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  • In 1979 Tex Avery was brought out of retirement to help his old colleagues William Hanna, and Joseph Barbera make a brand new cartoon series. Avery's dream was a return to the unbridled zaniness of his classic cartoons which he made at MGM studios many years ago. His last creation was a cartoon character named Kwicky Koala (known as Quicky earlier) who was the main character of his last project. Sadly, Mr. Avery died in 1980, only one year before his creation would be on the airwaves.

    A year later in 1981, "The Kwicky Koala Show" premiered, and the show had four weekly segments. One of those featured the title character Kwicky Koala a eucalyptus eating marsupial who eluded the pursuit of his enemy Wilfred Wolf. Another segment featured a character named Crazy Claws who was a wildcat with a Groucho Marx style voice who would get out of trouble by using a combination of his razor sharp claws, and saying insulting banter. Another segment "Dirty Dawg" featured Dirty Dawg, and his friend Ratso living in a city garbage dump while fighting the man (in the form of police officer Bullhorn) while they only wanted a meal. The last segment "The Bungle Brothers" were one-minute fillers about two beagle brothers who wanted to be stars, but their ill-fated shots at fame failed spectacularly.

    Sadly, without the late Tex Avery around to give the show a guiding hand, it was canned after its only season. Ths show was a final tribute to one of the greatest talents in animation. 10/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I was a kid this used to be quite an okay thing to watch in the morning before we had to go to school. Kwicky Koala is the koala bear who could quickly vanish to other locations, and the Wolf was always trying to catch him (for money) or stop him from doing something. There were also some other good characters in the show including The Bungle Brothers George and Joey, always trying to perform stunts. Crazy Claws the wildcat who has claw suitable for cutting, with his enemies Rawhide Clyde and Brisseltooth, and also the smart Park Ranger. Finally there was Dirty Dawg and Ratso who always tried to get food, but were stopped by Officer Bullhorn. Quite a good show, the kids will like it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Kwicky Koala Show" came along during the very early 80's as Hanna Barbara's efforts to keep the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons alive. To accomplish this veteran animator Tex Avery was brought in as the show's creator. The characters and story lines he came up gave a nod to the work he did back at MGM quite a few years before. Sadly Avery passed away before his new show could be completed. The end result was a show that did indeed entertain the older crowd who actually tuned in and remembered shows such as "Droopy", but with times and interest in change during the 80's, much of the younger set didn't "get" this show. Had Kwicky been around during the late 50's early 60's, he and his cast of characters would have been much more remembered.

    The premise of the show is simple, divided up into several short segments. The first being Kwicky Koala...a slow talking but fast moving fellow happily evading his nemesis, the dimwitted Wilfred Wolf. The second segment of the show, Crazy Claws, a quick talking wildcat evading the dimwitted Rawhide Clyde and his sidekick dog Bristletooth, with the equally dimwitted park ranger acting as a referee and usually taking the brunt of the slapstick. The final segment..Dirty Dog and his sidekick Ratso, junkyard dwellers looking for the better life all while evading the dimwitted motorcycle cop Officer Bullhorn. And acting as MC's between it all in wraparound vignettes, were the Bungle Brothers..two dimwitted circus dogs who usually failed at their tricks in new and interesting manners.

    Funny slapstick silliness, while entertaining, failed to generate much attention during the new hip (and heavily violence monitored) 80's.