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  • With one or two exceptions, animated shows from Disney really suck. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command IS one of those exceptions. The series is entertaining and funny. It has some of the charm of Toy Story. Best of all, this show doesn't try to install some sappy moral like Disney's Doug or Pepper Ann. I highly recommend Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  • Ever since my four-year-old son saw Toy Story, he's loved Buzz Lightyear. So, when we got the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command video and saw that there was going to be a television show based off the video, I knew I was going to have to watch it. Even though the Toy Story movies were great, after watching them for the five hundredth time, they got old, so I wasn't really looking forward to the series (even though my son couldn't wait).

    When the show premiered, though, I was more than pleasantly surprised. It was good. I actually look forward to my daily dose of Buzz Lightyear. The show is faithful to the Buzz Lightyear franchise, and has plenty of jokes in it that can keep even a grown up entertained and laughing. Plus, there have been plenty of episodes, so I don't see the same ones that often, even though my son watches them every day.

    Part of the reason I like this show so much is that Patrick Warburton (David Puddy of Seinfeld fame) plays Buzz Lightyear. He does an excellent job with the character. In fact, I think he does at least as good, if not better, a job as Tim Allen did in the movies. His nemesis, The Evil Emperor Zurg, is played by Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld), and the chemistry is great.

    There also have been numerous guest voices, ranging from Eric Idle to Ricardo Montalbán, making the show that much more enjoyable.

    The show is great fun, for the whole family.
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was the logical evolution for the series which started off as a computer-generated motion picture. This series follows the adventures of the real Buzz Lightyear (the tv series cartoon hero from the tv series within the movie that the Buzz toy from the movie was based on in the movie.) It sounds complicated but it's not. "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" follows Buzz and his team of space rangers as they right the evil emperor Zurg and other baddies in their universe. The series is delightful and very funny. I find it rare to laugh-out-loud at an animated show, especially when there's no one to help fuel the laughter, but this show strikes a funny nerve.

    To conclude, this is a worthwhile so you should definitely check it out. I highly recommend it.
  • I watched this with my little brother when I was in high school. The show came on Saturday mornings and entertained us. I still sing the theme music. As a huge Disney/Pixar fan, I love Toy Story. The concept behind this show was cool because you get to watch what Andy watched and learned to love Buzz Lightyear from. The characters are memorable (which is the most important part of any production to me). The plots are a little weird but still okay. The show succeeded enough to hold my brother's attention and mine as well. But like I said, the theme music with the announcer's voice at the beginning is second to none in an opener for a kid's show.
  • stu-2210 November 2000
    BUZZ LIGHTYEAR is a very cool cartoon. I think it's cool how they took a simple yet fascinating character from a successful movie and gave him his own show. But instead of giving him his completely own world, like most other spin-offs do, we're at least a little familiar with the Buzz Lightyear elements (Emperor Zurg, the Galactic Alliance, the 3 budding martians). It fits in perfectly with the other great One Saturday Morning cartoons (WEEKENDERS, RECESS, TEACHER'S PET, PEPPER ANN, MICKEY MOUSE). The ideas are very creative, and with a show taking place both in space and within the boundaries of the galaxies planets, anything can happen. I hope this show is popular among other kids, teens, and maybe even adults as well. I read TV Guide's review, and it seemed pretty good, pointing out it's creativeness and energy. I hope it lasts for a while. Adam Carolla does a great job as Commander Nebula, Larry Miller hits the nail on the head with XR, Stephen Furst is goofy as Booster, Nicole Sullivan is a natural with Mira Nova, and Wayne Knight is disguised awesomely as the evil Emperor Zurg. Patrick Warburton is very, very impressive as Buzz Lightyear, a hard pair of shoes to fill in after Tim Allen did a beautiful job with him in the 3 movies. Watch Buzz Lightyear on One Saturday Morning on ABC, or on Disney's 1 Too, weekdays and Sundays. To infinity and beyond, beoch!
  • Honestly, Patrick Warburton not only voices Buzz better than Tim Allen, he voices him waaay better.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I loved Toy Story and Toy Story 2. But when it comes to the cartoon series, Warburton manages to keep Buzz a tough, good-cop character and still make him (amusingly enough) more three dimensional than Allen did. Instead of the too-good-to-be-true toy that happens to be on Woody's bad side to start, you have a guy with flaws, who doesn't necessarily always have an answer, or even a clue. Add in the genuinely good comedy (especially for a Disney series), along with the rest of the voice actors, and you've got something terrific here.

