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  • This show is really cool, if a little bizzare. The situations tackled are pretty standard for a teen show, but are handled in a quirky, unique way. This show is slightly left of the middle of other teen shows, which is a good thing. The lead characters are all very likeable and are brilliantly acted. Season 2 has just started to be shown here in the UK, you can catch it on 'five'.
  • "Our Hero" centers on Kale, a young Ontario teenage girl and her 'zine. Each episode is a different issue of her 'zine. It mentions everything, from her lazy, perhaps not all there brother Ethan (who's classic moment was making jokes about 'retards' at a benefit for the Mental Health Association), her best friend Mary-E (Mary Elizabeth), a catholic girl who's mind sometimes strays from her faith and Ross, who, for most of the first season is sexually confused. There's also mentions of "Perfectly" Frank, a guy Kale has a huge crush on (He's also on "Student Bodies" and "Drop the Beat", very good looking.)

    There are some serious moments in the series, but it's absolutely hilarious. For example, Mary-E goes to explain to Ross' immigrant grandparents that Ross went to meet a guy and perhaps have sex with him, the grandfather looked at her and said "No! Married!" and they proceeded to shoo her out, shouting.

    In one episode, Ross writes a list of guys in the school who might be gay, and when the list gets out in the open, he locks himself in the drama costume closet (ironic, ne?) and ends up relieving himself into a set of bagpipes.

    There are also some lessons to be learned through Kale's eyes, although most of them seem to be "don't judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes". (She learns this about her unfriendly co-worker, Ross, and to an extent, Perfectly Frank)

    Unless you live in Canada, though, I don't think you can get this, and if you can't, you're really missing out. This is one of the funniest series I've ever seen, and definately the best I've seen on CBC.
  • "Our Hero" is an often funny, sweet-natured teen series that has a goofy charm. The 'zine hook is somewhat precious (and now definitely dated), but it isn't especially crucial to enjoying the show. However, Cara Pifko, though a delightful actress, is far too old for the lead role -- she was in her mid-twenties when this was filmed, and is unsuccessful trying to play about ten years younger. A few other "teen" actors also appear to be in their mid-to-late twenties: one semi- regular 'older' boyfriend was over thirty (unconvincingly playing twenty) making some scenes unintentionally creepy. But if you can avoid his episodes, and get past the idea of 26-year-olds still somehow being in high school, there's a solidly-written show here.
  • "Our Hero" is one of those shows that may not be the most groundbreaking thing on television, but still remains fun, creative, and addicting to watch overall. I would know- the first time I ever watched it (on a tape my friend made for me) was last week. Since then I've seen about five episodes, and I'm still eager for more. The show documents the life of Kale, a high school student with her own zine, and the escapades she endures with her two best friends, Ross and Mary E. The episodes are interspersed with little animated sequences (I'm not sure how else to describe them) that express her thoughts in more detail and connect to the audience a bit more. While the show is probably not engaging enough to attract a permanent audience in the older teenager range- it seems to be aimed at preteens and younger teenagers- it still is fun to keep track of, because it's entertaining. So if you're ever unsure if there's anything good on TV, and you see that "Our Hero" is on, go take a look. If anything, you probably won't hate it. Sarah