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  • Inken (Diana Amft) is an eighteen years old girl, frustrated for not having had an orgasm yet with her boy-friend. Her two best friends are Vicky (Felicitas Woll), who is in the same situation as Inken without knowing the pleasure of an orgasm, and the still virgin Lena (Karoline Herfurth). Inken and Vicky try to find a man or woman able to give pleasure to them while Lena has her heart broken by her boy-friend. "Mádchen, Mádchen" is a silly German comedy in the same structure of "American Pie". But this comedy is also very funny, having magnificent jokes and hilarious situations, and supported by a trio of gorgeous actresses: Karoline Herfurth, Diana Amft and Felicitas Woll are not only beautiful, but also very sexy and a colyrium for the men's eyes. The plot explores the insecurity of teenagers, their loves, rejections and findings. There are many hilarious scenes, such as when Inken has her first orgasm (it recalled me Meg Ryan in a restaurant in "Harry and Sally"); or when Inken's father arrives home and finds her date in a serious trouble. I have really found "Mädchen, Mádchen" a good entertainment. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Garotas Procuram..." ("Girls Look For...")
  • Often compared, with quite good reason, to 'American Pie', this sexed-up German teenage comedy is quite predictable and pretty clichéd, however the characters are quite good, even if they are generally archetypal, and therefore it is interesting to follow their experiences. The film is accompanied by a soundtrack that fits the picture quite well, and in the second half there are some particularly amusing scenes. As a coming-of-age tale and as a sexual comedy, the film has nothing new to offer, but either way it is not bad entertainment, and it is better than most of teen-aimed trash that Hollywood is producing.
  • As an avid hater of the German movie scene I was most surprised to see this really hilarious, light comedy about young girls in their raid for the lost orgasm. Director Dennis Gansel, totally unknown til this movie, succeeds in creating likeable characters and a decent plot which of course is all about love, rejection and the unbearable pains of puberty and adolescence, and which is taking place in an environment which could be just next door - a fact that may be the answer to why this movie is so charming in its simpleness. The gags are well-dosed, but are not getting too rude like many American comedies nowadays (Scary Movie comes to mind).

    Most noticeable are the young faces Gansel introduces to the big screen: Diana Amft, Karoline Herfurth and Felicitas Woll are totally convincing in their roles and a wonderful diversion from the omnipresent but so unpleasant diva of German film Katja Riemann. Gansels film does not use anyone of the nearly incestous German film avantgarde, and that's what makes this movie so fresh and joyful to watch. A fresh breeze is what German film needs since Soenke Wortmanns stopped doing independent movies - maybe Gansel is here to revitalize German comedy?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Inken,Lena and Victoria are three German teenager friends who are having problems with their sex life and this is making all of them very unhappy. Inken ,Victoria and Lena never had an orgasm and they are decided to find ways to have it:Inken broke up with her idiot boyfriend, Victoria enter in a lesbian web chat, and Lena tries to have lucky with the guy of her dreams.

    Reading that this movie was in the line of American Pie, I imagined it to be VERY VERY VERY silly. But it has some important elements: One of them, sure is to show that when you are unhappy or unsatisfied with something in your life, all the other parts hardly go well too; the remarkable part of the movie who makes this apology is when the girls, in the beginning of this movie ,are going very bad in the volleyball team, and, in the end,when they are satisfied, they won from the 'invencible' team of Cheyenne.
  • This movie was good for a bit of mindless TV. I laughed out loud quite a few times. It's true that the story didn't seem to go anywhere much, which was a pity as we were really left wanting more.

    I was struck by this movie's similarity to an American movie called Coming Soon (99) and was surprised they aren't really related (as far as I can tell). Coming Soon definitely has a better plot and production. Both are very entertaining.
  • For some reason subtitle movies communicate better with me then movies in plain English. Madchen Madchen was seriously a crack up, but it was also serious in the sense that it dealt with teenage issues. Its not for everyone but give it a go, even just to give u a bit of a laugh. The characters were fantastic and communicate there roles to the audience well. This movie can also be a bit confusing as it is both serious and funny at the same time, but these two elements kind of complement each other. In my opinion I thought this movie was good, but still like I said not for everyones tastes. It does deal with teen issues to an extent but tends to exaggerates them a tad, issues such as sex, love, friendships, and bike riding are all part of this wacky take on teenage life in general.
  • john_constantine22 April 2001
    i didn't like this one.

