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  • I discovered this show's prequel, S Club 7 in Miami, by accident. It just came on one day when I was sitting at the TV out of boredom, but I very quickly became hooked. A music group with their own TV show? How cool is that?!? I tried to watch every episode thereafter, so you can imagine the disappointment I felt after seeing it missing for several weeks. Did they just stop making the show? Was the TV station pulling it down because I was probably its only viewer? No! The crew were just busy packing their stuff and driving to start a new series of adventures for us to share and love.

    S Club 7 in L.A. is even better than the first season! Before they were limited to a holiday resort but now they're visiting all kinds of interesting places, doing new jobs around the city each time. However the things I liked from Miami are still here and as good as ever. The accents: man, I'd be happy just listening to them talk all day. The acting: they're either bad actors trying to act well, or good actors trying to look like amateurs intentionally, but either way I love it! It has an amateur "feel" but it's one I definitely like. The jokes: they're so predictable they aren't that funny in themselves, but the fact that they're intended to be funny when they aren't makes it funny again. For example, Rachel's holding several dogs on a leash and asks Hannah, who's wearing rollerblades, to hang on to them for a while while she buys some lunch. It's so obvious what will happen next but even when it does I still crack up as if I had no idea it was coming.

    A friend of mine once said that Dawson's Creek was his life, he'd rather see an episode of that than go to the movies. I never understood that, I mean I quite like the show but don't think it's that good! Well I understand him now, I consider S Club 7 in L.A. to be the current highlight of my weeks. I'm THIS close to buying the VHS tapes of their shows, and if they were on DVD I'd almost certainly go for it. And I wouldn't even have anything to play it with! Just frame it on the wall and admire it I guess.
  • "S Club 7 in L.A." is one of my favorite shows. It's corny, but a whole lot of fun. There's always a lesson to be learned too, and the cast is good. I like how Linda Blair pops up as their landlady. She is funny, and the S Clubbers are very talented. Bottom line: An amusing show for everyone to enjoy.
  • I'm so disappointed that this second season only lasted for 13 episodes, I wish that they could've done at lease 22. Anyways, this is the best season, in fact, this was the best era from the S Club 7 journey (2000 was the S Club 7 year: great album, great series, great looks!!!...everything was just perfect).

    I love this season because of the music, the story lines, the looks (Oh come on, has Paul ever been hotter than in "L.A. 7?"), the city, everything!!!.

    From all of the seasons, this was a lot more grounded to reality and truly showed a group of teens (in some cases, adults) trying to make it in the music industry with real situations twisted by hilarious moments! To describe this season it only takes two words: absolutely fantastic!
  • I came on as a closet fan of S Club 7 a little late; it wasn't until the L.A. series that I started watching it regularly and I'm hooked. This may be a kid's show but I'm 29 and I think the show is cool! I think it's because I was a fan of the Monkees and this show is a direct descendant.

    This show is a lot like "Friends" except it hasn't got any sexual content, which is a good thing. It's about a group of 7 twenty-somethings from the U.K. who are living in the U.S. trying to make it big as a bubblegum group. In the first series, they were based in Miami but for this one, they're in Los Angeles. Here, they seem more serious to try and make a name for themselves and unlike "Friends", we see some attractive people doing the dirty work to get there using jobs such as restaurant help, tour guides, aerobic instructors, nude models and singing at a prom. All this while trying to get a record producer to give them a chance.

    Although the acting by the others in the series is your typical kiddie-stuff, the engaging performances of the S Club 7 are good. And unlike the "Friends" this is a great looking cast. Tina Barrett is a true beauty.

    Of course, the music is pretty good. S Club 7 does generic bubblegum pretty well, much better than Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson. Although none of them can sing like Christina "The Alien" Aguilera, they're much more photogenic. Their albums are available at most stores. "Two In A Million", "S Club Party" and a cover of "Dancing Queen" are fine.