    If you judge the cartoon version of Buzz and the Toy Story version against each other, you've got the wrong idea to start. Try looking at them as seperate characters. You'll likely find that not only do you like Warburton's version, you love him.

    As for Nicole Sullivan, voicing Mira, she provides Buzz his perfect counter-balance. A tough, intelligent, witty female who isn't afraid to knock the edge off of his arrogance, but who still is willing to face danger abound to protect him. Now that's one well-done character.

    XR's... perfect. If you've seen MST3K, think of a mix between Tom and Crow. Him alone is good reason to watch. And speaking of MST3K, Booster's about the perfect mix between Mike Nelson and TVs Frank... gullible, somewhat neurotic, mildly clingy farmboy.

    Watch it. It's worth it.
  • I have made no secret of loving Disney, not only their movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and The Lion King, but also their shows like Darkwing Duck, DuckTales and Talespin. Buzz LightYear of Star Command is a worthy series and this is coming from a fan of the two Pixar films, not the best show from Disney but infinitely better than the rubbish on the Disney channel now. The animation is good quality especially the galactic backgrounds, and the music is pleasant. The story lines and dialogues are intriguing and amusing, and the characters particularly beautiful and feisty Mira and villainous yet fun Zurg are great. The voice acting is well done, Patrick Warburton started off a little shaky, and while Tim Allen captured the character better, Warburton does a decent enough job. Zurg is brilliantly voiced by Wayne Knight though, and Warp has his great moments as well. Overall, worth watching and a worthy series, not the best out there, but an improvement on any of the shows airing now. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • The best cartoon made by Disney. Cool characters good and bad. Shows great adventures of Buzz Lightyear and his space ranger friends. Along with a whole new cast of characters is a great show loyal to Buzz Lightyear. Its followed by the movie which is how the cartoon begins.
  • After the release of the direct to home video release of "Buzz Lightyear of Starcommand". They made a TV series continuing the idea with more stories and plots.

    Buzz, Booster, Meria, and X9 are all a team for Star Command. And together they protect the galactic system from villainy and terror from masterminds, criminals, and other forms of evil.

    Throughout the series you'll see plenty of character development with the main characters. As well as some parodies from the Toy Story movies. A lot of the episodes are cool to watch. Overrall it's cool for a syndicated TV series. May of ran for only 2 seasons. But it's a must for all Buzz Lightyear fans. Also deserves a DVD box set.
  • I really like Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It has everything to be a good kids' show, and even more to it that works for an older audience, too.

    It is fun, action, likable characters and good story lines that are kind of a Star Wars for the little ones. Not strictly for kids, because I'm sure adults will catch more of the referential humour, and believe me, it's filled with clever spins on other sci-fi tropes especially Star Wars. Even the intro tunes has a certain SW vibe. And Patrick Warburton did a great job as Buzz Lightyear, making him both engaging, fun and a man of his job.

    The characters and the comedy are the best parts of this show. The gang of space rangers the show circles around are great. We have the strong and feisty female named Mira who is a princess, but hates to be referred to as such. We have this eager and enthusiastic creature of some sort called Booster who was a former janitor at Star Command who was offered a place as a rookie with Buzz. And last but not least we have the Experimental Ranger mainly shortened to XR who was made by the little green men at Star Command. He is mainly the comic relief spewing one-liners, but doesn't come off as obnoxious.

    Wayne Knight as the Evil Emperor Zurg is also a hilarious comedic villain. When he and Buzz meet you are guaranteed many good laughs.

    And I can't help finding this universe so immursive and filled with fun details, even with its many Star Wars similarities. My favorite of these SW similarities was this vampire robot called Nos-4-A-2. Get it, vampire equals nosferatu and spelled like that haha, clever one! Watch the show and you'll find more SW inspiration.

    I think this is a prime example of a spin-off series we didn't know we wanted! I can say with my utmost certainty that it is exactly what I wanted.
  • As a fan of the Toy Story series, I can say this cartoon is truly cool! The characters are all well-developed and XR (the robot) is especially amusing. The plots spoof Star Trek and Star Wars constantly with great results. Sure, Tim Allen isn't Buzz Lightyear, but Patrick Warburton does an excellent job and you can barely tell the difference. With weird and sometimes-offensive cartoons being released like Cow and Chicken and South Park, it's good to see a nice and clean action-comedy cartoon like this one. Highly recommended!
  • With moments that amuse children, and others that can make even adults laugh out loud, Disney's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is truly a gem among failed TV attempts. Highly underrated, Star Command took some of the best actors, from Patrick Warburton to Wayne Knight, and made a classy, hilarious adventure show that deserved far more than the two seasons it got. Join Booster, Mira, XR and of course Buzz Lightyear on the action-packed adventures that do not disappoint, on the quest to rid the galaxy of evil. XR is a personal favorite, with a quick, witty line always ready, while Booster has a childhood innocence about him that while annoying, is almost somewhat charming. But the show revolves around Buzz, a space ranger sworn to protect the galaxy from harm and the evil Emperor Zurg, played by Wayne Knight.

