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  • I signed up on imdb just so I could let people know the reviews for Going To California are wrong. There is finally a show that actually plays with the television formula. This is one of very few experimental tv programs out there. The other reviewers just cant seem to stray from their laugh track, clean cut, half hour sitcoms. This show maintains what it means to be a television show, while trying some very new things. First of all, the preceding reviewers seem only to have watched one episode, this will not do. While each show stands on its own, like other tv shows, the characters are very serial. To really understand why Ungalow, and Space are the way they are, you have to watch many episodes. This is what makes it perfect for TV, with a show that has a constant change in environment, you need something constant. GTC also has some of the best cinematography I have ever seen on a tv show, the director really knows how to use the came ra as part of the story.

    The one problem is the unreality of the storylines, sometimes Hank and Ung really get themselves into rather unrealistic situations. That is part of the charm of the show, it takes experiences one might encounter on the road, and intensifies them 10 times. It allows you to understand there is special forces at work, Space and Ung's trip has to do with fate, and a search for meaning...that kinda stuff.

    Overall, the dialog, and how it is acted out is just so perfect. Sam Tremmell, and Brad Henke really let you become their third buddy on the road. They have the perfect on screen friendship. The two of them are just hilarious together. I can't praise this show enough, I only wish it was on HBO, so then the whole world would give some attention to GTC. Trust me, commit yourself and watch for a few weeks, then you will fully embrace the charm of this great show.
  • This show is really interesting. It deals with a lot of subtle themes relating to social dynamics and hierarchy, the kind of things that people deal with and think about, but I guess aren't usually regarded as dramatic enough to be represented in film and tv, where everything has to be a clearly defined "issue". The overriding theme seems to be that everyone has flaws. I think that's the main thing that makes the show unique, although aside from that it does have plenty of lighter entertainment value. One of the best new shows I've seen in the past few years.
  • Its like Swingers mixed with High Fidelity. The first time I watched it, I caught only a couple of minutes and thought it was boring, but since then I've watched 3 full episodes and they were great. Really good actors who aren't well known, but should be. They're all so real and make it easy to watch. So far, I like the Memphis episode with Lawrence Taylor (the football player) as a drag queen and the episode with Vince Vaughn guest-starring as a sleazy model photographer. Excellent writing. This show rocks!
  • At first my sister and I started watching this show thinking that it was a movie when to our surprise it was a TV show. Now every Thursday and Sunday we clear our schedule just so we can watch the best show of the year. The actors are not only unbelievably cute they are also very talented and they make you wish you were on your way to California with them. I know a lot of people might not like this show but it just means you don't have a funny twisted sense of humor like me and my sister. I highly recommend this show to anyone and everyone (except children) who likes comedy about real life stuff (sex, money, food, the bible, death & fantasies)!!! This show will make you laugh your a** off ;o).
  • I've been watching "Going to California" since the beginning and I totally disagree with the previous person that commented on the show. I ordered Showtime just so that I could get the chance to see this show, and I was not disappointed. I have found all of the plots and all of the writing interesting enough to watch for 50 minutes, but unlike the previous person that commented, I am quite far from where the show was filmed, so I haven't seen any of the sights there before. Okay, so some of the plots are a little weird (i.e. Rhino Boy), but the plot is still interesting and I wouldn't change the channel for anything. I also think that the actors do a wonderful job and that the show is well written. I think that the writers are doing an awesome job. I hope that Showtime keeps this series going for some time to come. I give it a 5/5.
  • A true masterpiece, which is very different from your regular prime-time sitcom. This series focuses on different aspects of life and society, and deals with issues that one might encounter at some stage of his life. The characters are very realistic, with unique personalities which you will have a hard time finding elsewhere on TV. Spiced with some humour and an everchanging cast of beautiful women, this show will nail you to your TV sofa, and make you count the days until the next re-run. P.S. David Faustino has a guest appearance in one episode! If this doesn't convince you that this show is great, nothing will!
  • Amazing cinematography. You get to see great Plaines and people of the USA. They're no canned laughter on this show! I Love it. I see allot of stuff on TV and this is so fresh and unstructured. That is its charm. These dudes (who are a modern day Laurel and Hardy) travel all over en route to Cally. The people they meet and the real places they encounter are so true to life. The backdrop of this show is what is around us in America, not some stagnant California backdrop. The acting is good not overdone. Entertaining TV should not be difficult to digest-- this is like a home cooked soufflé. SHOWTIME HAS DONE IT RIGHT!
  • Alright, so some of the episodes have been a little off, like the nudist colony episode. That *was* a tad overboard for me. Aside from that, I still have enjoyed all of the episodes and I have found them entertaining enough to watch them for a second time on their re-run nights. Also, to one of the previous commentors- Scott Rosenburg didn't just slap his name on this series. It was his creation. I think he made the right decision and he has also come up with some awesome dialogue for some of the episodes. :) The two main stars Sam Trammell and Brad Henke (as well as the other regular actors) are doing a great job- I still find this show entertaining and give this series a 5/5.
  • This series is an enormous disappointment. The idea is great, when I heard they were making this, I looked forward to watching. The actors are very good, the plots seem interesting, for some reason I cant sit through it.
  • Hi,

    I'm a collector of this series even though it wasn't considered to be the best Showtime series. This particular show is of interest to me since I'm a nudist myself. I appreciated the way in which they presented the casual and free form of nudism without hindering to or using any sexual references. I agree that the writing could have been a lot better but was glad to see nudism portrayed as innocent and fun. A volleyball game was the perfect way to end it too and separate the "Naked" from the "Nude." I was just wondering if anyone has a copy of this show? I just need this show to complete my collection. If anyone has any information on how to get this show or DVD or video version, let me know. Please let me know. I'd appreciate any feedback or comments on this.

    Thank you,

  • Sure, this show is not the smartest one on television. And it was often a bit too weird (weird in a bad way). But it wasn't all that bad. It's a very cute show, and in my opinion it had its moments. It's a nice idea, nice actors and nice scripts. It's a show to fill the time- definitely a series to see when you've got nothing else to do.
  • I thought this show was going to be really dumb, and having watched a few episodes, I can say without a doubt that it is. But it's also very cleverly written and very subtly funny. Sometimes not so subtly. I can completely understand why it wouldn't be for everyone, but give it a chance; you might like it, too.
  • There I was, recently watching cable when I saw what appeared to be another no-budget movie shot in Florida to show people naked at a nudist colony. It looked like it was shot in the 1980's on Super 16. Campy, campy, campy.

    Then, with so many naked old people in it, I quickly changed the channel (my blinds were open, didn't need my neighbors seeing me watch something that stupid).

    And now I'm flipping through cable tonight and see the same guy (star of the show) and see he's with the hot actress Jamie Presley. At this point, I think I'm seeing what I missed last time. Then, I see Vince Vaughn. Vince Vaughn??

    Then it hits me: How is Vince and Jamie in a cheesy 80's movie???

    Upon quick research of my digital cable, I soon discover that this is actually a series for Showtime.

    And I think to myself: Who approved this show and why did Vince Vaughn and Jamie Presley do this?? Even funnier, they got Scott Rosenberg (writer of the recent "Gone in 60 Seconds") to put his name on it.

    Also, there are quick "freezes" of the video during scenes. Don't know what that is, but it's distracting as hell.

    Folks, this show makes "Sherman Oaks" look like "The West Wing."