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  • "Lucha" based films have always been a favorite of mine and "Noche de Muerte" has too be one of the most memorable Blue Demon films made. I first saw this in Mexico City at the cinema , I have never seen a "dubbed" version and I dont think one exists. But if your Spanish is not up to scratch you will still be able to enjoy this great little film , if you can find it on video that is . I picked up a copy from a stall in an alley in Mexico City , if he is still there he might have another one by now !

    The story revolves around the man of the moment "The Blue Demon" and due to his popularity and respect local hoods decide to start an inflamitory campaign against him . By dressing up as our hero they rob banks and harass the innocent , thus tarnishing his good name. Soon enough our hero is on the run himself and has to prove his innocence by finding and unmasking the fiend who has ruined his name. Will the Blue Demon prevail , will he clear his name and live to fight another day ? You will have too see.