Pure Sin (2000)

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12 February 2018 | lor_
A mish-mash from Nic Cramer
This forgotten Sin City release from big-deal-at-the-time Nic Cramer is rather mysterious, as it suggests a major production but is so poorly constructed as to almost resemble one of those ancient paste-up jobs when foreign action films were "Americanized" for U.S. audiences (in the '50s, pre-Woody Allen's debut "What's Up, Tiger Lily?".

Opening is quite promising, as beautiful April is a cat burglar imitating Catherine Zeta-Jones in the camp classic (w/Sean Connery) "Entrapment", replete with dry-ice fumes to illuminate the laser-beams that guard a safe and which April has to quite athletically twist her body to avoid crossing through.

But this heist opening is never explained or resolved in an absurd non-story of Alec Metro as some mastermind manipulating lovely blonde import Linda Thoren (misspelled Thorn in the end credits). Is this some sort of sci-fi? Is this dreams manipulation? Nic never lets the viewer know what's going on -just providing some pretty pictures and hot sex, the usual cop-out in sub-grade XXX.

At times when Thorn is wandering around what appears to be a European metropolis the show resembles mainstream movie, and suggested to me "found footage", namely some real film or project that had been re-jiggered as American porn. But even on that level it is more tiring than interesting to try and follow what's transpiring. And at the end Nic does his pretentious thing of providing as many credits as in a mainstream block-buster, or at least as many as in the olden days before we had to sit through literally thousands of times ranging from carpenters and drivers and stunt folk all the way through innumerable special effects functionaries.

Even the title is a mess: listed as both Pure Sin (in honor of the distributor) and Pure Sinner, latter fitting more with the dialog as Alec at one point threatens to turn poor Linda into a pure sinner.

Besides April, we get to see a pre-boob-enhancement Bridgette Kerkove provide gonzo content in an interracial d.p. scene (she gets the ignominious screen credit as portraying "Teen Slut") while another blonde beauty in Nic's stable named Kristin portrays "Club Slut". I sense a pattern here.

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