• This documentary follows filmmaker 'Kevin Macdonald' across Europe in search of the grandfather he never really knew, Emeric Pressburger, the Oscar winning screen writer. Emeric was born in the Hungarian city of Miskolc and went to school in Temesvar. He moved to Berlin, via Stuttgart where he found his calling as a writer, writing articles for newspapers and magazines and eventually, as a scriptwriter for the mighty UFA studios. But then the Nazi's came to power and Hungarian Jews weren't welcome in Berlin, so he traveled to Paris. After struggling to learn yet another new language, Emeric wrote screenplays and scripts for some French films. But then the Nazi's invaded France and Emeric had to flee once more, this time to England. Another struggle to learn another new language followed. But this time he felt at home and a friendly 'Alexander Korda' hired him as a contract writer to work with his new director 'Michael Powell' . The rest is history.
    —Steve Crook <steve@brainstorm.co.uk>