    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command gets five space stations out of five!
  • This show is better then the new Buzz Lightyear which is releasing in 2022. The new one shouldn't be seen by any children at all and should only be seen by adults.
  • I have watched a lot of cartoons since having my little boy. He's now 2 1/2 and he loves Toy Story. When I first came across the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command cartoons on On Demand, I didn't like them because Buzz had a different voice, etc. Then, late one night out of desperation to entertain my son, I watched one all the way through, and was hooked (and so was my son.) These cartoons are really funny and grown-ups will love them as much as the kids will.

    I agree with the other posters that a DVD of all the episodes would be great. I wish I had taped them when I had the chance. I found out through this website that it's on the Disney channel at 2am (eastern time) so I'm going to start recording them.

    One of our favorites is Gravitina. Hilarious. This character is a self-involved villainess. I bet we all know someone who thinks the world revolves around him/her. I know we do, and our secret name for her is yes- Gravitina. Hehehe.
  • I'd have to say that this is the best animated Disney show ever. I was dissapointed when I found out that Tim Allen was not providing his voice for Buzz. I'm getting used to the new voice slowly. I love his team, though! XR is the funnest and I end up quoting him often. Booster is cool, too. He always manages to make you laugh. Mira Nova is awesome! She is, so far, the absolute best of the good guys! She can be serious one minute and silly the next. I've never seen her flirt with Buzz, though. I think they would be cute together! My favorite villian would have to be Warp Darkmatter! He's really cool and I love who does his voice! Diedrich Bader rules!
  • I liked the movie so I decided to checkout the TV series it's pretty good in fact this show introduces new characters. There's Buzz and his co pilot Mira, Mira's father King Nova, and Buzz's friends XR and Booster. There's also Zurg he's got a partner named Warp Darkmatter and he's got his Grubs theyr'e sort of like the LGM's. There's also XR's father Commander Nebula, and his brother XL. One time Buzz quit his job and moved in with a boy and his mother. But he eventually went back to being a space ranger. If you like the movie you might like this TV series so check it out you won't be dissappointed
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is such an underrated show, why score of 6.7? it has action, characters, humor and feels exactly like a show that is perfect in terms of FUN!, something that is painfully missed these days. it's one of my favorite Disney shows i used to watch alongside "Recess" and "Pepper Ann" during the early 2000's.

    riding on the success of "Toy Story 2" Disney/pixar pitched an hour- long movie (backdoor pilot) to an animated spin-off of Buzz Lightyear which is not a bad idea at all since buzz in films always mentions his mission as a space ranger, zurg and star command. "the adventure begins" pilot movie was surprisingly good, a great introduction to the characters, great action scenes, and slightly dark.

    the series is a lot of fun. mostly character focused, with the space rangers: Buzz Lightyear as the leader, "Princess Mira Nova" second-in-command and my favorite character, "XR" the short robot with many accessories and used to be my favorite character when i was younger, "Booster" big alien and a former janitor, who admires buzz, and knows almost everything about their space ranger rule book and up-coming mission log. most episodes centers around saving their star command, planet or a galaxy from zurg or other interesting villains.

    the main villain Zurg is slightly more campy in the series then the film, being over-the-top but still menacing, but always fail to destroy buzz or star command.

    my only nitpick i had with the show, was buzz. he is very 2- dimensional and never really get's developed in the show which is a shame. he has more development as a toy, then a human character in a spin-off show!.
  • When I first heard about Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, I thought it sounded like a cheesy attempt to make money off the popular Buzz Lightyear character. Was I ever wrong! I've starting watching it and it's become one of my favorite TV shows.

    The series follows the adventures of Buzz Lightyear, the noble space hero, and his team of lovable rookie Space Rangers: Princess Mira Nova, Booster Sinclair Munchapper, and XR (the eXperimental Ranger), as they protect the galaxy from evil. Namely the Evil Emperor Zurg and his nasty side-kicks.

