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  • Sin City released this worthless Italian porn feature on DVD in 2007, just filler prettily packaged to fool fans of the label, which went out of business several years after.

    It features a great Euro Porn star of the VHS era Erica Bella in two scenes, but the content is merely porn talent hooking up in a disco, and having sex with all sound removed: not only no dialog but no sounds of sex either. That means dull, dull, dull generic sex.
  • Maybe i have discovered a adult movies law : the more a girl does movies, the less they have quality. Anyway, Erika applies to this law as this movie is another stinker who comes up after a long list of stinkers ! Here, it would be untrue to speak about a movie as there is absolutely no story, no dialog and nearly no production : it's about a discotheque and the movie is just a discontinuous collage of happy customers that stays after closing hour ! Erika has 2 scenes and 1 is a from another movie (« Il Tuo Corpo, La Mia Anima ») ! The other scenes are just expandable as the girls are just forgettable. At the end, the best thing of this DVD is its bonus : first, it's funny to watch an ads about the french internet (minitel) that revolutionizes only France and second, it has a behind the scenes of a photo session with the fantastic Priscila Sol!