Commissario Corrado Cattani: [at a wedding reception inside a police headquarters in Sicily] Thank you, thank you. But I'm not good with speeches. What should I say? Well I am happy. Yes, Im happy with this marriage, celebrated inside these walls where we live, for better or for worse, but we live. We must also live for those who we once loved and that are not with us anymore. Let us live, denouncing what isn't right, fighting those who won't speak. But we speak. It is important to speak, even if no-one listens, because there is always somebody. Outside of this kind of trench, there are people. We do not see them, but they exist. Outside... they say that the common people only have small wishes, but it isn't true. They have great and beautiful wishes, but they can never fulfill them, and so, a lot of times, they keep them to themselves. At night, they come home from work, sit in front of the television, and get scared with the great corruptions, the great scandals, the great criminal powers that very often escape from Justice. I know what one suffers because all this happened to me. Along the road that brought me here, I met a financial empire built with blood, a politician that was selling out our country, an arms trafficking with a million deaths, and also the Mafia. This kind of cancer that spreads throughout the country and that we do not know where it is from, that combines power, crime, money, lies. I know what one suffers. We feel alone, abandoned. But we are not. We are here! And each one of you, like many others, does his bit. Of course sometimes... sometimes we are afraid, because we are not heroes, we are regular people like everybody, with our desires, our uncertainties, our longings, our crosses. You know that I lost everything. All I have left now is you. This great family that chose to live inside here. And you two, Michele and Lucia. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you leave soon, through that door, without fear, and walk along the street, mixing with people, go to a bar, go to the sea, hug each other on the beach. And I also wish that you have children, that you see them grow up near you, happy, that you see them grow up like... like I was not able to. Perhaps they should not grow up so much as Michele that has to have everything custom-made. You know, I think it takes courage to live like you. A lot of courage to live like all of you.