    the makers of this film couldn't make a decision if they wanted to make a light funny thing, or better a well perceved film about teenagers, girls, sex and love. they couldn't decide if realism or stange mixing of unreal scenes suites the film better. there are some scenes where you might laugh, but the jokes are bought very cheap and lack, well, everything. the whole thing isn't funny. but it isn't touching also. it's nothing.

    everything here we have seen, and we have seen it better. remember "crazy"? so do yourself a favor and don't watch this one.
  • So...

    let's see wot can I write 'bout this movie?!

    First of all: I guess I fell in love with Felicitas Woll (Victoria) and Karoline Herfurth (Lena)!!! That's sure, that's true!

    I never seen a comedy like that - I have to admit, this film matches with the quality of the American Pies. 'Mädchen, Mädchen' is the greatest erotic-teenage comedy nowadays.

    If I could, I would sooooooo kiss Lena's wonderful lips and Victoria's extraordinary sexy bootie! ;) And of course I would play with Inken's lovely tummy! ;) God, these chicks are sooooooo piercing!!!

    I think this film somehow gives us a portrait of this age we are living in. Guys and girlies both want to have multi-orgasms no matter how, no matter where. Both sexes do alot to do their bests for the very first time, but I think they always overrate it: I mean having sex with somebody is not a ritual-animal-sacrifice. And this film touches the spot: the better we wanna have big grooves the more doubtful we will achieve it. I say to all the young-virgin-teenage-dudes: just live your life, have good parties and stuff like that, but don't rush after the "Great Love" just because you need someone. Love and sex will surely find you's - sooner or later. :)

    Bye all Lokika
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Mädchen Mädchen!" is an almost 15-year-old movie and the first theatrical movie directed by Dennis Gansel, although it is actually not even good enough for television. I read that this is the only film for which he did not work on the screenplay, so I'll hold it in his favor. For, basically this film is stupid and unfunny sex jokes for almost 90 minutes. What is especially embarrassing is that it took no less than four writers to come up with this mess. And they even made a sequel a couple years later (without Gansel though). Still, this film features some of Germany's most famous actors right now and pretty much all of them were still fairly unknown back then: Amft, Herfurth, Woll, Baum, Lukas, Bazman, M'Barek and last but not least Max Riemelt, who became a regular in Gansel's films.

    There is really nothing in this film except talk about orgasms for 90 minutes and here and there, they also experience one. The bicycle scene is a bit famous, but all it is really memorable for in my opinion is how cringeworthy embarrassing it is. It certainly helps that Diana Amft does not have the slightest ounce of acting talent in my opinion and only has a career because of her looks, which I don't find too great either though. She was much older here already than the character she plays. Woll was slightly older too and only Herfurth's age was accurate. She was still under 18 when this was made and I guess that's also why she does not have any real sex scenes. And now that I talked about the girls, I would love to say that the boys are written and portrayed better, but nope, they are just as bad. Really everybody involved with this film still had a long way to go in terms of their talent. It's hard to believe that Gansel came up with a pretty good movie like "Die Welle" a couple years later. The humor in "Mädchen Mädchen!" is about orgasms, vomiting, condoms, clitoral espresso, sadomasochism, cybersex etc. Nothing unfunny is left out really. Unfunny try-hard comedy from start to finish and one of the negative highlights was certainly when there was a truly terrible dialog in the first half of the movie between a boy and a girl about wearing socks. And it is predictable as hell too. Strangely enough, near the end Riemelt's character suddenly only wants to be friends with Amft's in order to not risk their friendship. And all this after he told his friend earlier that he wants to lose his virginity to Amft's character. The stuff out of which disastrous films are made. Nothing surprising and nothing worth watching here in general. An infantile mess of a movie with terrible music too. The only good thing about it really is that we don't have to bear with it for more than 85 minutes.
  • Some friends forced to see this film, and to be honest, I wasn't very ambitious about it, but what I saw really shocked me! How can people dare to make such a movie, which has no story, bad actors, an not one funny moment in it! There are so many people out there who have ideas to make good movies, and all you get to see is this piece of s... Even "American Pie" or "Scary Movie" were better than this!