    The writing is brilliant, the plot lines of the episodes are creative and full of humor and action. XR is particularly funny, but all of the characters have great lines. The animation of the show is well-done; the cel animation and brilliant colors are a beauty to watch, and the shading on the characters (something that most of Disney's animated shows don't have) brings it to whole new level. The score, written by Adam Berry, is definitely up to par with any and all of Disney's distinctively fantastic music, and I'd love to see a soundtrack released someday.

    They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover; well, don't judge a TV show by its title either. Have an open mind, and give this show a chance, you won't regret it.
  • rikalonius2 January 2016
    I waited until i was 28 episodes in before I gave a review. I'm pleasantly surprised that after all that time I'm still having a good time watching this show. Not every episode is solid gold, but none of them are stinkers, and the core cast is great. A galactic A-Team vs Zurg and his many mercenary henchmen. Buzz is a delight as the do the right thing, self sacrificing, and very capable good cop leader. His co-pilot, Mira Nova, who is just barely out of rookie status provides his best counter-balance. She is a well rounded character. XR or Experimental Ranger is a comedic R2-D2 meets Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. And there is the large, but lovable Booster, the most inexperience member of the team.

    The plots are standard fare but so well executed, with clever dialog, that'll you easily forget that. Besides, Buzz Lightyear is light-hearted. It is more comedy than anything, but that isn't a negative. It is truly a fun and enjoyable show.
  • I really didn't think I'd like this cartoon when I first checked it out, but it turned out to be a pretty good watch.

    The conceptis simple--four Space Rangers protect various planets--but it's thequirky characters and crazy subplots that do the job. From villains whose goal is to make a planet boring and bland, to evil preteen clones of the heroes, the weird cast makes for good TV.

    The four main Rangers are almost analogues to the Seinfeld gang: Buzz is the introverted and suspicious Jerry, Mira is the sly-yet-socially-awkward Elaine, Booster and George are both chubby mama's boys, and Kramer and XR are just plain crazy. Then there's the insecure archenemy: Emperor Zurg. Voiced by Newman, no less.

    The voice acting is a little shaky but it holds up. The character design works well and in some cases is pretty innovative. Animation's smooth for the most part. The writing never really has any slow spots, and some dialogue (especially Buzz/Zurg banter) can make you laugh out loud.

    Overall, a pretty good show, kid's fare or not.
  • I loved that show since I was a kid on Disney's One Saturday Morning's on ABC. Star Command emphasizes the importance of teamwork and of following the rules. Buzz learns the value of having a partner. This is a great spin-off of Toy Story.
  • I don't know why, but Patrick Warburton can't make "To Infinity and Beyond" sound as cool as Tim Allen did.

    This show is probably the best cartoon Disney's put out in years, a million years ahead of that stupid Tarzan series that's in front of it. XR is my favorite, with Zurg a close second (Oddly, he comes off more as comic relief than scary.). The only thing I dislike about this show is Mira Nova. Something about Mira rubs me the wrong way (It seemed like she was flirting with Buzz in some episodes, a big No-No-Leave-Him-For-Jessie in my book), although I'm slowly warming up to her.

