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  • jessie152318 September 2000
    What an amazing group of actors! To pull off such outlandish characters is a task in itself. Then to add singing and dancing takes it up one more step. Noah Bastion does an amazing job acting as Chad, I don't think a funnier actor is on television today.
  • 2Gether is one heck of a show. Funny and great. I was a big fan of the movie, and the tv show is even better. It's filled with the usual 2Gether humor, the dorkiness of QT, the goofiness of Chad, the hilarity of Doug (who proves that he is funny...and not just "Chris Farley's brother") and the outrageousness of Micky. Jerry is the leader, funny and cool. 2Gether has already garnered a spot (number 7) on my all time favorite shows. It's about girls...and, stuff and the humor is a little of the same. (Miscommunication, girls, onstage) but it's still great. Take it for what it is, and enjoy the 4th greatest thirty minutes (behind Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy) of the week. 8/10
  • markgorys5 August 2018
    This show was all right but it also wasn't great to be honest. Some kind of amateur acting and the writing wasn't exactly to die for. Some pretty stupid stories and bad jokes that everyone could see coming a million miles away. Still much much MUCH better than most other shows on this pointless channel.
  • star124 December 2000
    I think that 2gether is one of the best shows on television. They've accurately identified the stereotypical archetypes of the omnipresent 'boy band' and they play it up for all they are worth. Whether it's Chad campaigning for 'Urban Slut Teen Dream of the Year' by exploiting his shyness, or Q.T. using his fatal disease to pick up girls, Mickey kidnapping a shoe store's mascot because they won't give him a refund, Doug sleeping with their boss 'for the good of the band', or Jerry having girl troubles, they overplay and play off of the wacky situations thrown at them. Full of one liners and goofiness, this show deserves to last way longer than the trend of boybands that it's spoofing. Noah Bastian is one of the funniest people on television today as Chad, 'The Shy One'.
  • jgoodhand3 February 2019
    This was a pretty harmless way to waste a half hour here and there. Not great writing or acting or anything but the cast was likable and it just seemed like they were having a fun time. Not everything has to be Citizen Kane!
  • It's so sad that Michael Cuccione died, he was the second best one in the band (behind Chad of course). They're both such dorks!! In a good way, of course. The whole group just kinda disappeared after QT died. I love their music, the lyrics are hilarious. I liked how the show focused more on the guys than did the movie instead of talking about Bob Buss or whoever all the time. If anyone has tapes of the show, e-mail me; I may be willing to buy copies...
  • When I first heard about 2gether, I said "Oh Great, another boy band, like we don't already have enough!" But once a friend of mine just told me to sit down and watch it I fell out of my chair laughing! I jumped up, went to Tower Records and bought both CD's, the movie on DVD, and the Official 2gether Scrapbook! They are now my favorite group ever. I would wait all week anticipating 2gether on Monday night, but now the youngest member Michael Cuccione (AKA "QT") died just 8 days after his 16th birthday! MTV has since cancelled the series and petitions have been all over the internet to bring 2gether back collecting 8,000+ signatures! This show has no old jokes and is the funniest show out there! Everyone who loves 2gether sign the "Save 2gether Petition".
  • I watched 2Ge+her, just for the reason that I thought it was about time people try to spoof the "Boy Bands". What a great job they did! Mickey (Alex Solowitz) is very funny with his whole bad boy act and he is also quite the hottie! Then there is Chad (Noah Bastain) who is very shy and a cutie in my opinion. Noah is probably the funniest one on the show. Then QT who is only doing this for the chicks (that's why he has the best moves). Jerry is the heart-throb and does a good job of it. Finally there is Doug, the older brother type. Most likely he is the backbone of the group with is intelligence and humour. Those guys are just a few reasons to watch the show! There are very funny one-liners on the show along with crazy dance moves and songs to go with them. All this to show that a bunch of misfits who have AMAZING voices, can form a boy band and make it big.
  • If this were a Saturday Night Live "David Spade Hollywood Minute," Spade's commentary would go a little like this: "I just saw the show '2gether' on Tuesday. I really enjoyed it the first time I saw it...when it was called 'The Monkees.'"

    All jokes aside, this show does remind me of the Monkees in it's basic premise: a bunch of spunky young lads who don't play instruments get into wacky and comedic situations over the course of a half-hour, somehow also managing to fit in a musical number.

    And also like the Monkees, they do their own singing. They've released albums. They've appeared on TV in character.

    In the movie, we learned that there are five types of guy in every boy band: the shy one (Chad), the heartthrob (Jerry), the bad boy (Mickey), the cute one (Q.T.), and the big brother (Doug). In the show, we get to watch them take these roles to extremes. And they do it so well. This show even makes fun of itself, as in one episode we see the guys watching a show on MTV about a fake boy band and bashing the c**p out of it. And it's all very funny. Definitely a great show.
  • I think that the show 2gether was hilarious. I don't think it is anything like the Monkees, and it is a great spoof on boy bands. It's a shame that 2gether is no longer aired on television. However, now you can watch Evan Farmer (Jerry) on While You Were Out. Also, I just wanted to comment that the Beatles are NOT a boy band, as someone else had mentioned.
  • Whether you love'em or hate'em, boy bands are a reality. From the Beatles to O-Town, they are a staple to the music industry what beans are to rice. Mtv thought so, and decided to parody them in this formulaic recipe that's worked for record producers since The Monkees. No one should take this show too seriously, like the Backstreet Boys did. I find it hysterical to see the actor Kevin Farley in a band of cute young boys, which makes the joke even funnier as he attempts to sing and dance along with them, looking more like their dad than older brother. Alex Solowitz plays the bad boy very tongue-in-cheek, like a black guy stuck in a white guy's body. Evan Farmer is comfortable with his looks to parody the hunk stereotype without being too hammy or squeaky-clean. Noah Bastian has the comic wit to pull off the shy one, which really comes off as the dumb one without being irritating. Michael Cuccione was the sweetest one of the bunch, the kid brother who wanted to be accepted as a man, and was accepted for being who he was. The actors playing their managers lampooned the reality of our idea of producers. Since the passing of Michael Cuccione, the show ended 2 years ago, but I was fortunate enough to tape a majority of their episodes from late night tv. It was fun to be a background performer before the series aired, and I'll be watching my tapes now and then, just to laugh at the industry whenever I feel like it.