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  • This show was groundbreaking in how it jumped into the actual horror realm and drew a tangent from drama, comedy and romance that dominated the Hindi TV show universe during the early 90s.

    Though there had been attempts to foray into the spooks department earlier such as Doordarshan's Quile ka Rahasya etc, nothing made the early 90s kids (including me) shake with utmost terror every Sunday (or was it Friday?) night when the show aired.

    The episodes are vivid and often sourced from a theme prominent in one of the Ramsay movies. The production value of the show wasn't much from today's standards, though it was passable for that era.

    Most of the episodes lacked much in the name of storyline and depended mostly on jump scares, body horror and borderline gore.

    The show is still great in the way how it did pave the way for the future of horror in Hindi TV in the form of shows like Aahat, Sannata, Maano ya na maano and other cult classics.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw almost all episodes. All actor and actress doing great work. And ramsay hole team. Hat's off. I wish I saw again all this magic again. Lot's of love to Ramsay team all actor actress.