• Haven't We Met
    Written by Stephen Lang, Scott Nickoley & Jamie Dunlap
    Performed by Vanessa Rojo
    Courtesy of Marc Ferrari/MasterSource
  • All I Really Need Is You
    Written by Scott Nickoley & Jamie Dunlap
    Performed by Sweet Baby J'ai
    Courtesy of Marc Ferrari/MasterSource
  • Baby
    Written by Robert Bradley, Andrew Nehra, Michael Nehra, Jeff Fowles & Tim Diaz
    Performed by Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise
    Courtesy of The RCA Music Group, a unit of BMG Entertainment
  • Ain't It Just Like Me
    Written by Nina Ossoff and Sandy Fredrickson
    Performed by Nikki Gregoreff (as Nikki Gregoroff)
    Courtesy of Squeak-a-Mouse Music and Little Bit of Soul Music
  • Tea Time
    Written by Joe Lervold
    Performed by Joe Lervold (as Joel Evans)
    Courtesy of Marc Ferrari/MasterSource
  • Je T'adore
    Written by Jamie Perkins
    Courtesy of Pro Music, Inc.
  • I See You Baby
    Written by Andrew Cato (as Andrew Cocup), Tom Findlay (as Thomas Findlay) & Tod Wooten (as Toi Wooten)
    Performed by Groove Armada
    Courtesy of Jive Electro Records
  • No Way
    Written by Michael Sherwood
    Performed by Bobby Sherwood Orchestra
    Courtesy of Kid Gloves Music
  • When I Grow Up
    Written by Gran Torino
    Performed by Gran Torino
    Courtesy of 26.2 Music
  • You Don't Know
    Written by Todd Collins and Antonio Phelon
    Performed by Amani
    Courtesy of Beatmart Productions
    By arrangement of Bacon Soundtrack Services
  • Prove Me Wrong
    Written by Jamie Evans, Charlie Wyman, Tim Wilson
    Performed by Lukan
    Courtesy of Depth Records
    By Arrangement with Ocean Park Music Group
  • Chanson d'automne
    Written by Gerlina Grimes, Joe Knoll & Chris Matthewson
    Performed by weaklazyliar
    By Arrangement with Music For The Masses
  • Hooray For You
    Written by Michael Holt & Jonathan Cliff Powell
    Performed by The Huntingtons
    Courtesy of Tooth & Nail Records
  • Quartet
    Written by Franz Joseph Haydn (as Haydn)
    Arranged by Charlotte Georg (as Les Peel) (BMI)
    Courtesy of OGM/Ole Georg Music
  • String Quartet No 77 in C Major, Emperor 1 - Allegro
    Composed by Franz Joseph Haydn (as Franz J. Haydn) and arranged by George Wilson
    Courtesy of Associated Production Music
  • Storybook Life
    Written by 3XL, Jeff Pence, Curt Benton, Eddie Hedges, Ashley Shepherd, Brian Lovely
    Performed by Three Time Loser
    Courtesy of Shapiro Bernstein & Co. and Legend Entertainment