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  • The only negative thing about Neethi is its climax and it doesn't mean it is short of a suspense twist. It is just too feeble for a strong plot.

    Thikkurishi Sukumaran Nair is calm & fine with his portrayal, and I am impressed by Prem Nazir. His seriousness throughout the movie keeps you hooked & pulls you inside. Supporting cast is little overactive, but that's fine.

    Story of how the judicial system can convict any person if advocates throw witnesses & evidences to it. It talks about how a court doesn't go and search for clues or proofs, it only decides upon the things thrown to it. Wonderful plot describes relationships inside a family, murder & honesty between advocates.

    Although released in 1971, its technical attributes are way thinner than its counterparts, especially the score & setup. Editing is very good. It gives its audience what they deserve & comes straight to the point, telling a gripping tale. It entertains incredibly & hence a 6.7/10 for the topic & performances.

    BOTTOM LINE: One of the few films on courtroom drama that is gripping & psychological. Recommended!

    Can be watched with a typical Malayali family? YES

    Profanity/Nudity/Vulgarity: No | Violence/Gore: Mediocre | Smoking: Strong | Alcohol/Drugs: No | Sex: No