment, you could find a lot worse…
  • This film has to be one of the best teen horror films I have ever seen! It impeccably combines different genres, such as horror and thriller, into one movie, and the result should be uneven, but due to the excellent execution, it is not!

    What starts off as a stereotypical teen-angst story of a nerd being in love with the prom queen quickly and furiously mutates into a horror film about a boy with three wishes, and how he chooses to use that power.

    The ending is great, and truly a surprise. What is the biggest surprise is the fact that no one saw it coming - when you think the film is headed in one direction, it is actually going in another! A great horror movie, well worth seeing!
  • A better than average horror movie which has some elements of teen slasher movies, sinister magic practices, and a mystery killer that is stalking a small town.

    Some of the conventions of these kind of stories are tossed in as familiar clichés: teacher's pet nerd who likes popular cheerleader, loudmouth idiot jock, smart alek classmates, frustrated science teacher, useless bureaucrats, and other familiar personality types. But the film works somehow in its own weird way. The nerd is sent a magic object (you won't believe what it is), and a note stating he has 3 wishes. He uses the wishes just as you might expect. At the same time, vicious murders of some students commence, and follow the usual teen slasher flick methods.

    The movie introduces too few characters to effectively conceal the identity of the killer, and also betrays the identity with too many clues. Random scenes that make no sense, and are obviously to establish the motive for the murders. The acting is actually pretty decent for the leads (nerd & cheerleader, although the nerd's bug eyes were annoying to look at), but acting of supporting roles are at a kindergarten level.

    Fair, and OK if you have nothing better to do.
  • In competition at the Brussels Fantasy Film festival 2002.

    Here's another teen slasher coming down the screen. Curiously, it is not an inept one. No flashy camera angles, no genre parody nor blink-and-you'll-miss-it effect. Just a good old scary story of teenagers getting killed by a strange and very strong killer. A nerdy guy gets by mail a totem that guarantees him 3 wishes. he doesn't believe in it at all but decides to get one for a try. He wishes to go to the prom with the local beauty queen...and succeeds. For a second one, he wishes her to fall madly in love with him...and she does. But the bodycount starts getting bigger all around the campus and seems closely related to the (fake?) totem.

    Having a nerd playing the hero is a pretty good idea (and the film does have very good ideas for itself as the killer really knows how to scare and kill its victims). All the actors (including sexy Huntley Ritter (Voodoo Academy, Bring it On)) are doing a good job though no awards will ever be given them to. Meat Loaf is just another cop with a very few scenes. Fun to see him in here but his acting skills are...hum...well, y'know.

    Richard Wenk knows how to scare people from time to time and the storyline, though not revolutionnary, follows a very well known path. The suspense is also well handled as the final twist is unpredictable but really preposterous! Murders scenes are ingenious and originals which in this genre is quite a tour de force.

    In conclusion, a very forgettable movie but competent and fun to watch.

    Superwonderscope says 6
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The previous reviewers had it right when they said this movie is a crappy combination of two far superior horror movies - "Wishmaster" and "Scream".

    The movie is funny in terms of how awful it is, for instance the lead male character is supposed to be a high school boy, but he looks like he is in his late 20's or even early 30's! I swear I thought I saw a little grey hair in some shots. Its absurd. And most of the other supposed high school "kids" are also way older than they are supposed to be.

    There is nothing more jarring and breaking of realism in a movie than characters where the actors don't fit the roles they are supposed to be playing. Also, the movie doesn't know what it wants to be, a cutesy teen romance or a violent slasher movie.

    Note to horror fans, the kills are not good, there are very few of them, the gore is wanting, and a lot of the movie consists of silly dialogue and no action.

    Even the basic premise is a rip off of the movie "Wishmaster", where the characters get three wishes. However, where "Wishmaster" had incredible special effects with an awesome creature and a intelligent, intriguing storyline, "Wishcraft" has none of the elements. ENDING SPOILER The main villain turns out to be not supernatural at all, but an old washed up history teacher at the high school.

    The only bright spot is Alexandra Holden, who plays the hot cheerleader and the prettiest girl in the school who the male character lusts after. She is good in the role, and it is clear she actually has talent and a brain, and compared to the other actors she comes across as the only professional among a bunch of amateurs.

    Not recommended even for the most die-hard of horror fans.
  • On this movie you cannot comment in ways like "eeew, another bad teen movie", because in my opinion there is much more in it than just the things you can easily be seen.

    When I watched the first minutes of that movie, I wondered what this film would be about, because I was awaiting a horror movie. But with some more minutes passing by, I started to like this one - and then I got my horror.

