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  • The Devil himself, a strangely unimposing "Bee-Gees" looking fellow, targets a small-town Idaho grocer to be led into a life of sin. This evil plan of action transpires as said grocer and wife win a trip to Las Vegas...and every bet they make there is a winner. Much to the amazement of casino personnel, a machine rigged to never pay off actually DOES do so, sparking an investigation into the mysterious luck of the Idaho players. Meanwhile, the disco devil looks on and laughs....

    SATAN'S TOUCH is by no means a horror film, so don't let the fact that its in the horror section of your video shop with creepy box art fool you....this indigent regional obscurity probably never saw a theatrical release, and justly so. It's a bottom-feeder banquet of briny, low-tide slop which simply begs to be dismissed.

    One lonely star(out of ten).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This isn't even worth a free rental. I have no idea how I even finished this turd. Anyone who finishes it, deserves not only a medal of honor, but a medal for bravery/courage! I read somewhere this one's actually directed by Bill Rebane, director of several crapfests. I rented this one from a video store that wasn't exactly in the best part of town. I was fooled by the box art into thinking this was a horror movie. The only horror about this, is the fact it was made!! I swear it polluted my VCR. I want those minutes of my life back! All it is, is about a guy who turns to Satan for help in winning at gambling.

    Satan touched this movie alright. Satan touched it and turned it into one of the biggest piles of crap I've ever seen!
  • Southgang32 September 2003
    Ok, imagine this, your 12 years old in your local movie rental store. You're of course looking for horror movies, you want to see blood, and some t&a. So as we're cruising the section, we pickup April Fools Day (great 80's horror) and we want to get one more. We're scanning the box covers when I run into Satans Touch. The box looked promising, a hot looking woman, with huge exposed, well you know ^ ^ and a pentagram etched in blood on her hand.

    We're thinking "hell yeah" so we check out the story on the back of the case. It says its about someone who makes a deal with the devil for all the good things in life. We're thinking, here comes the blood and nudity. We get home, and we pop it into the vcr and wait. What the hell, it's a movie about gambling. This is one of the few movies I will give a rating of 1. If you see this on a shelf, run, fast.