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  • Purani Haveli seems to be the last better flick from the House of Ramsays'. The film was released somewhere around 1989 and casts most of the actors that were simply tagged as horror veterans during the mid and late 80s. The film is long as most of the other Bollywood horror films of that time and features a mishmash of 3-4 tales, entwined with one other but they somehow work and doesn't leave the movie as boring as Ramsays' other horror films like 'Tahkhana,' 'Mahakaal,' and 'Ajooba Kudrat Ka'.

    The film begins with a couple Raja (Anil Dhawan) and Rita (Priti Sapru) who unintentionally land up at a grand Haveli not really knowing its dire past. The couple succumbs to the peaceful atmosphere of the Haveli and believe that they have found a good place to spend night in the woods. As the Haveli is jinxed, the pair soon discovers that the Haveli is the lair of a wicked ghoul, who would kill anyone that comes there. Raja is soon killed by the ghost (Manek Irani, aka the notorious Billa), and Rita also meets the same consequence. We see an old man, who lives by the Haveli, somehow tackle the monster with a holy cross, then cage and lock him down in the basement.

    We then see a small time photographer Sunil (Deepak Parashar), who is overwhelmingly in love with a rich lass Anita (Amita Nangiya). Ever since her parents died, Amita was looked after and brought up by her uncle Kumar (Vijay Arora). However Kumar and his wife Seema (Neelam Mehra) have spun a web of deceit and lies around Anita and are only looking for the good time to get control of Anita's financial assets. Anita trusts her uncle and aunt and never questions their intention. Seema wants Anita to get married with her brother Vikram (Tej Sapru), so that it would be easy for her to claim Anita's property. Kumar soon plans to buy a grand Haveli (yes the same Haveli) from Rana Sahab (Pinchoo Kapoor), who wants to sell it out. Kumar goes to the Haveli, but soon discovers that the Haveli is haunted. His belief is further strengthened when he finds Rana's corpse. Kumar tries to escape, but his efforts go in vain and he dies a gruesome death.

    A few days later, Anita and her friends go to the Haveli to spend their break. Sunil follows Anita too but things turn badly when a stalking Vikram and his henchmen also land up at the Haveli. Vikram soon gets an opportunity and strikes Sunil making him unconscious. Sunil is dragged to the basement and is locked inside. When Sunil regains his senses, he hears some groaning noise. He comes to know that the sound is emerging from a caged room under the basement. He is about the unlock the cage when the same old man stops him from doing so. The old man reveals his name as Navin (Narendra Nath) and claims the monster to be his own son, who was hideously deformed when by mistake he and his wife had to stop at the Haveli as his wife was in labor pain and the hospital was far away. The Haveli was home to an evil spirit that possessed the sprog and since then, the old man guards people against this monster. Sunil somehow believes the old man and leaves the monster locked in the cage. The monster is mistakenly released by one of the perpetrators and the Haveli reanimates with foul incidents. Now its up to the lead cast to save themselves from monster, who won't let anyone escape from his domain.

    The movie lacks constant atmosphere and most of the actors (minus the lead cast) look like rehab retards who pushily play their parts. Ramsays have once again applied the hairy monster formula, the efficacy of which fizzles out in between. The long comedy sequences and torturous parts by Satish Shah and Tina Ghai definitely prevent this to gain the 'higly recommended' status. Watch this only if you are a big fan of Deepak Parashar and Amita Nangia. Since this one is not as close to me as Ramsays' other gems like 'Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche', 'Sannata', 'Hotel', 'Dahshat' and 'Darwaza', I would give this 5/10.
  • Yes you heard it right,This mansion is so creepy that you wouldn't dare to sneak in,Folks trust me this mansion is so cursed nothing i mean absolutely nothing not your prayers would work here any more,Not only mansion even the bloodcurdling man monster is so frightening scary just by looking at him,You have no choice to surrender and get killed.Ramsay brother have done wonderful job and left the viewers with no complains and also every sequence will spine your back with shivers and tremors on your legs,your throat may even quench for some colas and popcorn so be prepared to encounter. Warning: Non horror and health issue fans stay away.Make sure minors at home don't watch this darn hellish movie even for once,I am not responsible for any consequences.God shower us with his blessings and mercy
  • I saw this movie way back in 1989 when it came out, in a theater. The casting is perfect and Deepak Parashar looks quite handsome with Amita Nangia and his chum in the movie - Satish Shah has also done a nice job . The monster is played by the notorious Manik Irani known by most people(in the 80s') as "Billa". The movie is quite creepy at times. The comedy done by Satish Shah in a double role is also very good.

    The music by Ajit Singh is exceptionally good and the song "Aata Hai Mujhko Yaad" sung by Suresh Wadkar is just superb. In fact I will say that it is the best song ever in a Hindi horror movie. Overall, a very good movie to watch and enjoy with your friends. Its really nice that this movie is also available now on DVD with English subtitles. If you are a Ramsay Brothers fan or even a horror movie fan, then this movie is a must watch for you.
  • I remember seeing this movie on Zee TV late night long time a go. The Ramsay family have made many horror movies in Bollywood. Some were bad, some were good but the best was Veerana. Anyway, Lets talk about Purana Haveli which is another decent attempt at a horror movie. The movie has a monster living in this house who kills people entering. It stars a bunch of low grade actors and actresses who decide to go to the house for some reason. One by one they start to die by the evil monster hiding in the house. The only great thing about this movie is the director who have given Bollywood Horror. There is another storyline in the movie about the lust one of the bad guys have in this movie for one of the girls. If you want to see some great horror movie watch Kama Sutra or Veerana.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, i don't know from where Ramsay bros.has found this Haweli, but i really thinks that Ramsay's film without this Haweli is nothing,i always watching this movie mostly because of this Haweli and that Janjira, where one of the song was shoots,best part of Ramsay's movie is his monster and location,

    The story is decent but because Ramsay bros. made this movie people love to see it, casting is good as far as story is concerned,Deepak Parashar and Anita Nangia looks decent on screen, and Satish shah's scenes gives you the time to think about the film and why we need to watch it,

    I saw this movie 20 to 30 time but never felt boring, because from my heart i really love this movie and love to watch it again and again, AGAIN THE GRAND SALUTE TO RAMSAY FAMILY, AND AGAIN THANKS FOR THE GREAT ENTERTAINMENT.