    Well, I think the main disadvantage of that movie is, to choose a totem which is a bull's penis. This is neither funny nor anything else. That's the point where I thought "eeew, what a bad idea".

    Besides the storyline of the murderer there is this love relationship between Samantha and Brett. And there also is a hidden moral, if you read between the lines.

    Brett wishes a relationship with Samantha, but after some time he realizes that you cannot force feelings like he did with his wish. So, I think this movie is much more complex, as you might think...
  • At first, I thought Wishcraft was going to be a cheesy clone of Wishmaster for teenagers. It did in fact turn out to be cheesy, but it's more of a Scream clone than anything else. There's a bit of supernatural phenomena, but it's kept to an absolute minimum. The violence is more in line with a PG-13 horror movie, and I think Wishcraft got its R rating mostly from a few choice profanities uttered merely to avoid a PG-13.

    If you like campy and quirky horror movies, you'll probably enjoy Wishcraft. If you're looking for atmosphere, gore, violence, or nudity, I think you're just going to be disappointed. This movie just doesn't take itself very seriously, and it never truly commits to being an outright horror movie. Instead, it seems to be more of a teen thriller, influenced by slasher movies.

    The story was better than I was expecting, though the ending kind of came out of nowhere. I doubt many people were expecting it. While it admittedly was difficult to predict, there was no real foreshadowing or anything, which leads me to think that it was done merely to surprise audiences. That's fine, but it's not particularly skilled writing.

    If you're in the mood for a campy thriller/slasher starring 30 year old teenagers, this is certainly a fine choice. Some people will find it a bit too inhibited (especially for an R-rated horror movie) or boring (much of the movie is spent developing the romance between the protagonist and his girlfriend), but I thought it was enjoyable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Last night where I live in the UK there was a big thunder storm & torrential rain. Great, I thought, thinking this was a perfect opportunity to watch a good horror & soak up the atmosphere it being a dark, stormy, rainy night. Unfortunately instead of a good horror I ended up watching the abysmal Wishcraft... Wishcraft starts with various moody close-ups of someone writing a letter on an old typewriter, writing an address out on a package & affixing a stamp to it, it turns out the package is for Brett Bumpers (Micheal Weston) the class dork at Martin Van Buren High School. Brett opens the package to find an old looking box in which is contained an ancient severed Bull's penis & the attached letter that says he can make three wishes which will come true, understandably Brett is highly sceptical & throws it in the nearest bin. Brett tells his best, & only, friend Howie (A.J. Buckley) who convinces him to give it a try & make a wish. Brett wishes that a blonde babe named Samantha Warren (Alexanda Holden), whom he has a crush on, would ask him to go to an upcoming school dance. The next day at school Samantha does indeed ask Brett to the dance which annoys her stud boyfriend Cody (Huntley Ritter). Brett & Samantha attend the dance together but when over Samantha tells Brett that they should go back to their normal relationship, also that night Jimbo (Charlie Talbert), a classmate of Brett's, is decapitated on a golf course... Brett uses his second wish to make Samantha fall in love with him which antagonises Cody even more & puts a strain on his friendship with Howie as Brett's life starts to spiral out of control, & the small matter of a psycho killer running around keeps rearing it's ugly head as more of Brett's classmates die & Detective Sparky Shaw (Meat Loaf as Micheal Aday) is determined to catch those responsible...

