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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is certainly very rare, because no one has commented it yet. But everything has been told in the plot line above. The guy who has written this knows what he talks about. I did not know that myself, and I am interested in WW2.

    Well, this film makes me feel a heavy propaganda piece of work for the communist party, in eastern Europe. How the red army helped the CZ people fighting against the nazi invader. It sounds actually so heavy...But this film remains very interesting. Characters are explained in such a way that you stay tuned to this rare film.

    But no more.
  • All tough i rated the movie pretty low i thought it was pretty good . i found the story and acting very good for its time. and i think you should 100% watch it. i do not like old movies at all because they are boring however this movie was boring for a 1 minute and that is it.