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  • I'm writing this after seeing the second episode of the show. It was much better than the pilot, though almost anything would be. In a nutshell, Chenoweth is wonderful. She's beautiful, talented, and full of life. When she's on screen, the show is tolerable. Without her, it's dead.

    I have to ask this question: do we really need ANOTHER show set in New York City? I have nothing against New York, and there's nothing wrong with having a FEW shows set in the Big Apple. (Indeed, "Seinfeld" and "All in the Family" were great shows that SHOULD have been set in New York.)

    But enough already! It seems like NBC can't do a sitcom set anywhere BUT New York! There's a whole COUNTRY out here, guys. Would it kill you to do a show in Peoria, Paducah, or Pocatello, Idaho? America doesn't stop at the Hudson River.

    Back to "Kristin": keep Chenoweth and lose the office setting. Jon Tenney doesn't add a thing. In episode two, the scene with Kristin at her church was by far the best scene. Play up the "innocent Oklahoma girl tries to break into show business" angle.

    The pilot was bad. The second episode was better. I'm rooting for this show to improve each week. Kristin Chenoweth deserves a good show. She could be a TV superstar if a network can fashion a quality show around her.
  • Miss Chenoweth gives a dynamite performance in this new show. It goes to show good things come in small packages. She does a wonderful job considering the "writing" on the show. If the show has a "weak link" then give it to the writers. I love the way the show is able to include her versatile singing styles. Way to go Kristin and NBC. Good luck.
  • I just saw the premiere of "Kristin" and was really impressed. They could have made it sappy or too cynical, but it was a great balance between the two. The stars had a great feel for their roles and their characterizations were fun to watch. I'd recommend it as a great new show to keep your eyes on.
  • Over here I'm used to the BBC allowing a new show one more 6 part series to find their niche. American networks cancelling a show on the first night seemed strange, even ridiculous. `Kristin' just hit cable here in England.

    The only thing strange and ridiculous about this is how it even got to pilot stage. The contrived plot and obvious scenes were not helped by wooden performances. Several of the writers have worked on good shows – Becker, Frasier, Cosby etc. but for this they did not bother to produce their best, and combined with the `talents' of the likes of Kristin Chenoweth and Larry Romano and the show was destined to failure. In 1954 we had one BBC channel and nothing else. If Kristin is 50 years of progress, let's bring back Lord Reith and the Hays Office.
  • meghajmehta30 October 2007
    It's unfortunate this show didn't come together, because I think it could have been better. The premise wasn't bad for a situation comedy, and the show did have a few good moments, but the overall execution just didn't work.

    While Ms. Chenoweth and Mr. Tenney were well cast and showed a marked improvement in just a few episodes, the supporting players were weak. The writing was also sloppy and pedantic, although after a pretty rough start it did improve a bit. Even then, however, most of the dialogue and plot lines were sub-par at best.

    The shame here is that Ms. Chenoweth's remarkable talent wasn't given a better format. I'll agree with those who said that overall the cancellation was a blessing, as it opened the door for Galinda/Glinda in "Wicked." And her career on stage, screen, and television has blossomed. However, it would have been nice to see this be successful.
  • I was very impressed with Kristin. It was a show that could hope make NBC a better network. With a lot of 30 minute shows boring this one made sense. Forget Frasier this show belongs on the list. You want tv to be different and interesting. One thing that needs to go is a serious reduction in Dateline which I find is useless. In short give Kristin snatched an 83/100 and it is a small little wonder. Here's to the Summer!
  • I thought this was a cute show! It's not the wittiest or most hysterical show out there but it's just as good as shows that had lasted longer. Ahem… Veronica's Closet, Everybody Loves Raymond, Joey… I thought Kristin had a great premise and some good moments. I thought the cast worked well together even if the supporting characters weren't THAT strong. The show lasted six episodes! A show needs more time to grow than that. Cheers finished dead last in the ratings the first year and went on to run for eleven successful seasons! I think it's too bad that this show didn't take off. I think episode 4 and episode 6 were REALLY good. A second season of episodes like that would have been successful.
  • After seeing Kristin for the first time I couldn't believe a show of such low caliber is on the same network as "Ed" and "Frasier." Something else I was shocked to learn is the title character is actually a Tony Award winner. Now you would think that someone who has won such a prestigious award would know a flop from something new and fresh, but in this case, I guess not. It did, however, make one list with flying colors, and that is the list of NBC's Failed Experiments, scoring a 1/10. (The same as "Cursed" and "The Michael Richards Show.")
  • I have never seen a show that I disliked more. Kristin is the worst show I have seen period. It has no redeeming qualities what so ever and the lead actress' voice is way worse that Fran Dresher.

    Having "Kristin" come on as some Christian who abstains from sex is the only positive point in the show.