Calvin: I just made enough money to bake biscuits for the projects.

Rico: Hey Ace, pull your skirt down B, dudes get shot everyday.

Mitch: A nigga like me man, I love the game. I love the hustle. Man I be feeling like one of them ball player niggas, you know? Like Bird, Magic or something. Yeah you know a nigga got dough, a nigga can leave the league... But if I leave... the fans still gon' love me man? I get love out here in Harlem man, I done sold coke on these streets, man, hash, weed, heroine. As long as niggas is feelin' it, a nigga like me can hustle it. That's my gift in life A... you know?

Ice: Even Ray Charles can see he's got money.

Pip: Whooooo, that's a big ass bill.

Ace: I got shot in the head, baby!

Ace: l'm out, Rico. You understand what l'm saying? Look at me. l've been shot in the head, baby. My body different. l'm breathing different. You understand what l'm saying? The doctor said l wasn't gonna walk the same. You understand what l'm saying? l'm out.