    Directed by Danny Graves & Richard Wenk I thought Wishcraft was a pretty awful film. The script by producer Larry Katz is predictably at fault, whoever heard of a severed Bull's penis being able to grant three wishes? Both it's characters & story are incredibly clichéd too, the dork, the blonde babe, the school bully, the comedy relief friend & the usual investigating police officers. The friends who keep splitting up, a killer who is not as they first appear & all the good guys live to see a sickeningly happy ending while all the bad ones die, yawn. At first Wishcraft tries to convince the viewer that a demon of some sort is responsible for the killings but is revealed not to be the case during the incredibly lame 'twist' ending, the killers motives are worthless, bland & mean absolutely nothing in the sense that the killer more or less just 'felt' like killing some random teenagers as they have no real connection to anyone else for the majority of the film. The plot devices which connect the Bull's penis, the three wishes, the killer & Brett together are tenuous & very simplistic. Not much effort has been put into the important aspects of Wishcraft's story. At the end I felt that the supernatural elements just didn't work alongside the bog-standard teen slasher themes, they never really gel that well. I also have to mention the endings, first the 'exciting' climax when the killer is unmasked & the hero saves the day which is really bad & seemingly had very little thought put into it & the second 'true love conquers all' happy ending afterwards which goes on for a full five minutes, yuck. Wishcraft is also really slow & boring spending far too much time on Brett's magical relationship with Samantha, during these scenes I swore I could have been watch a Disney film as the school nerd gets to date the best looking blonde around & not quite know how to handle it. The gore is severely lacking with only three murders for an hour & twenty odd minutes, apart from Jimbo's death & the eventual demise of the killer there is no blood or gore at all & these two scenes apart Wishcraft is PG stuff all the way, in fact I thought on occasion that Wishcraft was deliberately going out of it's way not to show any of the red stuff at all. Technically Wishcraft is well made & is competent but at the same time it's just so bland, boring, uninteresting & forgettable. Director's Graves & Wenk fail to create any atmosphere, tension, scares, surprises or shocks & Wishcraft ends up having the look & feel of a TV film. The acting is OK for what it is but even Meat Loaf was embarrassed to be in this thing & hid behind an alias. A special mention goes to Alexanda Holden who is a bit of a babe so at least there was something decent for me to look at & she's probably worth an extra star on her own, pity she can't act though. Then again no ones perfect, right? Simply put Wishcraft is a terrible film, it's painfully slow, has no gore, violence or nudity, has instantly forgettable production values & is a blatant cross between Wishmaster (1997) & Scream (1996) which are both a hell of a lot better than this piece of crap. Definitely one to avoid, you'll probably be glad you did. Thank me later...
  • This teen slasher obviously lacks a decent amount of story, since i dropped in halfway & still managed to reconstruct the whole story ( not in the least because all of it was retold in the form of a confession that the Nerd is making to the Pretty Girlfriend ). Whatever. In spite of some good elements, it turned out to be a typical, ordinary member of the genre. In order to sit through it, these are the good elements : - Alexandra Holden - a girl being hung by use of a traffic light - a guy being crushed with a bowling ball - a cool killer outfit - a katana - Viking dart - a teacher handing us our comeuppance
  • A nerd gets a bull penis in the mail one day, which grants him three wishes. Meanwhile a killer is on the loose. The acting is ok, I guess. Except I didn't really care for the nerd's nerdier friend at all. The ending managed to be both silly, corny AND stupid at the same time. Meatloaf seems to make REALLY good movie role choices (Fight Club, Rocky Horror, Wayne's World, etc..) or pretty bad ones (pretty much any other movie, including this one)

    My Grade: C- Where i saw it: Cinemax
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Wishcraft" is a decent slasher but nothing special.


    Trying to win Samantha Warren, (Alexandra Holden) the girl of his dreams, Brett Bumpers, (Michael Weston) receives a strange package in the mail that grants wishes. As they start a friendship, several friends in their high school are viciously killed. Detective Sparky Shaw, (Meat Loaf) is assigned to the case, and as more and more bodies pile up, the investigation shows that it's a supernaturally strong killer. As the killer turns to Brett, Samantha and their friend Howie, (A.J. Buckley) with the police on their trail, a secret about who sent the packages and why they're killing the students leads to a final showdown in the woods.

    The Good News: This is a really competent slasher film with some rather nice examples of the genre. The best part is the killer, who is one of the more imposing killers around. The killer has decided to go with a black leather coat and a talisman mask. The talisman mask is pretty creepy and the fact that its covered with the hood gives it a little extra. Coupled with the different kills committed during the film, it's the definition of a great killer. The kills, while not being really original, are certainly fun. Having a bowling ball bowled at supernatural speed into a person's face, being strung up on a rope lynch over a streetlight, having a sword lodged in the neck from behind, sliced up with knives, and more in here, so there's some nice kills in here. Those scenes are easily the best part, setting up some really clever and much-needed suspense scenes. The attack in the car is by far the creepiest, using an axe to break windows during an escape, the time when the killer makes it to the car, and pretty much every other trick in the book to make it a really suspenseful scene. The stalking in the house at the end is full of suspenseful, with some great shots that drive up the tension and send it out with a really great high. This wasn't all that bad.

    The Bad News: There's still some problems with this one. The main one is that the mixture of the genres in here. When it's a slasher film, it's really on, but when it focuses on the teen-anger aspect, then it becomes agonizing. Watching those scenes are a pain, and feel a little out-of-place in a slasher film. You don't want to waste over forty minutes of time dealing with a hokey-devised romance subplot when there's the knowledge that a killer is on the loose, especially since all the killings up to that point are all creative and exciting. The scenes in the school wandering through the hallways talking about their relationship and the small little insets here and there really could've been cut out and wouldn't have made any impact whatsoever. The killer's motive also could've used some work, as it's very clichéd and doesn't really do much to give them much of a back-story and it's just downright pathetic. It could've been fixed, and makes it all the more likely that it would've been decent.

