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  • I saw it when I was 15 and found it great. Still I don't understand how it got to Russia. The whole thing was shown in one day, I couldn't stop watching. There was a funny introduction about the city, where some people are good, some are evil and some are hiding like a toad under a stone. And they have used music from Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" in the credits. I also liked the character of cyborg-tramp. He played guitar on the street. And the black panther – main heroin's pet. But the plot was quite beyond of understanding. Anyway the movie had an atmosphere. I think it prepared me to the perception of the tons and tons of trash sci-fi movies. I wish I could see it again.
  • Cybersix was the first attempt made by the Argentinean television to produce a Sci-Fi tv-show and was one of its biggest failures. Cybersix, a kind of gatubella superheroe portrayed by Carolina Peleriti, a hot local model, fought the criminals of a city very much resembling Gotham City. The show only lasted 1 month and I personally don't know anyone who actually watched it past the opening episode.