    The best thing is that these people are good role models, unlike a lot of others in the music industry. I'm glad that in a world full of oversexed T.V. shows, there's something to watch that's an escape from that. I can't wait to see where they go next. New York, Las Vegas, Toronto and San Francisco seem like good bets.
  • I liked this show! I have to agree that S Club 7 in Miami was better, but I like S Club so much that anything they are in is good! I suggest people watch the show, it's really funny! I have their CD and it's actually pretty good. If you liked the music in the show, then definetly get the CD. It's quite good! GO S CLUB!
  • S Club 7 in LA is the best TV series I've ever seen! I got hooked the first time I saw it. It's about the British group, S club 7, trying to make it as a pop band in LA. I thought it was cool because the music is great, the actors are great, and it's funny! I highly recommend it to kids and teens. The show is quite similar to 'Friends' although this show is more for kids and teens. LA 7 is on the Fox Family Channel so kick back, relax, and get ready for loads of fun with S club 7!
  • This show is a lot better than S Club 7 in Miami, if you ask me. In Miami, they worked with the horrible acting, non funny grouch and his brother, and that's all gone. In L.A. you have Linda Blair, who is of a bit higher caliber when it comes to acting, so that helps. Even tho both shows are fairly enjoyable, this show, I think, is of a much higher quality, and the different jobs the group gets are a lot more fun to watch.

    The group has left Miami, and are supposed to be on their way back to England, but instead, at a crossroads, they take the road to L.A. to try to make it big as a musical act. When they get to L.A., they learn that it surely isn't as easy to make it big as a lot of people think it is. They all get small little jobs, and Bradley even lands a gig in a boy band, but none of it lasts very long, and they go from place to place all thru L.A. with one goal in my mind--become a famous musical group. The show is entertaining, but only to people who don't totally despise shows in this genre. If you do hate this genre, then you'll probably hate this show, because it's exactly like every other show starring an up and coming music act. BUT-- If you think you might remotely like the show, catch it on Fox Family channel, because you might enjoy it.
  • The S Club 7 goes to Hollywood. This bubble gum pop group is definitely pretty. This continues from their series in Miami. This one is a little less campy as they drop the wacky brothers and replace them with Linda Blair. The kids continue to be clean cut kids show material. They maintain their sibling platonic relationships and any romance with outsiders quickly disappears. The show and the group should really try to advance and grow. It's stuck in this pop glossy PG world.

    I really like Jo's car and it hurt me for them to sell it. It's a part of the group's identity. The characters are simply stuck in their world. The city changes but their world doesn't. They're getting older but their story doesn't. It might work better if one of the kids find success and the group can turn into Entourage. Each episode usually has one song and dance with a blooper reel in the closing credits. This is good for their fans and good clean fun for the younger set.
  • It's ok. if I hear an s-club 7 song in the radio, the music goes in the same lame category (britney, n'sync...)that entertains a little while without too much irritation. But the show... The reason I'm writing this is because the show really got my eye(and my ear), you see, because of the obvious lack of acting skils. The guys actually act so poorly that it's disturbing. The script isn't so good either, the situations where the characters are placed are quite childish. Ha ha ha, Bradley accidentally threw the window washing water at someone's face because he didn't notice the window was make an example. Summary: If your under 10 or under minded, or if you think s-clubbers are brilliant actors...go for it! I won't keep you from watching it. If you want to go on a more advanced level, watch "Clueless"; the less annoying, slightly better american version of "S-Club 7".
  • And people wonder why no one takes Britain seriously anymore! Here is another rendition of that pop group from the U.K., the S-Club 7, this time running around in Los Angeles. Of course, the kids do all sorts of things other than dance and sing lame love songs. They do stuff like do odd-jobs (and get fired from them), wreck cars and hotel rooms, and annoy their friend Joanie (Linda Blair of THE EXORCIST fame). It's

    pretty much the same as their Miami show, except in a different state. And their oatmeal-thick British accents are still hard to understand. Not much has changed, really.