Sister Madeline: If we can create this life with what imagination, why not the next?

[last lines]

Joe Darrow: What she taught me in death is what she taught me in life. To trust, to have faith. Because as a friend of mine once said, it's belief that gets us there.

Dr. Charlie Dickenson: Death is like being pregnant; You're either are or you're not.

Joe Darrow: Am I just going nuts?

Sister Madeline: As nuts as Christopher Columbus, thinking there was another side to the earth.

Miriam: Take down the vacancy that says "Emily's ghost is welcome here". You got to do the hard stuff. Got to clean out closets and get on with your life without her.

Miriam: Have you personally, had any experience with Emily since her death?

Joe Darrow: You know the answer as well as I do, of course I haven't.

Miriam: And why haven't you?

Joe Darrow: Because I haven't gone half way to Heaven and she has no way of reaching me. I know it sounds crazy.

Miriam: I know, and aren't you the guy, who doesn't believe in Heaven?

Ben: The lady in the picture, she wants you to go there.

Joe Darrow: Go where, Ben?

Ben: The Rainbow!

[shows him a drawing a wavy cross]

Joe Darrow: That's a good drawing.

Jeffrey: Yeah, What is it?

Joe Darrow: A Crucifix made of Jello!

The Nurse: Thats all he keeps drawing, hasn't stop since he got out of the ICU.

Jeffrey: Yeah, I saw you in there, but you were wearing a different tie.

Joe Darrow: Jeffrey, do you know who I am?

Jeffrey: Emily's Joe!

[first lines]

Emily Darrow: [over the phone] It's bad, Joe. They're evacuating the villages. We're about to be washed out. We're hearing gunfire now.

Joe Darrow: Can you... can you get to Calamar? Can you get across the border to Columbia?

Emily Darrow: They're putting us on the bus. I don't know where they're taking us. Joe? Joe?

Joe Darrow: Emily!

Jeffrey: What if I do remember what she wants to tell you, then will you believe me?

Joe Darrow: Do you remember it?

Jeffrey: If you come back I might.

Paul Reardon: Of what who wants to tell him?

Jeffrey: His wife. She wants me to tell him something.

Paul Reardon: Probably take out the trash...

Gwyn: I think bald is sexy.

Joe Darrow: Really?

Gwyn: Yes.

Joe Darrow: I have a parrot that might turn you on.

Joe Darrow: You've been flying long, Victor?

Victor: Don't worry, I know how.

Joe Darrow: You have a license though, right?

Victor: Si, pretty much...

Joe Darrow: Think I'm losing my edge?

Hugh Campbell: Just the opposite, it's getting too sharp. You are starting to cut people around here.