    The Final Verdict: When it's a slasher film, this really work ad works well, but it's interrupted by moments of boredom when the teen angle side is pursued. Incredibly tolerant slasher fans will be the most impressed with this, while those into the teen-romance angle might be bored stiff with it.

    Rated R: Violence, Language and mild drug use
  • A high school student (Brett) receives a mysterious package in the mail that holds some kind of mutilated animal genitalia and states it grants three wishes. After initially throwing it straight in the bin Brett has a change of heart as the school dance looms and digs it out again.

    Making wishes triggers a string of 'Scream-like' murders by a cloaked figure, which come across as somewhat supernatural, on other students. So not only do you have the mystery of the package but also a whodunit.

    It's not the greatest movie but it's quite fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie late at night. The concept sounded promising, you get your wishes, but there will be a price to pay. The price to pay, was paid by the victims of the killer, me, and everyone who saw it from start to finish and considered it garbage.

    SPOILERS: I should have heeded the first alarm when the "skull mask" was shown during the very first kill. I'd have preferred the faceless killer as long as possible.

    And it wasn't even a mythical force, just a psychopath teacher. I did sit through the movie, wondering why the "Grim Reaper" went after this person or that person with such.. 'mortal' means. Bowling balls? Samurai swords? (very subtle, the sword). And the movie lied to me. It claimed the popular people was being picked off one by one. Desiree was one the popular, I take it.

    As for the price the whining kid (already forgot his name, the main character) had to pay? Seemed he could care less about those who died, and probably wouldn't have cared until the killer made it clear he would go after main char's beloved Sam. Which brings me to the end of the movie.

    Couldn't Whiner have wished himself back in time, or that the totem never was found in the first place? Would have stopped the teacher, would it not? And as for Samantha.. seriously? Horror/comedy movie or not, I will not root for a guy that has sex with a girl when she's under a love spell of his (no matter how big jerks the rest of the ensemble turns out to be), and then gets her in the end.

    Apparently main char getting the girl on his own would be boring. Instead, we have a nice little love spell, sex (or a mental rape, if one could call it that, would she have done it without the spell at that moment?), the confession, all "bad" kids dealt with and forgotten, everything is forgiven once **** hits the fan. Killer dealt with, love spell revoked, new wishes to manipulate people being made. I wonder what the heck those two will do when they can't wish their way through life anymore. "No promotion? Aww, and I used my last with for a good present in the cereal packet yesterday.."

    I hoped and prayed that the killer (despite the evidence to the contrary) would be a true Grim Reaper, and that Main Char would pay the final prize in return for all those killed to return. But alas, my wish wasn't granted.

    If you like horror movies, save yourself the trouble, and wish for a better movie to enjoy. But if you can handle bad "horror" movies, go ahead and watch it. You've been warned.
  • The acting was very bad, the casting was horrible, it was not very good, I had trouble watching it, until the last 15 minutes. The principal photography was off and on. I was curious what the budget was for this film, I would like to discuss this film further with the principal's
  • I found this film sitting in a $3 bin at a Big Lots nearly a year ago. Bored a few nights back, I put it in the DVD player and watched it. I thought it was going to be a bad film that had to do with Satan worshiping. Boy, was I ever wrong! The story is set around a magic "bull dick", which resembles the monkey's paw of yesteryear films. It is the magic of that item and the intelligence of the films cast that make this film spectacular. It turns out that this is a great film to feature Austin Pendleton (Sgt Bilko's Major Ebersole) in a starring role as the teacher, Mr. Turner. Pendleton is best known for playing character roles in most films he appears (Greedy, Distinguished Gentlemen) but this film, he was front and center. The ending was very shocking, I never would have suspected who the killer was. Wishcraft is a fun film that should be enjoyed by adults and children with extreme supervision. Therefore, I gave this film a 9/10 rating. It deserves every bit of it.
  • At Edinburgh's Dead by Dawn horror festival, I had the dubious pleasure of watching Wishcraft, in which a 20-something `teen' cast get killed by some nasty demon-looking creature, after one receives a mysterious bulls penis in the post which grants wishes. Yup, it's the old teen slasher at it again, although in it's defence, Wishcraft does feature a couple of daftly inventive deaths, such as the bowling ball sequence. Sadly, it gets far too bogged down in the teen angst angle, as our geeky `hero' Brett (Michael Weston) wishes for the most beautiful blonde in the school be his girlfriend. Having introduced the killer, the film then completely forgets about it for about half an hour, & none of the characters seem even remotely aware or interested that a killer is on the prowl. There's the suggestion that this is some evil, demonic entity at work, but this angle is completely fluffed & thrown away in favour of convention. Many recent slashers have tried to gain kudos by having genre favourites appearing, such as Jeffrey Combs in I Still Know., or Robert Englund in Urban Legend. Here, we get Poltergeists' Zelda Rubinstein making a cameo as a coroner. Meat Loaf also turns up as a policeman, but that's about as much fun as you're likely to get. I watched this film at around 6 o'clock in the morning, having been up constantly watching movies since half past nine the day before. The best thing I can say about it is that it managaed to keep me awake.
  • Wishcraft is another bad teen horror movie. It has all the cliches and very, very bad climax. Sometimes seems like the movie tries to be funny, but the jokes...(argh!)