    In short, this series is mostly cool. If you love Toy Story, you'll probably love, or at least like, this.
  • This is 1 tough crowd being so hard on a production of rare quality for me - cranked out of that D-con desperate Mouse Factory, which has left my teeth gritted & fists clenched since I 1st set eyes on that silly thing, that came up waaay short in the laughs department vs. Bugs Bunny & Co, Popeye and Tom & Jerry, where the in-sync musical selections were the very bedrock (!) of my musical appreciation. In fact old Buzz here was part of a charming unique quartet, including Recess, Tarzan (grew slowly on me but is the only iteration of that character I've liked) & Sabrina, which just a single episode yielded more laughs outta me than the entire runs of its pallid original (so weak in humor that even its canned laughter was faint), Seinfeld/Friends & Cosby/Different World. I wish all 4 could've lasted longer but some beats none, especially coming out of that Rat Hole outfit. Buzz works far better as a standalone than those tiresome Toy Story movies, of which not a one have I been able to tolerate more than a few minutes' viewing - like the 6 wasted Tolkien-based cinematic wrecks. Thong Stanks even as an animated character leaves me flat as an IHOP pancake. But I have to give props where props is due, that urban Radar O'Reilly in Seinfeld was absolutely hilarious as Zurg, which like Connick in the contemporary The Iron Giant (1999), has to be his best role (can't see em); he just really lived & breathed the dark comedic Evil - which like Baltar in Battlestar Galactica kept getting shot down, but such a delight to see unfold (except in the most serious episode, Revenge Of The Monsters, in which Zurg demonstrated chilling Darth Vader-like ruthlessness). I love everything about Buzz Lightyear - the many famous guest voices, including Nichelle Nichols & Judge Mills Lane of all people, lending depth to even a single appearance which leaves the stale repertoire of The Simpsons sounding even more hear-through than it already was. The Comedy Relief duo of slick-witted XR & worried but loyal Booster alone provide more laughs than the above-mentioned, but the best feature of this program I wonder has been appreciated to the fullest that it deserves - namely the Background Score. This Adam Berry was so clearly inspired by, though not merely derivative of, space opera music legends like Alexander Courage & his crew - and especially, & ironically given the 1999 date (Barf Wars 1) that sadly heralded the start of his "your powers are weak!" downhill slide, John Williams. His opening music alone has a catchy vigor to it that makes the audience eager to see what's coming, which the opening-credits fanfares so evocative of, yet a freshened take on, Star Trek & Star Wars, leave a practically Marvin the Martian-like "Oh goody!" feeling. He pairs his music to the action with the old-school skill of Stallings, Franklyn & Curtin. But Adam Berry created atmospheric themes aside from the exciting "galactic" ones that bring to mind the Millennium Falcon pursuit(s) in The Empire Strikes Back (1980), such as the sweet music that underwrote Princess Mira's reunion with her estranged lover from the wrong side of the planetary tracks & the seductively potent little horns-infused theme which accompanied Buzz's rowr-rowr smackdown of Gravitina (just to save the galaxy, of course). There were a few thuds, unsurprisingly, as in any filmed presentation, but while a kiddy cartoon, the writing in Buzz - like the other 3 - is not "childish;" the plotlines & dialogue have an adult-level quality that's edumacational without being patronizing, sprinkled with some "wickedness" that would have had the clammy handed censors in the Dark Ages '50s flapping their Tara fans & swooning on the divan -'& of course banning it. I haven't seen any of them on tv for quite awhile - that cursed Rodent either has them entombed somewhere or syndicated out of my reach - but an ancient modality called "vhs" provides archival (& commercial-free) footage; I just have to replace the machine & voila! That vapid stupid Mouse that destroyed Star Wars is left to shake its mitt & grit its choppers in "Curse you!" fury like Zurg while I reacquaint myself with delights I never could have imagined possible from an outfit making bank off such uncreatively named balderdash like "cars." (sic). I had among other anniversaries last year both good & not - "I wonder why" - forgotten about Buzz Lightyear & Co.'s 20th anniversary, but the original NOS4A2 (heisted for the title of some recent tv show or other), the other villainous threats to Star Command, & the dedicated Rangers under the fierce gaze of crusty Commander Nebula will ever have the power to make me laugh, thrill to the music & enjoy the ride "To infinity!" infinite times. Thanks for that, Rat!
  • ThunderKing64 September 2022
    Buzz Lightyear based on the Toys Story movie series that featured Woody, Potato couple, Rex and many other notable toys is the first and only to get an actual TV. Sorry Woody. Why am I saying all this because IMDB requires that I need six Hundred characters/letters in order to write a review.

    Many Shows, videos games, movies and even SHORTs do not need Six hundred letters/characters for a review.

    Anyways... Enough staling.

    BLYOSC was a fun short lived show. It was like that forgotten Might Ducks cartoon. This time its just not about hockey or Woody or Andy.

    It's of Buzz and his gang as Space Rangers.

    It was a fun little show that I wish continued because it had great animation, voice work and Story eventhough it's Cliche.

    GReat show for Toys Story Original supporters of the 90s. Maybe children of today will like this one more than that movie that featured The Thor 4 director.
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command feels truer to the character's over-the-top and ironically-stoic nature than the 2022 film captured. It also helps that the show was done on 35mm cel-animation too; it gives the series a gritty and traditional television look that's all-but-extinct now thanks to digital ink and paint usurping cel-animation altogether now we're in the 2020s.

    When you're dealing with a metafictional character like Buzz, the 'origin story' itself should be metaphysically open to interpretation in turn. It's only fair; that's something the film lacks, which I believe is why it performed the way it did (underperforming on an impressive $50 million+, but against a MASSIVE $200 million+ budget). It wasn't because of anything else: it was creative exhaustion talking.

    The show is loud and bombastic, dumb as hell and proud of everything it preaches in terms of playing on Buzz's strengths as a larger-than-life meta-character that exists outside of any firm canonical backstory; Toy Story itself works absolutely fine.

    3/5 stars. Buzz Lightyear is perfect material for kids-under-10 to watch and indulge endlessly. It's ripe for 'Star Wars kids' too.
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