Carver Doone: If you're so wise, Father, why didn't Ensor choose you to be his successor? You are his oldest living son.

Counselor Doone: Some men inspire loyalty and devotion, while others, like me, merely respect.

Judge Jeffreys: I hear his name mentioned again, I'll hang him on principle.

John Ridd: Lorna you don't know how dangerous it is here now.

Lorna Doone: For the first time in my life, I am truly happy. I am loved for who I am, not for selfish reasons.

Carver Doone: What does offense have to do with it? What do I care about your sly ways of tormenting a man?

Judge Jeffreys: Well, the King is well pleased with you. All charges have been dropped. We're still going to hang you of course, but I'll spare the drawing and quartering.

[stunned silence]

Judge Jeffreys: That was a joke.

John Ridd: You break me heart, and then accuse me of cruelty?