    The main character gets a "wishing device" which is bull´s penis... and then he gets 3 wishes, which all seem to connect with the killer. What a plot!

    I give "Wishcraft" 2 points out of 10 (* out of *****)
  • I was flipping through the channels once, when I came across this movie. Had I known what it was about,I would have skipped over it, but I noticed that parts of it were filmed in my home town so I decided to watch it. Damn this movie sucks! I usually don't enjoy the teen slasher flick genre, but this one makes all those I know What you did last summers, and Urban Myth movies look great. It is a b movie so i shouldn't expect much, but none of these actors and actresses could act! And some of it just didn't make sense. However, this movie held my attention because of the wonderfully awful dialouge. Lines like "Hey man, I know stuff!", and "thats not my bowling ball!!!!" as well as the wimpy Bretts' whines and whimpers made me laugh so hard, I couldn't change the channel. Definitely wouldn't recommend watching it, but if there is NOTHING else on TV, and you don't feel like reading, playing videogames, playing outside, going out with friends, or doing anything else that would keep you away from your TV, then watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A teen horror movie with a limited budget and a lot of over-the-hill TV and movie stars, this movie should be unbearable. Oddly, it is quite enjoyable. It will never win any awards and it does not have the rich mythos of many other B-movies, yet it manages to tie many well-worn clichés from "Halloween", "Scream", "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and a long string of other teen scream movies into a coherent whole.

    Some of the scenes are done extremely well and provide real shocks, usually without resorting to blood. The film is smart enough to turn to camp when it wants to show a little blood, saving it from being one of the frequent bloodfests we are so often assaulted with.

    Here a few comments that are spoilers, but which can be enjoyed before or after the movie: SPOILERS AHEAD****************************** First, you just HAVE to see Michael Weston's makeup in the first half of the movie. It looks like it was done by his mother in order to conceal some acne for the prom. The base starts at his hairline and then stops quite abruptly at his beardline. Quite mesmerizing, it gives the impression of someone who was wearing a surgical mask while he was getting a tan.

    Second, as usual, people who receive three wishes are SO unimaginative in using them, and the main character is equally clueless in this movie. When I was a kid (and completely clueless about the real world,) I often thought about what I would wish for, if given the chance. (I also thought about what I would do if I were the last survivor of a war or plague. Perhaps this explains my personality.) In "Wishcraft" the wishes are for the main character's secret love to "go the Spring Blast with me"; for this secret love to "be madly in love with me"; and for the main character, when confronted with a life-threatening situation, to be "stronger, faster, and tougher" than the villain. Come on!! Get imaginative kid! I'll forgive the first wish, since you were just testing the waters, but you could have wished to "be irresistible to all women," or to have "a magic wallet that is always filled with money," or "to be able to turn invisible anytime I wish"; or to "have the powers of Superman." (In the final showdown, the main character turns out NOT to be "stronger, faster, and tougher" than the villain, who basically cleans the floor with him. I have not figured this part out is quite inconsistent.) Third, Meat Loaf is just great as the scenery-chewing, comedic relief. He's over the top, but thoroughly enjoyable.

    Finally, Zelda Rubinstein is just hilarious as the coroner. If I were the detective, I would have been investigating HER for the murders in about two minutes. I really hope that Ms. Rubinstein does not talk this way in the real world.

    END OF SPOILERS******************************** So, check this out if you have a free rental. Surprisingly, there is no nudity in this movie and the lead actress never shows her you-know-whats. In fact, nobody ever shows any, including her female sidekicks.

    I give this *** out of *****
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